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Govt recommends dismissal in Ares Armor case,Anti Gunners are getting pounded state by state,Does hand position matter when you are getting in the ready?,Tips for new open carriers,Multiple opponent gun fighting with Erik Utrecht from Michigan Defensive FireArms Institute.

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Disrupting an active shooter can be very important-Unless you are a gun grabber,9th Circuit reverses itself in Peruta and invites Harris in to play,4 Countries that we tour on the Burl Ives Express,10 range bag necessities,Cali GOP is hugging the wrong tree,Beth Baca and I discuss Women and Guns.

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Americas elites are at the mercy of the Barbarians,Hey-Whats right with Kansas?,Rubio and Jordan go after DC gun laws,FBI purposely writes mass shooting report to be misleading,What happens when an old school gun company collides with 21st Century thinking and design-Lets ask Freddie Blish Of Robar Guns.

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A misguided pilgrim and his misguided notions and all the reactions it generated,Kroger reiterates their position against the Moms Demand Attention,Learning to gunfight while under stress,Steffon Lamont Josey and the legal atrocity in New Jersey,Training for all possibilities, Armchair quarterbacks and their stupid suggestions.

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Explaining the success of the concealed carry movement,Hey Starbucks-A Latte to go and shut up!,Democrats still want your ammo,Vermont astroturf group enjoys their big reveal,MSM just doesn't understand what "grassroots" means,TSA wants guns...again,We know the Moms Demand Attention are confused and liars-Now they wish to double down,Concealed carry in the US-History and Trends,Gun control advocates and drowning people have a lot in common nowadays.

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Targeting the gun carriers,Active shooter considerations for the concealed carrier,Today Show discovers Tannerite and hates it!,Good conversation on a  bad phone line with Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea on ATF-B Todd Jones and the big Glenn Beck distraction,Sorry to say this but the Republicans will not be saving us,The luxury of Self Defense.

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4 Firearms myths the bad guys want you to believe,B Todd Jones bids the ATF Adieu,No need to throw money at the Military until somebody cares,HuffPo and Teachers want to live in a dream world, The Armed Citizen and the Active Shooter with Aaron Cowan from Sage Dynamics.

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They say one thing but don't you believe it!,Physical fitness and shooting,2nd Generation gunsmith keeping Peshmerga going against ISIS,Gun control groups getting hammered by State Legislatures,A heartfelt thanks for sticking with me throughout the whole heart attack mess,More gun sellers getting financially blocked,Laws and restraining orders rarely stop domestic violence, So I'm a bad guy because I am white and own guns?,How to make a city racially diverse in the PD-What do you mean there aren't enough black men?

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The fake gun store that crushes would be gun owners,The Sandy Hook Commission must consist of a bunch of people that need strait jacket fitting,Cali Republicans hit AG with gun confiscation questions-Like whats taking so long?,Mandatory "Smart Guns" for the Feds?Joined again by the guys from Texas/US Law Shield.





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Democrats are coming after all rifle ammo,Castle Doctrine case in Indiana is first test of 2012 law change,Bloomberg and Giffords are becoming liabilities,Glenn Beck and the Great Distraction,Gawker.com wades in and flushes,Massad Ayoob on open carry of long guns,Darren Jones of Silencer Co comes in to Fight the Noise!

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Pushing gun control means admitting failure,Prepping for a home invasion can be simple,Certain politicians are attacking the anti gunners,The Australian Piers Morgan opens up,From Sage Dynamics I am joined by Aaron Cowan and we discuss it all!

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What the Supreme Court JUST did,Slings and their evolution,Despite his commission wanting to gut the 2nd Amendment CT Gov Malloy signals much reluctance to push forward,Another misguided Politician makes his call,Fact checking Obama on gun violence claims,Dems are encouraging ATF,Why background checks do not work.

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B Todd Jones unmasks and tells Senate Committee that all 5.56 ammo is hazardous to LE,Gun control groups distance themselves from aborted M855 ban,Gary Kleck kills it with another survey/study,Anti Violence film maker arrested for attacking pro gun activist,HuffPo;NRA keeps embarassing anti gun groups,Obama is still totally committed to taking your gun rights,Tactically assessing ISIS,Is Pelvic shooting a viable target?

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Oh No-People have figured out a way to sell AR 15 stuff on Ebay!,Politicians that steal valor,Rights are in no way subject to popular opinion,Hey Glenn Beck- Could you shut up please?,What was really behing the attempted M855 ban?,NV married couple denied adoption because they have CC Permits,Lets make a better John Wick,WH backing and populist support hit a wall.

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Latest GSS Survey is loaded with BS talking points for the gun grabbers,ATF walks away from M855 ban and what that means,I'm tired of all things racist, Sidearms for when you bump into a bear,Great conversation with Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea.

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Hoplophopic director and professor make a spectacle of themselves while they fire in a crowded theatre,Obama complains about Chicago or the Benedict College speech,Who actually lobbies for the ordinary man?,LA Times advocates for rejection of rights,A very entertaining conversation with Erik DaTrek(Utrecht) of MDFI regarding The Brian Terry Foundation and America waking up.

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Taking the host over from within, NY towns getting set to Escape from NY,Number of hits is not valid reason for murder charge,Kerry Davis joins me and we tal Dark Angel Medical and what makes a hard target,Crowbar stupidity versus gunownig home owner,Columbus Ohio is getting dangerous.....for bad guys,855 ban and ignorance/or is it arrogance?

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HuffPo "GunGuy" contributes to the lies about the M855 round,Constitutional Carry is gaining momentum while being ignored by MSM,Holder admits the"Hands Up Don't Shoot" was a bogus claim,The Moms Demand Attention claims that WV proposal for Permitless Carry will arm domestic abusers,ATF has NO Constitutional authority to ban any ammo,SAFE Act 2 years in and shootings and murder up 20% in NYC,Gabby Giffords and the myth of the background check.

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M855 ban is all based on lies, Gun control in Europe is killing again,Why shouldn't Americans be allowedto defend themselves?,Why doesn't any government tell their populace to arm themselves?,This is why we will continue to shoot violent thugs,Caliber or training?

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