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Fed Ex shooting is incident in a gun free zone surrounded by guns,Georgia is not a jungle,Anthony Calandro is the Gun for Hire and he joins me to discuss the deplorable state of 2nd Amendment affairs in New Jersey,From Bearingarms.com Bob Owens comes in to relate 2 official interactions with gun grabbers.

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NYC goes after Texas energy company donations because NYC pension fund is invested,KC hate shooter was also protected FBI Informant,The Moms Demand Baby Huey Bodyguards,The New York Times discovers rule of law,Liberals:Lies and twists,Militia demonization begins, They try to tell us gun ownership is in decline,Another bloody weekend in Chicago,Attentive parents stop a school shooting,From Student of the Gun I am joined again by Paul Markel.

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Its not guns but whose guns that is important to Mike Bloomberg, The delusions of the Violence Policy Center,Opposition rising in Colorado,The Feds are heading for Chicago,From Michigan Defensive Firearms Institute I am joined by Erik Utrecht and we discuss the importance of fundementals in training.

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Lock N Load with Bill Frady Ep 464

NJ Drake case headed to SCOTUS for consideration,Easter shootings in Chicago are the fault of lax gun laws?,Where the AstroTurf Blooms,Moms Demand Emotion,What about the reckless people that own guns they ask?-Who are you talking about I ask,Lousiana Dem wants to criminalize guns around children,In LA County two deputies get caught planting guns and conjuring,Virginia Senate slaps MacAuliffe anti gun amendment,Bloomberg thinks he has bought a ticket to Heaven-When?

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Only 2 live hours today, Here Dumbs the Judge!,Lancaster NY rifle seizures NOT a SAFE Act case,Why are people buying so many suppressors?,Citizen volunteers arm themselves against crime in rural Oregon,Gun grabbers are against due process,NYC decides shredding shell casings is better than recycling,Gun checks always miss millions of felons.

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Possible NY SAFE act rifle siezures,Is This Treason?,Q&A with Texas Law Shield,Rick Ector of Legally Armed in Detroit talk about all the Defensive Gun Use in Detroit and the reaction.

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When human nature gores to Hell,When making life and death decisions get your priorities straight!,Caught Unprepared!,Moms group demands Orange County in Cali abandon shall issue,Gabe Razzano:"Ineligible in NY",How to depress gun grabbers,Bloomberg is best and worst face of gun grabbers,Columbine anniversary "reignites' gun debate,The United States of SWAT,The rule of of the Lawless,Another bank goes rogue,The Constitution is "Archaic"?

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There is no middle ground in the gun control debate,Prohibited person is now prohibited household,Surviving the active shooter and the police,Zero tolerance and TShirts,Quo Vadis America?,NY is not going to comply, Lets talk about sacrifice.

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Pro Gun group claims the Everytown name on Facebook,Stockman introduces bill in US House calling for end to Federal Funds for States with gun registries,Another Detroit citizen provides a lethal response to a home invader,An hour long conversation with Larry Pratt-Executive Director of Gunowners of America,How to shoot in a modified prone position for older shooters,Elderly man baits burglars and opens fire,Another Lady uses a handgun to stop domestic abuse,Senior citizen wakes up to 4 home invaders, From here the show turns into a discussion about a quote on another show-Gotta love live radio.

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Lock N Load with Bill Frady Ep 458

The new anti gun Everytown group blunders,Anti gun group claims of membership seem quite dubious,Advice on carry reciprocity,Restoring responsible leadership,2nd Amendment right to firearms commerce,The twisted side of Obama on gun control,Hate and health and guns have nothing to do with one another,Open carry too provacative?,Denver woman killed while on hold with 911,Examples of women using guns to defend themselves, From Patriot Promotions I am joined by Jill Trammell.

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Good morning to the 1 million new felons in New York State!,Bloomberg has 50 million dollars to spend on guncontrol and a new organization on the way,Here comes a game changer in the US House that doesn't even need to become law,No Militia means more intrusive Law Enforcement,Guntrolling?,FBI explains in Columbia SC what they consider suspect,Gun control doesn't stop murder,Fast and Furious guns invade New Mexico and Texas,Weekend shootings in Chicago blamed on "lax gun laws", I'm joined by good friend of the show Johnny Lee Lewis and we discuss Battlecomp.

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How do you rely on 911 when it goes down?,Harry Reid warns Clive Bundy,NYC believes mistakes can be made with guns if they are on NYC payroll,On the flip side today is D Day for registration in New York State,36 shot in 36 hours in Chicago,In LA hostages are gunned down by deputies as the run from maniac,The Pump Action AR 15!,Mas Ayoob on Fort Hood 2,Broaden the debate,Bundy Ranch standoff a litmus test?,Respecting Law and once that respect is lost.

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USA Today says guns galore won't make military bases any safer,Violent drug cartels have infiltrated 3000 American cities,BLM and the Bundy Ranch,Q&A with Texas Law Shield,From Ares Armor I am joined Dimitri Karras and we discuss the latest ATF nonsense.

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5th graders held at gunpoint for building a treehouse,More happenings in Colorado,Chicago PD massaged crime data to lower overall homicide numbers,Government Power and Evil,A young head full of mush believes there is a "middle ground" on gun control,An hour with Kenn Blanchard and we discuss what it means to be the Black Man with a Gun.

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If self defense is a state of mind the Penn High School slashing indicates this generation has been brainwashed,ATF letter reveals the mindset concerning the EP Armory 80% lower controversy,Soldiers open letter regarding the Fort Hood shooting,This is what happens when you register guns,Detroit homeowner contributes to the growing trend of DGU,From Moms with Guns Demand Action I am joined by Kathy Perkins.

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Ex Post Facto or the Connecticut "Assault Weapon Ban,AG Holder does not really care about tracking guns,Tennessee Senate approves open carry without a permit,The Dangerous Illusion,Don't ask about crime in Mexico,Stabbing spree in Pennsylvania High School,The overly used term"Active Shooter",Gun Control wastes time and shreds liberty,The nerfarious terminology of the gun grabbers.

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Virginia Dem Congressional wannabe spews a lot of nonsense prolifically,In Colorado FFL holders testify about background check burdens,AG and gun tracking bracelets,Dem in Congress uses Leland Yee case to call for ban on importation of semi automatic firearms,MO Rep withdraws anti gun bill after "death threats",Fort Hood was a warning of much things to come,States that restrict gun rights and carry have higher gun homicide rates,Citizen cintrol enables evil,David Codrea's Rights Watch,The gun culture is rich and robust and thriving.

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1st reported DGU in Chicago!,Moms Demand spokeshole smears all veterans with PTSD injuries,NY State rebellion is going to be Enormous,Tyranny Early Warning System,The Alphabet Agencies are in an arms race,Q&A with Texas Law Shield,The WarSport LVOA, Training with a full understanding of the task,Colorado Court House goings on,Harry Reid??-Nuff Said,The Polanco case follow up,The murder rate drops in Chicago.

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Gun grabbers who pretend to be authorities,British Sniper-1 round 6 kills,GA law is true common sense which of course the gun grabbers dont like,GunOwners and Motor cycle riders,NRA Board member Tom King doesn't like harsh language,The what if game gun grabber style,More insurance suggestions,Trying to deconstruct cause of Ft Hood 2,Free to go then tased in Texas,Concealed carry gun caliber: size can matter,Kansas continues,Safe Military Bases Act,Sen Moran is getting frustrated,The police wants to be tactical, ATF tomfoolery in Maine.

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Fort Hood Shooting 2 from all the angles, Russia=Fewer guns more deaths,Now the FBI is paying attention, The gun Industry basically doubles in 5 years,Remember when you could tote a rifle in NYC?,Rewriting the 2nd Amendment,Frm RBN I am joined by Ben Swann.

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Arizona celebrates Fast & Furious ringleader,Gun controllers reveal their mindset in Florida,Could Connecticut gun laws spark another Waco,No Fly List should not be a gun disability,Boston cops create black market for stolen guns,Ft Hood inspired Jihadist not a threat according to FBI,Detroit;Justified homicide Up-Crime down,From Apocalypse 101 and Forge Survival Supply I am joined by Jimmy C. and we talk close combat,Sometimes you can survive doing everything wrong,Really bad gun advice,CCW is not a permit to be an idiot,Other polls, WV Sheriff refuses FOIA order and faces jail in order to safeguard CCW data.

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If you pass an unConstitutional law you have to have the nerve to try to enforce it,NYT double standard on voting and guns,Enforcing the 2nd Amendment,Self Defense vs Political Power,When life imitates Glock commercials,Gun control does not do away with violence,Common Core and gun grabbing,Guns everywhere in Georgia?-Whats the problem?,The new 90% poll.

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