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Proof CA Democrats Prefer Criminals Over Legal Gun Owners, Let’s Remember The Real Victims Of The Manchester Bombing: Muslims, Noted Terrorism Expert Katy Perry Has A Genius Idea To Prevent More Attacks: Open Borders And Love, Let’s admit: Manchester is the 'new normal', Drive them out: Time to deport known American jihadis.

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The World According to Second Call Defense with Sean Maloney





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Excellence personified, I am joine by Mark Stone- CEO and Founder of NightHawk Custom.


Serial #1 of 50 Limited Edition

This is serial #1 in a limited run of only 50 pistols that will ever be made. This auction is for serial number NHAA-001 the very first off the line. This gun has been donated by Nighthawk 100% to the SOC-F Foundation in an effort to raise money to support the good they are doing. All proceeds are going direct to SOC-F, whose mission is to connect people to the Special Operations community via events and engagements. Funds generated from the events are donated to the best charitable organizations that support the Special Operations Community.


for More info on NightHawk Custom Pistols go to;






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