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Lady that called for us rowdy defiant gunowners to be mowed down by the Government now trying to walk that back,Former NYPD officer came to learn that people need guns to defend themselves,Obama says gun controllers need to get as motivated as the 2A advocates,Two different stories-Same theme:My little darling didn't need to die while he was committing that crime,Federal judge upholds Colorado gun law,Interesting story out of Connecticut,Update on the Willow MD, I am joined by Bob Harvey and we discuss many things including why carry a 1911.

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Hey MDA:There really is no such thing as a gun free zone,I'm confused by gun grabbers,3 things Teachers need if they encounter an active shooter,Gun control advocates engage in pre crime,The Willow MD and my left knee,From HuffPo another modest proposal,Downsizing Defense, What gun in what caliber?,Take the guns out of the debate, Hey lets mark gunowners! and my letter to Frank.

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Liberals ask at what point do we actually stand up to the gun nuts,The real problem is mental health not gun ownership,Google search diagnostics indicate that more people search for AR 15s than any category of Gun Control,Q&A with Texas Law Sheild as we discuss travel with guns,Part 2 of my series with Dr Linda Lagemann as we discuss SSRIs.

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The Active Shooter and what we have learned over time,Magazine capacity limits and the states that have them and their reasons,The American Police state,Democrats from Pro Gun States tell Gabby Giffords to stay away,The Press and the spree shooter,From Student of the Gun I am joined again by Paul Markel.

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Florida reinforces Stand Your Ground,Town outraged after Police officer sells AK out of his cruiser,The EPA Dictatorship,No, Obama is not above the law,UN job posting Disarmament Demobilization and Reintegration Officer,Why hasn't Obama been impeached?,Missouri school teachers train to fight back, Why am I training to train with Spec Ops guys?,Cleveland Mayor gun diversion shows desperation to appear effective,Protection and the decision to kill,A gun on his hip,Just rewrite the 2nd Amendment?

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Operation Choke Point has an agency taking over,Inside the waist band versus Outside the waistband when you CCW,All about Hillary,The Only Ones,Ohio AG says he can't enforce the law,Making up Facts about guns,10 reasons to reject banning the PDW,Safekeeping?,Guns kill children?,Do not mess with a Dad and his gun,Canadian media blames MSM for clusters of Spree Shooters, More on Hillary.

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The Duck and Cover ballistic blankets lied about their NIJ rating,Huffington Post once again says we have no chance at winning in a tyrannical setting,Moms should tell thepeople that defend themselves with guns that it never happened,Mass shootings occured long before the AR 15 and standard capacity magazines,Liberal talk show host literally wants to visit some violence on gun carriers even if he has to lie to make it happen,NJ gun control in the fine print,8 documented DGHs all on June 16th,Abramski decision and what it means,Vanderboegh speaks and the bulletins go out,We are not ready, From girlsjustwannahaveguns.com we peak to Regis Giles.

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Being killed with your own gun,How to use your bad magazines,Anti gun charlatan Ron Charach,Duck and Cover,No more negotiation,Is everyday carry really necessary?,I think out loud about the need for physical fitness and gun training, I discuss SSRIs with Dr Linda Lagemann.

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CSGV: Ban al guns that accept detachable magazines,Disarmed for the public good the oldest inhabited town in the world has a massacre in Kenya,Aussies open letter to Obama about Australian Gun Control,Fact and fiction about Australian gun control regime,Florida man calls 911-gets voicemail-shoots bad guys himself,Q&A with Texas Law Shield,In Depth look at armed citizens and mass shootings in the face of a full spectrum of mis-leading information.

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Cost and benefits of gun laws,The agony of a liberal gun owner,CSGV does not see the contradiction,Gun control activists are violent,Man stabs 3 with a machete...in NY,Correct number of mass school shootings since Sandy Hook-0,With regards to ISIS crisis in Middle east-Let them kill each other,2A should function nationwide,Compared to 2013 demand for guns is down,Mandatory free speech training anyone?,Teacher in Oregon gives in to primal fear,The medias mental illness about guns.

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Daily Beast goes all the way overboard,Last 3 shooters have been stopped or interrupted by a good guy,Teacher reinvents locking a school door against a threat,Father beats 2 assailants using his daughter as a shield,Intelligent life in NY?,Personal defense ammo,Fear may be crushing you,Carry a 1911 as your defense handgun-Why not?,Harry Reid and universal gun registration,Are all mass murderers white?,From Victory Defense I am joined by JJ Sutton and we discuss the gun industry.

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The morals of intervention,Some inconvenient truths about American Mass Murderers,Lying about school shootings,Army Veteran destroys one of the lefts key gun control arguments,The Guardian and the 2nd Amendment,Everyday Americans demonized after Las Vegas murders,Confiscation and Rebellion.

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This Podcast Is Missing the 2nd Hour and I am very sorry!


Is there really an epidemic of mass shootings?,Oregon shooting is targeted killing,Cut maniac shootings in half:A thought experiment,VPC talks the crazy again,Bloomberg falsehoods,Why can't you keep guns out of the hands of people with mental illnesses,Liberal claims conservative rhetoric caused Las Vegas shooting.

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Letter to Chicago newspaper indicates the how well the MSM misinformation regime is working,Gun control not the answer,CCW permits provide exemption from Bacground Checks,Musing out loud,Only in California,From clashdaily.com and the author of Rise-Kill and Eat I am joined by Doug Giles,Watts says "good guy with a gun" has never stopped a shooting,As they continue to lose some want GCAs to go for broke.

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Sipsey Street Irregular sends another logical letter to Attorney General,Should citizens have a right to rebel?,CCRKBA calls on Congress to put the brakes on Obama,Colorado town mandates gun ownership and NRO does not like it, Q&A with Texas/US Law Shield, What its like to be involved in an ATF sting with author Mike Detty.

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For your consideration some gun control satire,Minority crime leading to gun control,Its the Murderer Stupid!,Pro gun Texas State Rep worries open carriers may be hurting their own cause,Kermit Gosnells son shot multiple times during home invasion,Canadian cop killer,Whats in a name?,Is the 2nd Amendment under attack from all sides?,I cover as much as I can with Gunowners of America Legal Counsel Mike Hammonds.

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The AR 15-hated and loved,Handguns sales are red hot, Home defense with a carbine pros and cons,Australian Senator elect gets it right,Not In My Backyard,Somebody failed in Oklahoma Highway Patrol training accident,Another "Good Guy' killed while attacking someone,University Presidents dont want students carrying a gun,Gun homicides are down dramatically but most of America doesn't know that,The top 5 gun control lies,Chicago gun store restrictions not wanted by Chicagoans,Barbera Boxer-Nuff said,EP Armory polymer lower customers will not get raided by the ATF....maybe.

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Once again MSM ignores gang mass shooting in Chicago, Harvard Shrink says forget about us-arm yourselves,Gun grabbers cant get no satisfaction,Q&A with Texas Law Shield, From Police One- How to prevent mass shooters-It is not about guns,AR 15 loved and hated at the same time.

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California attacks the Constitution head on,Limits on firearm owneership is a baseless argument,Mem outlines Obama's plan to use military against America,Dr Ben Carson cannot be trusted on gun rights,Bloomberg says it isn't about gun control but wants more gun control,Open Carry Texas responds to the NRA,Chipotle in Oklahoma kicks Moms Demand Action out for hassling open carry diners,Gun seller telss T D Bank too little too late,Are long barreled pistols more acuurate than short barreled ones?

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House denies funding for Operation Choke Point,The history of magazines 11 rounds or more,If you are gonna go ad hominem do it live,From attorneyforfreedom.com I have an outstanding conversation with Mark Victor,What does well regulated mean?,Radio Host Mike Malloy wants to shoot a conservative?,Stars double standard on guns,SWAT Flash Band lands in a crib with a baby.

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