Lock N Load with Bill Frady podcast

Why Saturday Night Fever Wouldn’t Be a Blockbuster Today, Those 'bad hombres' down in Mexico, Has the University of California finally learned about folly of appeasement?, Progressive inhumanity on display, Gun Control Supporters Cheer Bob Owens’ Apparent Suicide, Are You REALLY Ready for a Gunfight?, This Is How the Elite Poisons Our Culture .

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4 Armed Citizens, 4 Happy Endings, Brave Armed Citizen Deals Double Whammy To The Gun Control Nuts, Democrats haven't learned a darned thing from the election, Russian hacker claims FBI offered him citizenship and a new life if he would confess to hacking Podesta emails on behalf of Putin and Trump.

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Major Gun Control Group Is Riven By Leadership Dispute, Liberal writer: Gun owners killing in self-defense deprives attackers’ rights to fair trial, Why Doesn’t Chuck Schumer Understand Elections Have Consequences?, Carry Life | Home “Carry”.

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Gun control advocates weigh in on death of Bob Owens, Trump Cans Comey Like A Boss, Ex-military flag officers back Mattis to fight...(wait for it)...climate change, Comey’s Firing and the Delicate Sensibilities of Senator Schumer.

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