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NAACP looks a lot like ISIS right now,The case for Universal CCW Reciprocity,AntiGun FUDD gets some maniacal ranting published,Bloomberg dictates a "study" to some paid shills at Johns Hopkins and it becomes a recycled talking point,From YouTubethe return of Destinee!

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I really wish these Conservative Media outlets would take the time to figure out who is who in the 2A Advocacy,The Self Determination Movement enters the realm of lunacy as they discover "Vampire Rights",Empowering our daughters, Another misinformed hater of guns takes some time to write a letter,From MDFI Erik "Da Trek" Utrecht comes in wearing his investigators hat to tell us about the lack of Border Security.

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Revisionists attempting to apply todays liberal standards to history sort of like ISIS,CCW trends up and murder plummets,10 Commandments of CCW according to Massad Ayoob,Using the Military as the great liberal experiment,Sean Maloney of Second Call Defense joins forces with Buckeye Firearms in Ohio to train Teachers!

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The Canadian Gun Registry is sorely missed by Canadian Gun Grabbers,People (Besides me)are beginning to notice that Mass Media leads to copy cat crime,Gun Control bureaucrats failed in the case of many recent murders,The difference between a survivor and victim, From Ammoland.com-ClashDaily.com and the Polite Society Podcast Rob Morse returns.

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Recent murders in DC and SanFran completely undercut many Liberal talking points,Seattle calls it a "Gun Violence Tax' but it is actually a way to run every gun dealer in Seattle out of business,"I am coming for your guns!",SC Mayor subverts State Law and Constitution,NICS fails to stop Church shooter so blame the NRA,The guys from Georgia Optics come in to discuss their absolutely wild business model.

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Conservatives slowly begin to wake up,Hey lets pay criminals not to commit crimes,Who are the"Thugs" in the "Thug Culture",The Battle Flag comes down while Dems pivot to gun control,Joined by Ancel "Shwell" Robinson and we discuss his YouTube channel and the Big 3 East Conference coming up soon.

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How do the "sanctuary cities" escape criminal prosecution while breaking federal immigration law?,US Military shifts to JHP ammo for sidearms,Hillary Clinton and the "UnControllable Use of Guns",In Chicago Father Pfleger jumps completely off the reservation,Former NY Gov. Pataki needs to do some studying,Bubba said he is going to do what?,From Second Call Defense I get my eyes opened repeatedly by Sean Maloney.

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The GOP will be the cause we go to guns due to their abdication of responsibility,NC man on relief mission carries gun into NJ and gets less respect than he expected,Chicago Top Cop lumps law abiding gunowners in with the thugs AGAIN!,Biggest NICS month of June ever!,Where is the "Middle" in the gun debate?,Tim Knight comes in to update us on the effert to recall Senate President Steve Sweeney.

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A few words for President Obama concerning "gun violence",I am fed up with public policies that kill innocent people,The omission and lies concerning Illegal Alien Criminals,Gun grabbers love the UK and love that the UK cops don't carry guns while glossing over the violence that cannot be stopped, Instructors Q&A with Steve "Yeti" Fisher of Sentinel Concepts.

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Common sense gun control is actually code for same spin different day,It is hardly Glock Perfection and here are a few things to get closer to that perfection,Some absolute "Transgender" PC hyper nonsense,Gun control groups intend to undermine "the Gun Culture" and its only a cold sore, The World According to Kevin The Tac Daddy.

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Now more than ever we are our own first responders,Both sides think they are losing so keep the faith,The mainstream media senses the trend of gun ownership,The Myth of the Uniqueness of Gun Violence in America, We meet Mike Parks and Randy Wisbander and are introduced to Agency Arms.

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In what turns into a false alarm all clear we get reports of another shooting at the DC Naval Yard,The Supreme Court CAN be reined in if Congress will cease the abdication of duty,Leland Yee pleads guilty!,Gun Control does not deliver the stated guarnteed goods,Out of 13 horrible mass shootings only 4 are in the US, Joined for the first time by the delightful explosion that is Tatiana Whitlock.

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Maintain your options and stay dangerous,Britons fear a Mumbai Style attack with smuggled weapons,Uber driver ignores Uber over reach,More gun show loop hole nonsense,Obama calls for a state by state gun control approach,Freddie Blish from Robar Guns joins me to talk overworksing and modifying a gun.

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The Deadly Gun Free Utopia Fantasy,Jeb Bush supports gun control on a state level,Forget the Confederate flag and concentrate on gun control!, Uber decides to control people that they cannot control, Paneling with Zeke Stout from SDI.

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Why is gun registration a bad idea?,Gun laws and anti gun culture insured success of Tunisian spree shooter,The American Dissolution or if it feels good do it,The shaping of American Revolution Vol 2, From Bearing Arms I am joined again by Editor Bob Owens.

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So we need to ban flags now?...Let's not stop there,Reactions to the SAFE Act fail,Dreams of My Fathers Gun Confiscation,Dems are doomed if they do not read the tea leaves,Writer and Polite Society Podcast host Rob Morse joins me and we are everything but polite.

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Here comes Manchin-Toomey part 2!,Conspiracy theory spouting Pope needs to look for a nice Papal Retirement home,SPLC focuses on Project Appleseed,Harry Reid has plans to make everyone in the Senate belly up on background checks,From the Firearms Coalition Chris Knox comes back and we discuss everything.

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The Empire State Rebels!-Mass defiance in light of the SAFE Act registration demands,I hate writers that claim to be 2A advocates that then know nothing about the topic,WaPo writer seeks to confuse with math shenanigans, A moment of candor concerning a long time sponsor,When spreading the gospel of the gun go to an eyes wide open posture,The Founder of Robar Guns-Robbie Baarkman is back to give an excellent example of what it means to be an American.

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Brady campaign ends up with lawyers fee bills that they encouraged,Politifact disagrees with Obama concerning his recent remarks,NJ man cannot get permit to buy gun because his wife is a felon, O'Malley makes gun control a cornerstone of his campaign,Lets point out a VPC failure in logic, Wide open conversation with Larry Pratt of GOA.

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Liberals love to ban things so lets make a suggestion about banning a certain hate filled flag,The "Easy Access to Guns' didn't apply in the case of Carol Bownes Mr President,Karl Rove claims that the only way to lose the declining gun violence is to lose the 2nd Amendment, The Rolling Stone and "Weaponized Republicans",Grass Roots Fighter Tim Knight comes in and we talk Colorado success and New Jersey hopes.

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Obama blows a huge hole in his face with his lies,The Criminal history of a mass shooter,There is one thing is common with mass shootings and it isn't guns,The dishonest denial of evil,The Clintons have a very low regard for the 2nd Amendment, A candid conversation with the Ninja Scribe Tank Funicello.

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A senseless hate crime at a church in Charleston SC,Now in bankruptcy Colt led the gun control charge in the 90s,What is Dual Force and is it needed?,Why Semi Auto Rifle sales are really booming,From GCode-Robin Knapp joins me to discuss the evolution and product line up of GCode.

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Cops are becoming afraid to shoot,Why carry permits are a bad idea,We are between the sheep and the wolves-But the Wolves will try to come for us first,Rachel Dolezal-I identify as black....and anti gun,The Gun for Hire-Anthony Colandro comes back to discuss the Bownes tragedy and the upcoming recall effort.

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"Automatic Weapon" in Dallas PD shooting is indicative of the spread of misinformation,Moms Deranged til You Pay Attention go full crazy after Dallas shooting,Florida Gun Rights(FLGR) is a NAGR shell,HollowPoints Bad-Over Penetration Good!,Compromise on Gun Rights- I have your compromise, Larry Pratt of GOA comes in and we have a no boundries discussion.

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In Studio I am joined by Mean Gene Higdon from Mean Gene Leather and 2nd hour We are joined by David Codrea.

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Taking in the outrage and trying to amp it up,Families in Canada worry that the failure of gun control will erode gun control,The House tries to head off the Obama Swan Song,That story about increased mass shootings...it was a lie,Mark Puhaly on turning everything into a survival kit.

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In Chicago the NRA has no blood on their hands,Political attitudes are relative and apparently based on region,We are on our own,There is no nationwide crime wave and police killings are not up,Bob Owens from Bearing Arms comes in and we go deep.

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Thomas and Scalia believes the Supreme Court should have acted on San Francisco case,Why does US Govt continue to sell arms to Mexico knowing they will likely fall in the hands of the drug cartels,Academic claims 2nd Amendment needs amending,The Republic is in peril, Rowdy conversation with Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts.

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The Supreme Court abdicates their role in checks and balances,ATF comes out as pro gun in the face of the UN,Bloombergs gun control adds 20% to the NYC homicide rate,Carol Bownes murder is a National Tragedy,Should you start reloading?, Another hipster discovers guns!, From the Independence Institute I am joined by Jon Caldera and we discuss the manufactured drama in Colorado.

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I am never going to play it safe on this show, State Dept wants to shut down the entire conversation about guns online,Brady suit against Kansas gun law is tossed,Jackson,Gross and Pfleger ride in, Defensive Police Work, Sharpton heads for a corner near you, From We Like Shooting I am joined again by Shawn Herrin.

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Gun Controllers continue to lose and do not understand why,why does Operation Choke Point still function Republicans?,Call to action in Illinois for a Gun Range,If Muslim 1st Amendment rights must be protected watch me demand my 2nd,Complimenting gunfighting with empty hand martial art inclusion with Jeet Kune Do Master Jason Korol.

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NY Times has a conniption over Texas passing Campus Carry,Uh Oh Bernie Sanders is a Gun Nut!,Liberal Students are terrifying their Liberal Professors,Lessons on truth from the Twisted Mind of James Holmes, Reviewing the recent dynamics of new Texas Law with Texas/US Law Shield.

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In the inner city the weapon of destruction is not guns ite sthe public education system,Ok the Dems want to ban all handgun sales and fund research to ban them,This Republic did not just happen!,Baltimore is a fine lesson in accepting temporary safety versus freedom,From Vickers Tactical I am joined by training guru Larry Vickers.

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Sheriff Clark schools Rahmbo-Earnest and all the other idiots,Americans need guns now as the police become wary of confrontation,One Lib says protesting Islam is "terrorism",The Unified Agenda 2015, Maine is headed towards Constitutional Carry!, Zeke Stout from SDI comes in and we talk Gunsmith Education SDI Style!

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Uk Police ask the subjects to not hurt their attackers,DC Officials don't want criminals getting hurt either,11 best US States for gun owners,AR 15 or handgun in the house when someone breaks in?,Classic example of self defense gone awry,Self Defe3nse discussion with John Johnston of Ballistic Radio.

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Why can't we simply carry?,DC Judge continues to body slam DC Gun Control,Open Carry Texas(Tarrant County) may have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory,The False Promise of Civilian DisArmament,Are the sides being drawn for another Civil War?,Writer and Host of the Polite Society Podcast Rob Morse.

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They are trying to chip away at the Heller Decision,"Diagnosing " Men that own guns,In the face of gun control failure Emanuel calls for more gun control,Who gets blamed for Chicago and Baltimore bloodbaths,Due process is in jeopardy, From the Firearms Coalition I am joined by Chris Knox.

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What happens when a retired Marine meets a Gang Member....in New Jersey?,"Convert to Islam or Die",Ignorant reponses to the Waco Gunfight,In Florida you can run for your life from a hurricane and take your gun....wait what?,The long game of the anti gun Congress Critters,Edwin Walker and Emily Taylor of Texas/US Law Shield review the Legal side of Self Defense.

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The aims and goals of the Liberal Media Guilt Trip Template,Moms Demand Attention remind me of the Manson Family,Maddow is "Outraged' over FOPA,Baltimore vacuum is getting filled with violence,From Sage Dynamics I check in with Aaron Cowan for the Instructors Corner, Colorado law isn't being enforced and apparently no one cares, Gunownership and the abolishment of the class system.

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DC Court decision now means that NYC needs to get nervous,Gun ownership is exploding not declining,Open carry caused Waco....how?,The Real Gun Safety Group,All you gun owners need a license!,Outstsanding conversation with Larry Pratt-Exec Director or Gunowners of America.

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Making bad law to profit politically,A Law Professor hates the 2nd Amendment so he lies and makes up info to call for its end,Somehow everybody thinks the  biker shootout in Texas was caused by open carry and lack of expanded background checks,The stupid distraction caused by the NAGR, Scott Blick of Ammunition Depot teaches us the folly of trying to regulate the ammunition industry.

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The ramifications of this new normal concerning governmental invasion of privacy,Ask-The Government never asks!,Bad guy meets a prepared woman with a gun,Court victories are piling up for the 2nd Amendment,Defending with a gun with your baby on your hip, From MDFI I am joined again by Erik "Da Trek" Utrecht and we discuss training and perparation in a post Garland world.

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Hillary doesn't want all your guns...at first,MDA claims Outlaw Bikers wouldn't have guns if there were expanded background checks,DC May issue is slapped down!,M1 Carbine and all its beauty,Brazil has all the gun control sought here...and a 35 year high in murder,Background checks don't stop cop killers, Will Luker creates Usgunclasses.com for the countless students out there!

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Guns Guns who has the guns?,Cuomo and the anti gun New York General Assembly lines up to eat crow,Hey wear orange to show support against "gun violence" or something, Its discovered that most guns used in crime are stolen!, Resident LnL Nija Scribe Tank Funicello joins me to discuss the stuff.

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Concealed carry reduces crime everywhere but the gun free zone,Understanding the why behind the term gun violence,The 4th Amendment and the open carry of guns,Supreme Court is eyeing San Francisco,Learning when to fight back,Outstanding conversation with Rob Morse of the Polite Society Podcast-Ammoland-ClashDaily.

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NJ Dems say Hey lets register ammo!!!,Things to consider when buying IWB holster,Carrying a gun in the gym,Victimization is now ramping up in NYC, Sam Manley of Greenville County SC wants to be a Constitutional Sheriff,Ohio is pushing to end gun free zones,Arsenal Rifles may be getting scarce,Forum about gun free zones encore performance.

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HuffPo-Untraceable Guns Myth-The truth,Hey Amnesty Peoples-2 Mexicans got caught in murder for hire plot,Another Isla Vista gun free zone shooting,LEO murder up 89% this past year,The already debunked 40% claim soldiers on, From Costa Ludus William Petty and Chris Costa come in with what they have going on daily.

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Apparently the Glock name brand has taken on a Holy Mantra,The Con Game of Killary Clinton,In Oklahoma armed citizen rescues a rookie cop,Anti gun lawmakers defends himself against girlfriends car,Bloomberg has money to burn apparently,The whole car gun comparison is so much fun,Matt Best from Mbest11x and art15clothing.com and Nick Palmisciano from Rangerup.com come in to introduce their upcoming film Range 15,Armatix is imploding, Bloomberg supports Jim Crow Era law and buys ads to keep it in plave in NC.

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All enemies foreign and domestic in the 21st Century,Clarification on my thoughts concerning training,The "Warrior" vs "Guardian" mindset, So you think it will never happen to you eh,From Texas/US Law Shield Edwin and Michelle come in and we talk legal defense after self defense.

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So Called conservative pundits cave on Sharia?,Cody Wilson goes all in with the pursuit of freedom,Gun Nuts according to Salon.com,Charles Schumer wants to go after the Iron Pipeline or Georgia or something,My newest sponsor Ammunition Depot come on with me and Scott Blick talks about the ammo business.




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I am not going to comply,Despite the failure of the NY SAFE Act NY DEms are pushing for more gun control,Its a never ending war,Garland Attackers prove the crime fighting power of background checks,I get to talk to and learn about the Hank Strange Situation.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_688a_Mixdown_1.mp3
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Mexican drug war gets a new powerful player and the shake up is loud,Anti Gun researcher discovers that North Eastern Police Chiefs crave power,Garland Texas Cop dispels the handgun vs rifle myth,Deconstruction of Garland incident based on current knowledge,In an epic appearrance Ted Nugent comes in and we rant together for an hour.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_688_Mixdown_1.mp3
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Note to Jihadis-We shoot back,PGA Golfer should stick to putting,Anti Gun Professor goes way out there wanting no campus carry, Baltimore is not an America problem-It is a Democrat problem, From bearingarms.com I chew  the topics with Bob Owens.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_686_Mixdown_1.mp3
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Why the Terrorist Attack and Cartoon Contest are important,Gun grabbers should really back off the accidental shooting meme in their push,Jade Helm and the Texas State Guard,Stand Your Ground Myths, I have a fun conversation with Shawn Herrin from We Like Shooting.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_685_Mixdown_1.mp3
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As they try to destroy dichotomy remember to feel the outrage,Politifact admits waiting periods do nothing,Open Letter to Maryland Governor and Legislature,Gun control failures,Another court relies and exploits a different court instead of addressing the Constitution,Design and Innovation according to Kel Tec with my guest Chad Enos.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_684_Mixdown_1.mp3
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Riots and Looting and Burning,Baltimore citizens love Govt-Govt calls National Guard-Whole Foods feeds National Guard-Baltimore citizens hate Whole Foods?,Government Failure Machine will probably get reelected,Debating an anti gunner, A unique conversation with the one and only John Farnam.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_683_Mixdown_1.mp3
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When you actually need an "Assault Rifle", The loss of civility in Baltimore, The highly sought military M4 COTS enhancement,The states are widening the divide between free and not free, Combat Pistol Instructor Stacy Bright and Women and Guns.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_682_Mixdown_1.mp3
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Gun free zone-Baltimore is on fire-Is that a surprise?,Fashionista Gun Grabber gives Giffords an award,What the grabbers actually say,Armed Citizens change society,The delusion of Background Checks,St Louis PD Snowflake says leave the guns at home,Distance-Awareness-Action,How to get shot in a riot,Froglube CEO Larry Lasky joins me to talk Veterans Affairs.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_681_Mixdown_1.mp3
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Glock and their Blue Label Program demand PA Gun Shop break PA law,FBI and VA is in cahoots against veterans,How to destroy your Firearms Training Business in one TV interview,Is the Brady Bunch done?,The media is blind sided by America, From the Military Arms Channel Tim Harmsen comes in to talk Gun Stuff and Industry.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_680_Mixdown_1.mp3
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Some fools made a smartphone app to counter street attacks and other fools are actually buying it!,Hey-We only need 10 rounds right?,The issue of CCW requirements rears up in NC,Rep Steve Israel turns blatant lying into a cottage industry with regards to M855, Trespass is not a reason to shoot, Mark Puhaly and his new book about survival kit configuration.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_679_Mixdown_1.mp3
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Austin PD Chief melts down over open carry,Ant Gun Mayor and Police Chief attack CCW in Milwaukee,In DC in turns out posing with a toy gun isn't illegal,Newsspapers asking why America is abandoning Gun Control,Ted Cruz squares off with the Pentagon over CCW on Military Posts,School moves into Big Brother territory as it attempts to ban squiirt guns,Beth Baca is back in and we discuss the NRA Convention and the future.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_678_Mixdown_1.mp3
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Now its illegal to hold a toy gun in DC,Concealing full size handguns,Back peddling cop should be fired,Cleveland loves gun control even if it does not work,The ATF and the race box,History and Campus carry,Teacher is terrified by active shooter drill.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_677_Mixdown_1.mp3
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Media is ignoring ISIS in Mexico,David Axelrod praises Tim McGraw as "gutsy",Reality is never convenient but it is also never optional,Dr Linda Lagemann and her continuing fight against SSRIs,The whole guns bad myth perpetuated by the Media/Democrats backfires spectacularly, Ohio recognizes ALL out of state CCW.

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A listeners first AR 15!,Concealed carry enjoys very high regard in the US,Sen L Graham does not think the 2nd Amendment should be the biggest deterrent, NY Times and their stupid 2nd Amendment argument,Orrin Hudson from besomeone.org tells us how he fights the stereotypes,How Wars are won and the people that fight them,In Michigan there is an open carry loophole?,So called holy man and Shaneen Allen,NY Daily News is in a hissy because a Congressman is giving away an AR 15 signed by Ted Nugent.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_675_Mixdown_1.mp3
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DOJ Mental Defective Gun Ban List is 99.3% American Military Veterans,Magpul admits screw up on the PMag 17,Drink this in-Senate Majority Leader Charles Schumer,Where do the "Children" get their crime guns?,Tactics of the Criminal Mind,Climate Change my ass!, America the Beautiful with Robar Guns founder Robbie Barrkman.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_674_Mixdown_1.mp3
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Wal Mart wins against anti gun investors,What exactly is the "right Balane" between gun rights and gun control Chris Christie?,Whats best for home defense?,The NC Enhanced Carry Permit is inbound,From the Firearms Coalition I am joined by Chris Knox,Bloomberg advocates threats now,Gun contollers are simply accessories to murder before the fact.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_673_Mixdown_1.mp3
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Are you proud of yourself Little Man?,Training beyond the requirements for your CCW,MARSOC approves of the Glock 19 in the hands of their Operators,Thanks Florida or the armored patrol cars of Alachua County, From the ashes of Red Jacket Firearms Joe Meaux founds Aklys Defense and the story behind the story.

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Al Sharpton and the National Police Force!,Go Boston-Bostonians explode with Class A permits in Beantown,NRA Convention misses a golden opportunity,Gun Free Zone liability,Dr Ben Carson does the Hokey Pokey with the 2nd Amendment,NPR discovers Black Americans defend themselves with guns and Rick Ector comes in to talk about it, In Colorado two factions square off that should be facing the same way.

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Surprise Surprise Hillary Clinton wants to be President!,Liberlism is Totalatarianisim,Why does Alan Gottlieb keep talking politics,The TSA has been a 96 billion dollar waste that has caught 0 terrorists, National Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea joins me to discuss the Terry Siblings letter, All the Gun Rights organizations should be combining forces and forego the petty rivalries.

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Stop Handgun Violence Prez John Rosenthal has a fit because pro gun forces demand equal free advertising time,In Oregon gun ownership may be becoming a privilege,Spare Ammo is a must not an option,How do you fight armed terrorists if you have been dis armed?,Military suicide misinfo,Edwin Walker comes in from Texas/US Law Shield to discuss legal self defense.

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Lets debunk some non sensical BS!,What kind of person kills cops?,The Glock Modular Optics System, Would the cops come get all the guns?, A fascinating conversation with Larry Vickers from Vickers Tactical.




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Moms Demand Attention Misinformation is exposed!,Recent news stories destroy the myth of universal background checks as a crime fighting tool,Democrats promise you your own money if you give up your'Assault Weapon",A snapshot of the Rapid Mass Murder,Operation Indignant Fury Part 2 with Chris Knox of the Firearms Coalition.

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Florida University Chiefs of Police break the law while trying to keep everyone disarmed on campus,The Econimist eats epic failure while trying to attack gun rights,NPR discovers Black Americans and their desire for self defense,Gabby Giffords thinks gun control stops terrorism-Just ask Paris,UN starts laying the ground work for population control.....again, Aaron Cowan from Sage Dynamics joins us to discuss spatial awareness in a gunfight.

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A warning for the liberals-Do you think this whole America thing just happened?,Clear Channel caves when equal time is demanded,Another totally stacked survey from "The Experts", Kent Terry and Michelle Terry-Bolagh break their silence and come out hard seeking justice for their brother-Brian Terry.

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Media Matters goes after Cam Edwards of the NRA for speaking the truth,Kansas just became safer,Last years Washington High School shooter stole gun from his prohibited person status father,Idiot lawmaker goes after fully automatic Uzis in Louisiana, A very exhilirating hour with Uncle Ted-Ted Nugent returns to LnL for a pre NRA Convention rant.

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The Atlantic Magazine claims that armed law abiding citizens undercut the rule of law,Sheepdogs,Wolves and Fearful Sheep, The crash and burn that is Colorado gun law,From the Firearms Coalition I am joined by Chris Knox and we discuss the guerilla gun rights movement.

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Stacked deck for journalists on coverage of gun crime and gun violence seminar,Shooting tips for accuracy,Texas based Clear Channel decides to donate some space to Bostonian gun grabbers,Propaganda about concealed carry on Campus,Police lives are endangered by law abiding gun carriers, An hour with Froglube CEO Larry Lasky.

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Govt recommends dismissal in Ares Armor case,Anti Gunners are getting pounded state by state,Does hand position matter when you are getting in the ready?,Tips for new open carriers,Multiple opponent gun fighting with Erik Utrecht from Michigan Defensive FireArms Institute.

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Disrupting an active shooter can be very important-Unless you are a gun grabber,9th Circuit reverses itself in Peruta and invites Harris in to play,4 Countries that we tour on the Burl Ives Express,10 range bag necessities,Cali GOP is hugging the wrong tree,Beth Baca and I discuss Women and Guns.

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Americas elites are at the mercy of the Barbarians,Hey-Whats right with Kansas?,Rubio and Jordan go after DC gun laws,FBI purposely writes mass shooting report to be misleading,What happens when an old school gun company collides with 21st Century thinking and design-Lets ask Freddie Blish Of Robar Guns.

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A misguided pilgrim and his misguided notions and all the reactions it generated,Kroger reiterates their position against the Moms Demand Attention,Learning to gunfight while under stress,Steffon Lamont Josey and the legal atrocity in New Jersey,Training for all possibilities, Armchair quarterbacks and their stupid suggestions.

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Explaining the success of the concealed carry movement,Hey Starbucks-A Latte to go and shut up!,Democrats still want your ammo,Vermont astroturf group enjoys their big reveal,MSM just doesn't understand what "grassroots" means,TSA wants guns...again,We know the Moms Demand Attention are confused and liars-Now they wish to double down,Concealed carry in the US-History and Trends,Gun control advocates and drowning people have a lot in common nowadays.

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Targeting the gun carriers,Active shooter considerations for the concealed carrier,Today Show discovers Tannerite and hates it!,Good conversation on a  bad phone line with Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea on ATF-B Todd Jones and the big Glenn Beck distraction,Sorry to say this but the Republicans will not be saving us,The luxury of Self Defense.

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4 Firearms myths the bad guys want you to believe,B Todd Jones bids the ATF Adieu,No need to throw money at the Military until somebody cares,HuffPo and Teachers want to live in a dream world, The Armed Citizen and the Active Shooter with Aaron Cowan from Sage Dynamics.

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They say one thing but don't you believe it!,Physical fitness and shooting,2nd Generation gunsmith keeping Peshmerga going against ISIS,Gun control groups getting hammered by State Legislatures,A heartfelt thanks for sticking with me throughout the whole heart attack mess,More gun sellers getting financially blocked,Laws and restraining orders rarely stop domestic violence, So I'm a bad guy because I am white and own guns?,How to make a city racially diverse in the PD-What do you mean there aren't enough black men?

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The fake gun store that crushes would be gun owners,The Sandy Hook Commission must consist of a bunch of people that need strait jacket fitting,Cali Republicans hit AG with gun confiscation questions-Like whats taking so long?,Mandatory "Smart Guns" for the Feds?Joined again by the guys from Texas/US Law Shield.





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Democrats are coming after all rifle ammo,Castle Doctrine case in Indiana is first test of 2012 law change,Bloomberg and Giffords are becoming liabilities,Glenn Beck and the Great Distraction,Gawker.com wades in and flushes,Massad Ayoob on open carry of long guns,Darren Jones of Silencer Co comes in to Fight the Noise!

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Pushing gun control means admitting failure,Prepping for a home invasion can be simple,Certain politicians are attacking the anti gunners,The Australian Piers Morgan opens up,From Sage Dynamics I am joined by Aaron Cowan and we discuss it all!

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What the Supreme Court JUST did,Slings and their evolution,Despite his commission wanting to gut the 2nd Amendment CT Gov Malloy signals much reluctance to push forward,Another misguided Politician makes his call,Fact checking Obama on gun violence claims,Dems are encouraging ATF,Why background checks do not work.

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B Todd Jones unmasks and tells Senate Committee that all 5.56 ammo is hazardous to LE,Gun control groups distance themselves from aborted M855 ban,Gary Kleck kills it with another survey/study,Anti Violence film maker arrested for attacking pro gun activist,HuffPo;NRA keeps embarassing anti gun groups,Obama is still totally committed to taking your gun rights,Tactically assessing ISIS,Is Pelvic shooting a viable target?

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Oh No-People have figured out a way to sell AR 15 stuff on Ebay!,Politicians that steal valor,Rights are in no way subject to popular opinion,Hey Glenn Beck- Could you shut up please?,What was really behing the attempted M855 ban?,NV married couple denied adoption because they have CC Permits,Lets make a better John Wick,WH backing and populist support hit a wall.

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Latest GSS Survey is loaded with BS talking points for the gun grabbers,ATF walks away from M855 ban and what that means,I'm tired of all things racist, Sidearms for when you bump into a bear,Great conversation with Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea.

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Hoplophopic director and professor make a spectacle of themselves while they fire in a crowded theatre,Obama complains about Chicago or the Benedict College speech,Who actually lobbies for the ordinary man?,LA Times advocates for rejection of rights,A very entertaining conversation with Erik DaTrek(Utrecht) of MDFI regarding The Brian Terry Foundation and America waking up.

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Taking the host over from within, NY towns getting set to Escape from NY,Number of hits is not valid reason for murder charge,Kerry Davis joins me and we tal Dark Angel Medical and what makes a hard target,Crowbar stupidity versus gunownig home owner,Columbus Ohio is getting dangerous.....for bad guys,855 ban and ignorance/or is it arrogance?

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HuffPo "GunGuy" contributes to the lies about the M855 round,Constitutional Carry is gaining momentum while being ignored by MSM,Holder admits the"Hands Up Don't Shoot" was a bogus claim,The Moms Demand Attention claims that WV proposal for Permitless Carry will arm domestic abusers,ATF has NO Constitutional authority to ban any ammo,SAFE Act 2 years in and shootings and murder up 20% in NYC,Gabby Giffords and the myth of the background check.

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M855 ban is all based on lies, Gun control in Europe is killing again,Why shouldn't Americans be allowedto defend themselves?,Why doesn't any government tell their populace to arm themselves?,This is why we will continue to shoot violent thugs,Caliber or training?

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Tulsa citizens have tallied half of the cities justifiable homicides this year,Arizona is going super pro gun,DOJ finally concedes Zimmerman shooting was justified,Top AstroTurfers in America!,FedEx does not like "Ghost Guns",14 things anyone should know if they want to write about guns or gun issues.

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Mall of America in Minnesota very well protected by signs,Politician in Minnesota thinks MoA should drop no guns policy,Arkansas moves closer to being the most prepared state in terms of school shooters,DHS Chief acknowledges need for concealed carry,Myth of training in order to be effective examined,10 reasons to aim for center mass,WaPo discovers background checks don't work!,Sen Chuck Schumer:All Master Being of Time-Space and Dimension.

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That which worries Shannon Watts the most,ATF is exceeding their authority with M855 ammo,Domino's Pizza is very dangerous for delivery drivers,Maryland becomes interesting under Governor Hogan,DisArmists vs 2A Supporters,The Eyes of the old guys,Silly debates in Florida,Do I preach to the choir?, Its is time to get Declarative in the Legislatures.

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M855 ammo ban-does it make a difference and why would they enact it?,And of course we get the rationalization,How many justified homicides per year?,Stupidity or lets carry empty guns,Urbanite gun grabbers-Fear-and Racism,Technology fails and smart guns falter,Gun Control Act is crumbling.

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