Lock N Load with Bill Frady podcast
Lock N Load with Bill Frady Ep 905 Hr 3 Mixdown 1

Chiraq goes racist as the dent Black Americans carry permits,Fact Checkers embarrass themselves trying to support HRC,My weekend shooting report, Could Mitt Romney shut up and go home please?

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Lock N Load with Bill Frady Ep 905 Hr 2 Mixdown 1

Homicides are going up in many major cities,Why Socialists hate gun owners, Why Gun control fails,Obama attacks Payday Lenders as Choke Point gets creative.


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Lock N Load with Bill Frady Ep 905 Hr 1 Mixdown 1

11 Steps to take when the Blue States Secede,Millennials embrace Socialism while they have no idea what it is about, The best bullets for defensive carry,Zimmerman gun is up for auction and some folks are angry.....so what?

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