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Federal Judge strikes down interstate handgun transfer ban,A tale of 2 pizza delivery girls,NYT Editorial Board lstens to VPC,Small business owners forced to fight the IRS while not being charged with a crime,Kerry Davis of Dark Angel Medical joins me to discuss rehab for open heart surgery and carrying a trauma kit at all times.

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More Rebut; Running the numbers according to the CDC,Dems new 10 round limit bill not based on fact,IFAK kits should be carried everywhere you carry a gun,Guns have always been at College,Sen Chris Murphy show his stripes while clapping for the 10 round limit bill,New York Daily News and the art of junk science,Texas womans kills sexual predator and THEN calls 911, The beautiful people come out with the trendy fashionable gun control bracelet.

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At the end of the day who will be called?,The Politically Correct con of "gun violence",By request I rebut an article from Slate,Bloomberg calls for restrictions against young Black American males,Cali PSA comes under scrutiny,Applying the same ideas used against the 2nd Amendment to all,Border Patrol reduced to sharing rifles.

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Female College student thankful for gun given to her by her Dad,CSGV wants Emily Miller fired because she believes in something,ATF and the Pistol Brace,Sandy Hook Advisory Commission recommends burning the Constitution,GOP and Obama's Illegal Immigrants,The folly of "disarming" an active shooter.

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FBI confirms gun sales up while crime goes down,"Assault Gun" Kelly is at it again,Bloomberg again ignores that background checks already exist to puch for background checks in Vermont,L.A. trigger law defeats idea of self defense,Why gun industry is worried,Body Armor bill resurfaces while at the same time exposing anti gun agenda,Violence Policy Center accuses gun industry of secret advertising or something,Taken 3-Liam Neeson -Who cares?

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Bryant Gumbel and all of the other sports pundits that think the American gunowner is a pig,Five UnConventional self defense tools,Where did I go?, Alone and defenseless in the UK,Life-The WidowMaker- and Me.

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What the media does not tell you about guns and the bias revealed,Background checks for guns,WaPo asks why the French gun control laws didn't save Charlie Hebdo,The defenseless French,American Media and the circling Barbarians,How about arming journalists?,No such thing as a law abiding gun owner?,Another Bloomberg politician may be headed for the gray bar hotel.

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Castle Doctrine deconstructed,ATF disbanded or the devil you know?,Beware the anecdotes,Christie proposes more gun control as he revs up for Presidential bid,Robert Patton from Sheath Underwear checks in,Civil rights protester has eyes opened after he walks in the shoes of LEO, Athena Means  from Gungoddess.com joins me to talk about the various ways a lady can carry a gun.

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Its still happening in France, French gun law and all the hoops and hurdles,The Gun Grabbers are going to try to copy the gay marriage movement because everything else they have tried has failed,What is "common sense" gun law?, In depth discussion about the merits of on body carry and the tools available with Robin Knapp from G Code,VA is on the gun registry bandwagon, CSGV followers just don't like self defense.

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Another HuffPo article based upon an opinion I really don't understand,ATF continues to try to deny rights one piece at a time,The many flaws of the Gun Violence Archive,Comparing liquor prohibition to the desired utopian gun prohibition, James Yeager from Tactical Response joins me to discuss all things low light.

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For the most part todays show is an ode to the stupidity of the anti gunners,Are 2A supporters becoming self defeating while gun control organizations gain ground?,Gabby Giffords now seeking "guidance and cash" in wake of 2014 election,Quick discussion with caller about night vision, The world of "GunLand",Moms Demand Attention claim the NRA is losing,Gun haters lament over concealed carrys tragic toll,I had to break away from all the gun grabbing nonsense so I go out with concealed carry tactics for home defense.

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Sleepless in NY?-Lose your gun rights,Revisiting the New Yorker drivel about Bushmaster,The only thing worse than a lying liberal is a lying liberal that admits it,More from UCLA professor who should stick to geography,Put a holster in that concealed carry purse,When the cops stop coming who do you call?,In matters of self defense stay simple and lethal.

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1 Minute into the New Year and the gun grabbers embarass themselves again, I am compelled to pull back my curtain by a caller,Growing support for the 2nd Amendment prompts deeper and louder groans,Don't go looking for trouble,Doctors should stick to medicine,We stand on the same stage as we did in 1968.

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