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Peter Langman and Fritz Walker: Giving teachers guns won't make schools safer, Ryan: Gun Reciprocity For All Law-Abiding Citizens, Not Just Congressmen, Who made Mark Warner, Adam Schiff intelligence committee chairmen?, The left’s never-ending temper tantrum, California economic reality may dim the Kamala Harris star.

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The Real ‘Violent Speech’ Problem, What In The Fresh Hell Is This? Geographers Don't Want To Cite Any More Research From White Males?, Coming Unhinged In Cleveland, Where We Disagree- the divergent opinions between gun owners and non-gun owners.

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It was Agency Arms delivery day today!, How One Man’s Federal Hacking Trial Could Affect Your Second Amendment Rights, The Hysterical Absurdity of the Modern Media, The Modified Trigger Myth.

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Why hasnt there been a nuclear explosion in the Training Industry. I talk to Daniel Shaw from the Gunfighter Cast Podcast ,as we try to figure this out.



DTWS Weapons- Unboxing an AR Rifle for the 21st Century


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