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Biden recruits a traitor to his oath,Hey even NRA members want commonsense gun control,CNN Racist claims Trayvon Martin did not die in vain,Gun Crime stopped by armed citizens,Oh sorry-according to Mother Jones Magazine that never happens,But wait a minute-here are two DGU's,Bob Beckel is a rape enabler,Progressive USA endangering their guncontrol foot soldiers,US Cities bad as deadliest 3rd world countries, From Youtube;FateofDestinee.

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Can we forget the lists and concentrate on the gun grabbers?,Why do Democrats hate American Manufacturers?,Gun crime prosecutions down amid calls for more laws,DiFi says "assault weapons" are unnecessary personal pleasure,Star Parker tells us about Black American Leaders standing up for the 2nd Amendment,From Youtube we have a fun conversation with Hickock45.

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Columbine survivor lays it all out for Obama,Seventh Circuit lets Illinois concealed carry stand, Illinois Dems find out the cost of inaction,Oregon Dems introduce bill banning most modern firearms and allowing warrantless searches,Weighing the gun control argument,The right way to combat gun violence,The incredibly tough Amanda Collins.

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We dispel some presumptions with SC Attorney General Alan Wilson,Chicago Mayor's plan bacfires as mutual funds continue to invest in guncompanies,Gov Cuomo here is why your 7 shot magazine limit is already outdated,I cleanse my palate with a great discussion with Amy Bondarmsgirl from Bond Arms, NJ passes 22 new gun laws as another state goes totally unconstitutional.

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Obama touts gun control not gang control in Chicago,Amanda Collins: A call box above my head while I was being brutally raped would not have helped,Executive Director of GunOwners of America Larry Pratt,The gun control movements dangerous incompetence,The lefts hysterical hysteria over guns,Teacher refuses to grade essays because gun shows and hunting are the topics.

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Now they know Adam Lanza was looking for an easy target,Liberals give ridiculous advice to women on self defense in an effort to keep them carrying a gun,The emotional game doesnt work so lets get back to lies and propaganda, Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed, Obama DOJ memo leaked affirming guncontrol doesn't work.

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President Obama has set in motion forces that he cannot handle,DHS Ammo buy:Equipping a police state?,Chicagos top cop likens gun lobby's influence to corruption,Brandy Vega VP of Ops Gear joins us to talk Ops Gear and womens self defense,Push to keep feds out of state gun markets gains momentum,

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This podcast lost about 3 minutes of the actual broadcast and for that I apologize.Grand Jury refuse to indict NYPD cop who gunned down National Guardsman during traffic stop,The Starbucks boycott from the anti gunners that Starbucks forgit about,Crime soared with Mass. gun law,Cronyism is the background check for an LA County concealed weapon permit,In LA County they also illegally export ballistic vests,Pilgrim in Cali writes that the Dorner case shows the folly of armed resistance to government forces, Washington State AWB "accidently" includes house searches.

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Cheaperthandirt, Long chat with Executive Director of GOA Larry Pratt,Common sense is gun control,Guns and Ammo maxed out;This is a society prepping for war,NYT tries to reshape the debate to suicide.

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Magpul warns Colorado of the consequences of anti gun legislation,From GOA;Defeat every word of gun control,Supposed conservative journalist should stick to issues he knows,Dorner-another angry fatherless man,Subway stabbing shows the myth of police protection,The truth on background checks,Olympic Arms drawsa deeper line in the sand,Leftism is violence.

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Cultural Deviancy,Not Guns,Who Failed Chicago?,New Jersy school board takes step toward arming principal,Machine gun ammunition magazines seized:More media propaganda,Unnecessary"compromises" help ant defense forces advance.

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Ted Nugent back in the house, Chris Dorner is not some highly trained operator, Erik Lowry from Pittsburg Tactical come in with both a cool and funny story, Police are civlians too you know, Missouri goes after the cause of domestic violence instead of the tool, Why do the gun grabbers have to lie?

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Sheep dont tell the Sheep Dogs what to do,If the Constitution doesn't matter.......,Top ten problems with the skeet shooting picture,This time the shooter belongs to the liberals,Christopher Dorner is a mainstream media disciple,California does not like playing second fiddle to NY on grabbing guns,AntiGun media bias...ya think?, Adrian and Aaron Chavez of Salient Arms International.

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Want to know who shouldn't have firearms?Occupiers like James Holmes and Floyd Corkins, Armed Americans are responsible Americans, 90 minutes with Chris Costa of Costa Ludus.

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Deconstructing President Obamas gun control pitch in Minnesota,Obamas Kill List paper leaked, includes criteria for asassinating Americans,Pulling apart the NY SAFE Act.

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Hollywood continues to exemplify hypocrisy on guns,Crazy & Criminal have a right to be armed,The 40% myth,Durbin disconnect defines Dems delusions on gun control,NYC Mayoral Candidate: Its totally ok to bully gun manufacturers with Governmnet power, The myth of the"gun show Loophole".

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Trusting your own government(or not),Are Dems the 21st centry Samurai?,Reid refuses to endorse AWB,Critical items missing in the AWB,Protect our rights:Eliminate the ATF,Shootrite Firearms Academy Chief Instructor Tiger McKee.

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