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First show on Genesis Communications Netwwork!, Anti gunner wants people to up and run if they see an open carrier,A special kind of stupid in DC,Ray Rice vs Shaneen Allen,NC Sheriff tells his constituents to arm themselves,Women and Guns with Jill Trammell,Two coasts same disconnect.

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Judge orders release of Fast & Furious documents,Getting started in concealed carry,Pediatricians believe they have the right to ask about guns,Senate Democrats decide to hold kabuki hearings on gun control,KOA does not like carrying guns on your own property,Politicians are simply afraid of an armed populace in DC,Open carry and fear,Military leadership apparently does not trust soldiers in garrison,Illegal Immigration Amnesty is a threat to gun rights,The olsd car comparison again,VA homeowner fires warning shot at Unannounced Police with the wrong address and wins in court, Enough with Gabby Giffords.

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How old should a child be when you teach them about guns?,Single Mom defends with a firearms,Some Pigs Are Better Than Others,Debunking some myths,AntGun crowd often shoots themselves in the foot,Senators prep new gun control plan,Press ignores police unless they are anti gun,Pentagon has lost over 200,000 battle rifles in Afganistan.

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Pro Gun policies fail because there were no nuclear wars...or something,Hospital attackers wife says she is glad he was shot,Picking the right pocket pistol,Anti Gun Bloomberg commercial inadvertently shows a womans need for a gun,Don't mess with Texas,DC Carry ruling gets 90 day stay,NPR is flipping out over DC ruling,UPS driver steals 70 guns,Why you should carry.

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The Atlantic blames Army Pistol Procurement Program for street crime,The New York Reload,Drawing from a shoulder holster,Veterans made this country-Now get off our backs,So no one wants to ban guns eh?,You have to break the rules if you want to be free,Moms Demand Action get the credit for the recent crimes at Target,Battle of Athens part 2?,NBC does not like Doctors carrying guns,Rep Carolyn Maloney and The Threat,Obama talks tough but does not prosecute as much gun crime,DC gun grabbers flip out.

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DC is for now a Constitutional Carry district,Doctor who ignored gun free zone sign saves lives,Sign company deluged by orders for guns welcome signs,Boston Police Chief says Bostonians dont need to own rifles or shotguns,Q&A with Texas/US Law Shield,How does the Government pick the members of the Terror Watchlist,Docs vs Glocks plaintiffs told to take a powder,Border Agents say MS 13 using processing centers to recruit,Conservatism is the "Punk Rock" today.

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Tennessee Sheriff hits the jackpot with Project 1033,What is gun violence?,Bloomberg group releases report,Imagine-A guy that owns guns is a killer,We don't need mandatory training,Robbery suspect sues his victims for resisting,Adama Arms drops prices!,The Corporate Ground War,What is the Williow MD?

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Ant Gun Hickenlooper is tight with other Anti Gun Figures,NY Gun Range forced to close after 73 years,Cartels open up on our US Border Patrol,Q&A with Texas Law Shield,World Governments are rushing to make the internet a gun free zone,Daily Kos confuses movie guns and prototypes with real guns,After a brutal home invasion an Anti Gun couple rethink firearm ownership.

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Operation Choke Point hearing reveals DOJ threats,Rep Robin Kelly Reveals anti gun manifesto,Tennesse restaurant sees increase in business with guns welcome sign,New gun owner primer,Guns and 5 gallon buckets,When "Smart Guns" collide with dummies,Nullification strategy,Lberal attacks on"gun nuts" will lose the culture war,The Darwin Award Winner,2nd Amendment is not the only right being attacked,The biggest public health threat is the government,SYG in Florida now seems sort of muddy in application.

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The realities of police response time and self defense,The Roadmap for gun control, The strange details of the Port Arthur Massacre,Revisiting the loss of due process,Detroit police chief credits recent drop in crime to armed citizens,Mark Kelly and his problem with people,Twisting the facts,Pushback against Operation Choke Point increases,Bloomberg and who he gives money to,Faked intimidation,Rolling Stone and their contributed ignorance.

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Pre Crime bills are gaining some traction,Open Carry Arlington wins one in the courts,Gun Control 2.0,Target and Jack in the Box sure are enjoying their perceived gun free zones,NJ Cop Killers wife wish he had killed some more cops,Nurse with a gun breaks up teen aged crime ring,Archie Andrews-Martyred for gun control,Target security officer fired for catching a shop lifter,From the Office of MisInformation:What the 2nd Amendment Intended,Hour long conversation with Larry Pratt-Executive Director of Gunowners of America.

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Spokane Police Chief is really worried about bad guys using airsoft guns,They say "Common Sense" but what are the really advocating,Petition to White House hopes to gut NFA,For What do you train?,Jesse Jackson blames Obama for Chicago violence,Do not be naive about Chris Christie,Bloomberg becoming the man people love to hate,Police fake 911 calls to gain entry,DHS invades small town.

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Because of technical difficulties I cannot post current content. So here are 3 recent interviews. Author Mike Detty about Operation Wide Receiver. Doug Giles and his new book Rise,Kill and Eat, and Dr Linda Lagemann and discuss SSRIs.

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The 4th of July in the gun free utopia,Keeping your guns out of the wrong hands,MDA quotes the wrong guy on Independence Day,Judge speculates on ATF jealousy and potential criminality in Dobyns case,Feminist writer hates armed men,Al Jazeera/America tells hunters not to fight for gun rights,St Louis Police Chief does not like the idea of unalienable gun rights,Americans distrust Gun Control Activists,Humans will not be the dominant species by 2045?,Liberals at war with reality,More guns in schools-Less death.

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Target clarifies the non ban policy,MSNBC gets a fine dose of shock treatment,Why are cops killing dogs?,John Lott weighs in on Everytown statements,Shooting with corrective lenses,Mexico starts arresting "vigilantes",Another antigunner wishes death upon a hunter,Is the gun violence epidemic meme an out and out fraud,The most coveted right,The Army wants a new handgun,I get busted over my bootleg ad,HHS seems a lot like North Korea, If we were the founders would we choose freedom or slavery?

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Hey lets talk about the "Brownshirts",No way to satisfy a gun grabber,MSNBC commentator sort of does not understand the whole liberty thing,Atlanta Mayor hardens city buildings now that law abiding citizens are carrying guns with state approval,Military dictatorships are never a good idea,How to carry when running,Christie in NJ goes the way of the national wind,2 different versions of the term Universal Background Check,Dick Metcalf-Unforgiven.

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Immigration criminal voted to ban guns in NY,Dear Governors,Barney Fife meets Delta Force,Obama is trying to kill us,Q&A with Texas/US Law Shield, 163 House Dems demand gun control,Thanks to the media Americans dying because of Obesity want more gun control,Mexican helicopter fires on our Border Patrol,House tries to stop the Fed SWAT teams,House also votes to deny funding of UN ATT,Mass LE takes a dangerous turn.

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Lady that called for us rowdy defiant gunowners to be mowed down by the Government now trying to walk that back,Former NYPD officer came to learn that people need guns to defend themselves,Obama says gun controllers need to get as motivated as the 2A advocates,Two different stories-Same theme:My little darling didn't need to die while he was committing that crime,Federal judge upholds Colorado gun law,Interesting story out of Connecticut,Update on the Willow MD, I am joined by Bob Harvey and we discuss many things including why carry a 1911.

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Hey MDA:There really is no such thing as a gun free zone,I'm confused by gun grabbers,3 things Teachers need if they encounter an active shooter,Gun control advocates engage in pre crime,The Willow MD and my left knee,From HuffPo another modest proposal,Downsizing Defense, What gun in what caliber?,Take the guns out of the debate, Hey lets mark gunowners! and my letter to Frank.

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Liberals ask at what point do we actually stand up to the gun nuts,The real problem is mental health not gun ownership,Google search diagnostics indicate that more people search for AR 15s than any category of Gun Control,Q&A with Texas Law Sheild as we discuss travel with guns,Part 2 of my series with Dr Linda Lagemann as we discuss SSRIs.

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The Active Shooter and what we have learned over time,Magazine capacity limits and the states that have them and their reasons,The American Police state,Democrats from Pro Gun States tell Gabby Giffords to stay away,The Press and the spree shooter,From Student of the Gun I am joined again by Paul Markel.

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Florida reinforces Stand Your Ground,Town outraged after Police officer sells AK out of his cruiser,The EPA Dictatorship,No, Obama is not above the law,UN job posting Disarmament Demobilization and Reintegration Officer,Why hasn't Obama been impeached?,Missouri school teachers train to fight back, Why am I training to train with Spec Ops guys?,Cleveland Mayor gun diversion shows desperation to appear effective,Protection and the decision to kill,A gun on his hip,Just rewrite the 2nd Amendment?

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Operation Choke Point has an agency taking over,Inside the waist band versus Outside the waistband when you CCW,All about Hillary,The Only Ones,Ohio AG says he can't enforce the law,Making up Facts about guns,10 reasons to reject banning the PDW,Safekeeping?,Guns kill children?,Do not mess with a Dad and his gun,Canadian media blames MSM for clusters of Spree Shooters, More on Hillary.

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The Duck and Cover ballistic blankets lied about their NIJ rating,Huffington Post once again says we have no chance at winning in a tyrannical setting,Moms should tell thepeople that defend themselves with guns that it never happened,Mass shootings occured long before the AR 15 and standard capacity magazines,Liberal talk show host literally wants to visit some violence on gun carriers even if he has to lie to make it happen,NJ gun control in the fine print,8 documented DGHs all on June 16th,Abramski decision and what it means,Vanderboegh speaks and the bulletins go out,We are not ready, From girlsjustwannahaveguns.com we peak to Regis Giles.

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Being killed with your own gun,How to use your bad magazines,Anti gun charlatan Ron Charach,Duck and Cover,No more negotiation,Is everyday carry really necessary?,I think out loud about the need for physical fitness and gun training, I discuss SSRIs with Dr Linda Lagemann.

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CSGV: Ban al guns that accept detachable magazines,Disarmed for the public good the oldest inhabited town in the world has a massacre in Kenya,Aussies open letter to Obama about Australian Gun Control,Fact and fiction about Australian gun control regime,Florida man calls 911-gets voicemail-shoots bad guys himself,Q&A with Texas Law Shield,In Depth look at armed citizens and mass shootings in the face of a full spectrum of mis-leading information.

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Cost and benefits of gun laws,The agony of a liberal gun owner,CSGV does not see the contradiction,Gun control activists are violent,Man stabs 3 with a machete...in NY,Correct number of mass school shootings since Sandy Hook-0,With regards to ISIS crisis in Middle east-Let them kill each other,2A should function nationwide,Compared to 2013 demand for guns is down,Mandatory free speech training anyone?,Teacher in Oregon gives in to primal fear,The medias mental illness about guns.

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Daily Beast goes all the way overboard,Last 3 shooters have been stopped or interrupted by a good guy,Teacher reinvents locking a school door against a threat,Father beats 2 assailants using his daughter as a shield,Intelligent life in NY?,Personal defense ammo,Fear may be crushing you,Carry a 1911 as your defense handgun-Why not?,Harry Reid and universal gun registration,Are all mass murderers white?,From Victory Defense I am joined by JJ Sutton and we discuss the gun industry.

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The morals of intervention,Some inconvenient truths about American Mass Murderers,Lying about school shootings,Army Veteran destroys one of the lefts key gun control arguments,The Guardian and the 2nd Amendment,Everyday Americans demonized after Las Vegas murders,Confiscation and Rebellion.

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This Podcast Is Missing the 2nd Hour and I am very sorry!


Is there really an epidemic of mass shootings?,Oregon shooting is targeted killing,Cut maniac shootings in half:A thought experiment,VPC talks the crazy again,Bloomberg falsehoods,Why can't you keep guns out of the hands of people with mental illnesses,Liberal claims conservative rhetoric caused Las Vegas shooting.

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Letter to Chicago newspaper indicates the how well the MSM misinformation regime is working,Gun control not the answer,CCW permits provide exemption from Bacground Checks,Musing out loud,Only in California,From clashdaily.com and the author of Rise-Kill and Eat I am joined by Doug Giles,Watts says "good guy with a gun" has never stopped a shooting,As they continue to lose some want GCAs to go for broke.

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Sipsey Street Irregular sends another logical letter to Attorney General,Should citizens have a right to rebel?,CCRKBA calls on Congress to put the brakes on Obama,Colorado town mandates gun ownership and NRO does not like it, Q&A with Texas/US Law Shield, What its like to be involved in an ATF sting with author Mike Detty.

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For your consideration some gun control satire,Minority crime leading to gun control,Its the Murderer Stupid!,Pro gun Texas State Rep worries open carriers may be hurting their own cause,Kermit Gosnells son shot multiple times during home invasion,Canadian cop killer,Whats in a name?,Is the 2nd Amendment under attack from all sides?,I cover as much as I can with Gunowners of America Legal Counsel Mike Hammonds.

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The AR 15-hated and loved,Handguns sales are red hot, Home defense with a carbine pros and cons,Australian Senator elect gets it right,Not In My Backyard,Somebody failed in Oklahoma Highway Patrol training accident,Another "Good Guy' killed while attacking someone,University Presidents dont want students carrying a gun,Gun homicides are down dramatically but most of America doesn't know that,The top 5 gun control lies,Chicago gun store restrictions not wanted by Chicagoans,Barbera Boxer-Nuff said,EP Armory polymer lower customers will not get raided by the ATF....maybe.

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Once again MSM ignores gang mass shooting in Chicago, Harvard Shrink says forget about us-arm yourselves,Gun grabbers cant get no satisfaction,Q&A with Texas Law Shield, From Police One- How to prevent mass shooters-It is not about guns,AR 15 loved and hated at the same time.

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California attacks the Constitution head on,Limits on firearm owneership is a baseless argument,Mem outlines Obama's plan to use military against America,Dr Ben Carson cannot be trusted on gun rights,Bloomberg says it isn't about gun control but wants more gun control,Open Carry Texas responds to the NRA,Chipotle in Oklahoma kicks Moms Demand Action out for hassling open carry diners,Gun seller telss T D Bank too little too late,Are long barreled pistols more acuurate than short barreled ones?

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House denies funding for Operation Choke Point,The history of magazines 11 rounds or more,If you are gonna go ad hominem do it live,From attorneyforfreedom.com I have an outstanding conversation with Mark Victor,What does well regulated mean?,Radio Host Mike Malloy wants to shoot a conservative?,Stars double standard on guns,SWAT Flash Band lands in a crib with a baby.

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Gun Seller deemed "high risk" dumped by bank,SBSD gets proactive on Tues 5 days after they needed to be, The Democracy Alliance joins Bloomberg in the gun control cause,Stop blaming the 2nd Amendment for madmen,The American gun owner could be the most formidable force on the planet with the right attitude,The Bloomberg minions are singing,As they fight the ATF Ares Armor is still doing business and intends to continue fighting-CEO Dimitri Karras spells out the plan.

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Our mental health system is joke, Some people think the Santa Barbara shooter was influenced by romantic comedies,Others think it was caused by "white privilege",Chicago Mayor wants to video record all gun sales,Why we have mass murders,Concealment-Cover and Tactical Movement,Gun owners are "compensating" because they have guns?,Rep Peter King wants background checks because Elliot Rodgers passed background checks,The Canik TP9.

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I kickoff with a rant based on a Facebook exchange between a gun grabber and myself,Inside Our Twisted World,Flashlights as a Force Option,Should CCW holders ignore no guns signs?, I talk to Todd Luebke of Strike Hard Gear about his dedicated business and his new shotgun ammo carrier ThE Gunners Mate.

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You are gonna notice an abrupt jump due to a technical difficulty and I apologize for that,The Un Teachable Moment,Home invaders break into to house for 3rd time because they were hungry?,Unknown probability dangers and "smart guns", With the border unsecure is it time to organize posses?,Q&A with Texas Law Shield,I talk about the unintended consequence of open carry and Elliot Rodger with Bob Owens of bearingarms.com.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_483.mp3
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Deconstructing Elliot Rodgers and the Isla Vista California spree shooting,Hollywood screenwriter and author says he could kill again in the name of gun control, The callers dominated this show.

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Some say the 2nd Amendment is not your carry permit,Do not put gun related decals on your car,Sheriff Clarke addresses violence in Milwaukee,Gun Control:Intentional UnIntentional Consequences,Irony is a robbery at a business with a no guns sign enjoys an armed robbery,Toys for Totalitarians,Education not Legislation,How much ammo do you carry with your CCW?,What about the Militia?.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_481.mp3
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When you celebrate Memorial Day please remember who paid for it,LA Deputy fires warning shot when children play prank-gets arrested,Complete breakdown of FDIC identified "high risk' business catagories,Open carriers in Texas- Please think a little bit more,"Vigalantes" take on Boko Haram and win,Q&A with Texas/US Law Shield,Bloomberg employs semantic acrobatics,Guns are useless unless they are killing?,Congress is going after Choke Point,Why are the Fed Alphabet Agencies gearing up.

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Mother Jones story is a lie!,High Risk label put Gun Industry in crosshairs of DOJ,Brady Campaign sues NJ to enforce "smart gun" requirement,Just comply gun control myth busted,Georgia gunowners change a businesses mind regarding guns in establishment,My personal fight to get back in shape to train tactically,Police Operator Syndrome,Its only"Unlikely" if it is not you,SWAT Team rolls up on 52 year old man and pummels him,40% of America wants more gun control...wait-what?,ATF just transfers people when they get caught,Trusts versus Hughes Amendment,80% lowers are really causing a panic,Campus Ban versus Rape Prevention,Two Gubernatorial wannabes.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_479.mp3
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Aramatix patented the kill switch for iP1 8 years ago,Remington gives the kiss off to NY and Schumer,Why does Dept of Agriculture need sub machine guns and body armor,Girl took blame in Vest shooting in the name of love,Maryland Governor knew that new gun control regime would not impact crime,Moms Demand Burritos not Bullets,NBC really does not like guns,17 year old female is very together in the face of danger,NAGR and 2AF go after each other?,The pelvic target, When self defense DOES NOT apply.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_478.mp3
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The lont slow death of the gun control cult,ATF fumbles with automatics and gun trusts,Liberty is not a loophole,Illinois anti gunner wish list legislation introduced,developing the divergent mindset,Mother Jones creates a story about 2A advocates stalking and threatening anti gun women,Q&A with Jeremy Moore from The Shooters Source,Dont test a vest while wearing it, There is hope,Please council the little darlings not to invade homes.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_477.mp3
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Another citizen control myth dies,AR 15 or the "Weapon of War" used in self defense,Hillary and a history of gun hate part 1,Detonics and Combat Human Factors,ATF agent brandishes gun on highway in road rage incident,Anti gunners heart them some foreign gun control,Guam goes shall issue,2nd Amendment and bazookas,We will not comply,Operation Choke Point is worse than we thought,Cop that kills 93 year old woman is fired,NY Corrections Officer walks away from negligent discharge,When Governments fail.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_476.mp3
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Hillary Clinton being Hillary, The Fundamentals of Gun fighting,WaPo reprints editorial from North Korea to talk about gun control in US,Carry method for working out?,If she had a "smart gun" she would not have been in the fight, Q&A with Texas/US Law Shield,The phone lines gush open.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_475.mp3
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Police shooting frenzy raises concerns,Thanks to new law Colorado woman cannot get her gun back,NYT and twisted anti gun minds,The MDA non interview,Texas Mayor wants LEO gone after he kills 93 year old woman,UK journalists are snotty when it comes to American gun ownership,Who is afraid of a gun free zone?,WAPO thinks NJ should begin the "smart gun" regime,From Recoil Magazine I am joined by Editor In Chief Ian Harrison.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_474.mp3
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22 States sign on against NY SAFE Act,Sure they say they don't want to ban guns but....,War against shooting ranges,The forward leaning pistol grip is the new shoulder thing that goes up,Sen. Kaine lies to America about UN ATT,2nd Amendment is very unique,Two shooters neither legal,Dear Everytown,Want end violence you have to seek out the cause,Smart guns.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_473a.mp3
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With Drake gone what's next?,NYPD repeatedly raids home looking for a dead man,The Fast & Furious Red Herring,Q&A with Texas Law Shield,CT man charged with 49 counts of failure to register hi cap magazines,NJ anti gun Dems say Drake case refusal is ruling vindicating"justifiable need",How is this for a lumped together spin,SWAT manufacturing the justification to kill?,People hate living in anti gun States, A weird endorsement.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_473.mp3
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Liberal male professor calls for genocide of white males,arms sent all over most likely cached in Texas by CIA,Operation Choke Point,Hillary Clinton wants to rein in guns,Why everyone should be concerned about "smart guns","They didn't deserve to get killed",Police warning did not stop domestic attack,Q&A with Ira Goodstadt of Pistol Pay.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_472.mp3
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Zimmerman Lawyer:I support the 2nd Amendment but....,Grassroots slows down the ATF roll on gun trusts,School shootins and the American problem of the heart,Busting the myth of the "only ones",Guns don't cause gang violence-Democrat policies do,Comparing guns to porn or its official name from the DOJ-Operation Choke Point,Smart gun would be retailers feel the pushback,Follow up out of NJ with the Gun For Hire Anthony Calandro.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_470.mp3
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Gang culture responsible for 40% of the shootings in NYC,Mark Glaze steps down from MAIG,The Everytown blowback,Young people are on our side when it comes to guns,Guns as a health issue-again,The end game is to ban guns, Q&A with Texas Law Shield, Alan Gottleib is making a mistake,Why 2nd Amendment issues beat most other conservative pushes,Utah Rep wants to disarm regulatory agencies,Off duty and drunk an NYPD officer hits his target.

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Anti gun anti violence policy does not work,Daily Beast Writer attends gun convention and is scared out of his wits,A tale of two Governors,VPC and bogus numbers,70% of Chicago shootings occur within one small group,Would you defend an MDA member with a gun?,Brady campaign endorsed politician in trouble for child pornography,Update on Connecticut from Ed Peruta of Connecticut Carry.

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Fed Ex shooting is incident in a gun free zone surrounded by guns,Georgia is not a jungle,Anthony Calandro is the Gun for Hire and he joins me to discuss the deplorable state of 2nd Amendment affairs in New Jersey,From Bearingarms.com Bob Owens comes in to relate 2 official interactions with gun grabbers.

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NYC goes after Texas energy company donations because NYC pension fund is invested,KC hate shooter was also protected FBI Informant,The Moms Demand Baby Huey Bodyguards,The New York Times discovers rule of law,Liberals:Lies and twists,Militia demonization begins, They try to tell us gun ownership is in decline,Another bloody weekend in Chicago,Attentive parents stop a school shooting,From Student of the Gun I am joined again by Paul Markel.

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Its not guns but whose guns that is important to Mike Bloomberg, The delusions of the Violence Policy Center,Opposition rising in Colorado,The Feds are heading for Chicago,From Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute I am joined by Erik Utrecht and we discuss the importance of fundementals in training.

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Lock N Load with Bill Frady Ep 464

NJ Drake case headed to SCOTUS for consideration,Easter shootings in Chicago are the fault of lax gun laws?,Where the AstroTurf Blooms,Moms Demand Emotion,What about the reckless people that own guns they ask?-Who are you talking about I ask,Lousiana Dem wants to criminalize guns around children,In LA County two deputies get caught planting guns and conjuring,Virginia Senate slaps MacAuliffe anti gun amendment,Bloomberg thinks he has bought a ticket to Heaven-When?

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Only 2 live hours today, Here Dumbs the Judge!,Lancaster NY rifle seizures NOT a SAFE Act case,Why are people buying so many suppressors?,Citizen volunteers arm themselves against crime in rural Oregon,Gun grabbers are against due process,NYC decides shredding shell casings is better than recycling,Gun checks always miss millions of felons.

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Possible NY SAFE act rifle siezures,Is This Treason?,Q&A with Texas Law Shield,Rick Ector of Legally Armed in Detroit talk about all the Defensive Gun Use in Detroit and the reaction.

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When human nature gores to Hell,When making life and death decisions get your priorities straight!,Caught Unprepared!,Moms group demands Orange County in Cali abandon shall issue,Gabe Razzano:"Ineligible in NY",How to depress gun grabbers,Bloomberg is best and worst face of gun grabbers,Columbine anniversary "reignites' gun debate,The United States of SWAT,The rule of of the Lawless,Another bank goes rogue,The Constitution is "Archaic"?

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There is no middle ground in the gun control debate,Prohibited person is now prohibited household,Surviving the active shooter and the police,Zero tolerance and TShirts,Quo Vadis America?,NY is not going to comply, Lets talk about sacrifice.

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Pro Gun group claims the Everytown name on Facebook,Stockman introduces bill in US House calling for end to Federal Funds for States with gun registries,Another Detroit citizen provides a lethal response to a home invader,An hour long conversation with Larry Pratt-Executive Director of Gunowners of America,How to shoot in a modified prone position for older shooters,Elderly man baits burglars and opens fire,Another Lady uses a handgun to stop domestic abuse,Senior citizen wakes up to 4 home invaders, From here the show turns into a discussion about a quote on another show-Gotta love live radio.

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Lock N Load with Bill Frady Ep 458

The new anti gun Everytown group blunders,Anti gun group claims of membership seem quite dubious,Advice on carry reciprocity,Restoring responsible leadership,2nd Amendment right to firearms commerce,The twisted side of Obama on gun control,Hate and health and guns have nothing to do with one another,Open carry too provacative?,Denver woman killed while on hold with 911,Examples of women using guns to defend themselves, From Patriot Promotions I am joined by Jill Trammell.

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Good morning to the 1 million new felons in New York State!,Bloomberg has 50 million dollars to spend on guncontrol and a new organization on the way,Here comes a game changer in the US House that doesn't even need to become law,No Militia means more intrusive Law Enforcement,Guntrolling?,FBI explains in Columbia SC what they consider suspect,Gun control doesn't stop murder,Fast and Furious guns invade New Mexico and Texas,Weekend shootings in Chicago blamed on "lax gun laws", I'm joined by good friend of the show Johnny Lee Lewis and we discuss Battlecomp.

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How do you rely on 911 when it goes down?,Harry Reid warns Clive Bundy,NYC believes mistakes can be made with guns if they are on NYC payroll,On the flip side today is D Day for registration in New York State,36 shot in 36 hours in Chicago,In LA hostages are gunned down by deputies as the run from maniac,The Pump Action AR 15!,Mas Ayoob on Fort Hood 2,Broaden the debate,Bundy Ranch standoff a litmus test?,Respecting Law and once that respect is lost.

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USA Today says guns galore won't make military bases any safer,Violent drug cartels have infiltrated 3000 American cities,BLM and the Bundy Ranch,Q&A with Texas Law Shield,From Ares Armor I am joined Dimitri Karras and we discuss the latest ATF nonsense.

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5th graders held at gunpoint for building a treehouse,More happenings in Colorado,Chicago PD massaged crime data to lower overall homicide numbers,Government Power and Evil,A young head full of mush believes there is a "middle ground" on gun control,An hour with Kenn Blanchard and we discuss what it means to be the Black Man with a Gun.

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If self defense is a state of mind the Penn High School slashing indicates this generation has been brainwashed,ATF letter reveals the mindset concerning the EP Armory 80% lower controversy,Soldiers open letter regarding the Fort Hood shooting,This is what happens when you register guns,Detroit homeowner contributes to the growing trend of DGU,From Moms with Guns Demand Action I am joined by Kathy Perkins.

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Ex Post Facto or the Connecticut "Assault Weapon Ban,AG Holder does not really care about tracking guns,Tennessee Senate approves open carry without a permit,The Dangerous Illusion,Don't ask about crime in Mexico,Stabbing spree in Pennsylvania High School,The overly used term"Active Shooter",Gun Control wastes time and shreds liberty,The nerfarious terminology of the gun grabbers.

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Virginia Dem Congressional wannabe spews a lot of nonsense prolifically,In Colorado FFL holders testify about background check burdens,AG and gun tracking bracelets,Dem in Congress uses Leland Yee case to call for ban on importation of semi automatic firearms,MO Rep withdraws anti gun bill after "death threats",Fort Hood was a warning of much things to come,States that restrict gun rights and carry have higher gun homicide rates,Citizen cintrol enables evil,David Codrea's Rights Watch,The gun culture is rich and robust and thriving.

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1st reported DGU in Chicago!,Moms Demand spokeshole smears all veterans with PTSD injuries,NY State rebellion is going to be Enormous,Tyranny Early Warning System,The Alphabet Agencies are in an arms race,Q&A with Texas Law Shield,The WarSport LVOA, Training with a full understanding of the task,Colorado Court House goings on,Harry Reid??-Nuff Said,The Polanco case follow up,The murder rate drops in Chicago.

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Gun grabbers who pretend to be authorities,British Sniper-1 round 6 kills,GA law is true common sense which of course the gun grabbers dont like,GunOwners and Motor cycle riders,NRA Board member Tom King doesn't like harsh language,The what if game gun grabber style,More insurance suggestions,Trying to deconstruct cause of Ft Hood 2,Free to go then tased in Texas,Concealed carry gun caliber: size can matter,Kansas continues,Safe Military Bases Act,Sen Moran is getting frustrated,The police wants to be tactical, ATF tomfoolery in Maine.

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Fort Hood Shooting 2 from all the angles, Russia=Fewer guns more deaths,Now the FBI is paying attention, The gun Industry basically doubles in 5 years,Remember when you could tote a rifle in NYC?,Rewriting the 2nd Amendment,Frm RBN I am joined by Ben Swann.

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Arizona celebrates Fast & Furious ringleader,Gun controllers reveal their mindset in Florida,Could Connecticut gun laws spark another Waco,No Fly List should not be a gun disability,Boston cops create black market for stolen guns,Ft Hood inspired Jihadist not a threat according to FBI,Detroit;Justified homicide Up-Crime down,From Apocalypse 101 and Forge Survival Supply I am joined by Jimmy C. and we talk close combat,Sometimes you can survive doing everything wrong,Really bad gun advice,CCW is not a permit to be an idiot,Other polls, WV Sheriff refuses FOIA order and faces jail in order to safeguard CCW data.

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If you pass an unConstitutional law you have to have the nerve to try to enforce it,NYT double standard on voting and guns,Enforcing the 2nd Amendment,Self Defense vs Political Power,When life imitates Glock commercials,Gun control does not do away with violence,Common Core and gun grabbing,Guns everywhere in Georgia?-Whats the problem?,The new 90% poll.

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Eureka Springs gunfight showed marksmanship of American citizens,The liberal minset as it relates to guns,Innovator Enterprises and Judge Bates Vs the ATF,Florida law institutes Constitutional carry in the event of a declared emergency,Just call 911,Bans firearms the public already owns,Q&A with Texas Law Shield,AntiGun Radio host offers to shoot NRA board members.

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Reholstering is as important as the draw,The LAPD protests-and shoots too much,Alebuquerque has the Feds and Anonymous coming after them,1st Amendment doesn't mean you get access to to concealed carry permit data,Can't beat a womans intuition,Leland Yee-Nuff said,Katrina Law stumbles in Florida Senate,Judge calls out ATF for jumping the shark, TJ Kirgin joins me to talk Adams Arms.

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What about those 2.5 million trauma cases the Doctors never see,What an ATF setup looks like,Ignoring the facts on guns,Expanding rounds stop your target faster,Another "Smart Guns' idea,Supposed Journalist attacka a 9 year old female shooter in print,Self defense is on the rise in Detroit,Cuomo needs to get ready for chaos,New Hampshire has a good choice in Jim Ruebens for US Senate.

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Gun grabbers dont even feel the need for a pretense now,The new gun grabbing approach is the "pragmatic' one,Expanding bullets or how to prevent a ricochet,Why are police and urban survivalists afraid of dogs?,The ultimate big game gun,What they really think of us,States move to nullify Federal Gun Regs,New Jersey awaits Governor Christies decision,The Para military police, Unexpectedly Paul Markel turns up from Studentofthegun.com and we talk about the Patriot Fire Team.

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Marketwatch Media Bias or 10  things the Gun Industry won't tell you,Who is winning in the gun debate?,Two America's,Are Democrats more dangerous than everyone else?,Mexico looks at Russia and may be deciding that it is time to annex parts of the United States, Q&A with Texas Law Shield, Time to really take care of America's Veterans.

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Ukraine demands protesters turn in guns,The Ninth Circuit takes Hawaii into the land of shall issue CCW,The American Gun Culture is the majority,Tattoo causes a SWAT Team rollout in Maine,In the Senate the "Pro Gun" Democrats should be honest,Coalition to Stop Gun Violence could be called the' Genocide Enablement Lobby",The home invasion drill,Beretta Baristas in Washington State now can serve any kind of shot you want,Commie ammo will be effected by Presidential EO,The Silencer Shop in Austin Texas single handedly crashes ATF online server,The new Strike One from Arsenal Firearms,Statement from Polymer80.com,Does the US Government want to disarm America,DiFi at it again, Hey hunters:Please don't be a Fudd.

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Moms Demand Action claim a non existent victory,Federal Judge blasts ATF stings,Doctors cannot believe Murthy runs up against opposition,The New Gun Culture,MacAuliffe vetos first bill in office and its about guns,The use of the 2nd Amendment should not mean you lose the 4th,Reid nuclear option backfires,Fron the USA Today:Gun absolutists are the enemy.



Get in on the Battlecomp/LockNLoad promo.

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The Elitist Psychosis of the Left,Gun and deaths are a problem for the rest of the world,The problem with the Ares Armor raid,What not to do if the ATF contacts you regarding an EP Armory poly lower,Explosion at PB Clermont,Handguns and lights,Cops are finally coming around,SC Pub owner faces national outrage over Loser GunOwners sign,The 2nd Amendment is not a symbol of violence,Be the Cure.

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Ah those gun grabbers and what they claim are the gun owner trends,An elitist muses in the Chicago Sun-Times that he doubts defensive gun uses actually occur,Ares Armor-ATF-The Warrant and how the BATFE ends up breaking in a storefront,Is the Connecticut gun ban self serving for Malloy?,NY 2A activists burn about 1000 gun registration forms,Bloomberg wasting cash while MAIG stumbles, Judges ponder while citizens bleed, Coming from Battlecomp-The Battlecomp/LockNLoad promo.

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ATF gets judge to reverse stay and breaks into Ares Armor,York County LEO shooting drives home training problem in Law Enforcement,Good guys with guns become bad guys,Q&A with Texas Law Shield,Politicians Michelle Nunn and Chris Christie have a gun problem,Illinois cops seizing guns the selling them,SYG continues to be attacked,Arizona basically starts state pre emption and the cities and towns dont like it,Lets let the gun grabbers have their states and welcome all the gun owners to a free enviornment,Carrying a gun is not disorderly conduct.

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Why I Carry,A trained confident female gets the perfect result,HOA threatens gun/home owner over effective security sign,Unlawful acts against the citizens of the US,Chuck Wright declares Not On My Watch,Idaho Colleges go pro defense,Can the Man from Westchester save the 2nd Amendment in NY?,Law Enforcement realizes the benefits of an armed citizenry,The ATF going rogue again:The EP Armory Raid and then I am joined by Ares Armor CEO Dimitri Karras who this week stopped a follow up raid by the ATF.

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New Surgeon General Nominee developed his gun control philosopy because of Elmer Fudd,Teen shot and killed because of "accidental" home invasion according to his family,School Security Officer calls bomb squad over 3 expended bullets,Do you carry a back up gun?,Guns carried into businesses,Gun control attempts to "Evolve",Q&A with Texas Law Shield,If the 2nd Amendment doesn't protect AK 47s then the !st does not protect modern mainstream media,Mobile phones and cordless home phones may cause your Armatix"Smart" gun to malfunction, Missouri legislator wants residents to retreat from intruders.

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This is the lost episode!

Another CT newspaper calls for enforcement or confiscation,Good callers weigh in,Q&A with Texas Law Shield,I am joined by Jennifer Cruz from Guns.com and we discuss a controversial study coming out of Missouri.

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This is not a regular podcast, Ninjas. This is the explanation as to why the podcast hasnt been published in 3 days and its also the announcement of a joint Battlecomp/LockNLoad promotion. Stay safe.

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The health of the 2nd Amendment is a good barometer for the health of the nation,Maryland is getting ready to expoit the registry and the databases,Instead of getting hung up on labels lets prepare for the worst and hope for the best, 2 hours of Q&A with Michelle Byington and Edwin Walker from Texas/US Law Shield.

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Guns exist and that is the  problem,Colorado Bureau of Investigations manipulates data to justify continuance of the UBC,Market the "Smart Gun"-don't mandate it,I fall for what is probably a ruse doggone it,Facebook considers a 1st Amendment transgression to stifle 2nd Amendment pages,Moms Demand Action experience major fail at Staples HQ,NYPD completely negates the effectiveness of their officers with crippled equipment and subpar training,I get a call from Jeff Spicoli,Chicago Police Supt McCarthy whines cause CCW is happening,Pack a gun and pack it the way your LEO packs theirs,Fitchburg Mass Police Chief wants a National Gun Registry,Self defense down and dirty.

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Penn Legislator calls for mental health testing of gun owners and their families,When They Come; A warning to Connecticut LEO,Rick Ector from Legally Armed in Detroit joins me and we discuss both reports of racial application of SYG and the defensive gun uses in the last 10 days in Detroit,From Connecticut Carry I am joined by Ed Peruta to get both a perspective from the ground in Connecticut and yes the 9th Circuit decision in California that he was involved in as the plaintiff.

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Judge drops charges against man for violating NY SAFE Act 7 round magazine limit,Nobody in SC believes tyhat constitutional carry is a good idea,The Chinese should institute knife control,A Professor from Boise State asks when it is permissable to shoot a student,Why must SYG opponents lie?,The listenerws come in.

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11 year old young lady kills cougar stalking her brother thanx to her excellent firarms education,Cali AG tries to wade in on Peruta case after she is suprised by the shocking 9th Circuit decision,ATF agents misplace-lose-have their guns stolen,Arms with Ethics or the next MAIG front?,MAIG member and Trenton NJ Mayor Tony Mack removed from office due to Federal conviction,Ladies in central Alabama provide a surge in sales as they tool up,Christies gun stance seemingly at odds with GOP,Missouri and Arizona edge closer to nullification,More Stand your Ground nonsense,NJ gun laws already tough on citizens,Same prosecuter differentapplication of law in DC,Can SWAT teams raid gunowners homes?,Want to support Ares Armor-Check out this deal on their full upper,RI Dem pushes Draconian AWB.

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Thank you note to Ex Mayor Mike"Little Big Gulp" Bloomberg,Police Chief in Georgia trades 40 cal for 9mm because the miltary has switched to 40 cal....er what?,Warning letter to scofflaws in Connecticut gunowners,There has been no serious outcry in SC regarding the shoot down of the Permitless Carry Bill,Like it or not CCW has changed the US forever,Backlash begins to build in the mindset of the fence sitters of Connecticut,Chris Chirstie for President...Really?,I'm not really about discussing other radio shows or putting down other hosts-but I get dragged in there anyway,How to beat an EMP burst,Most gunowners are not going to tell a pollster anything,Deal with threats while you stifle details,Lot of calls lot of different directions but the last call makes my day.



Ep 423 will get published as soon as the audio is recovered.

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Judge rules mass shootings justify San Fran magazine ban,Lets skew the facts to make it look like a woman cannot handle a gun,Wyoming allows the clock to run out on a measure to protect children in school,The 28mm Handgun!,2013-Gun ownership explodes and violent crime deflates,15 year old appears out of nowhere and kills kidnapper,In Utah the AR 15 leaps from"assault rifle" to protector of students,On top of the bad for the narrative report ordered by Obama from the CDC lawmakers want them to go back and get it their version of right, NJ now allows people with guns in the car to stop and get a cup of coffee or use the restroom, VA destroys Vet records to look more efficient on paper.


I can release Podcast #423 but it will be an abbreviated episode. Tell me if I need to pull that trigger.


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Yes I am missing an episode because of missing audio but I intend to get it published,They need an app to keep your smartphone from taking away from your situational awareness,One bad cop gets his come uppence after a bad shoot,Ukranians demand their own unconditional 2nd Amendment,Supreme Court decides not to hear 3 "gun cases",An outstanding conversation with Dimitri Karras the CEO of Ares Armor about being wrongfully singled out in National City California.

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