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2 hours with Chris Costa. We talk about Knights Armament,Salient Arms International,Smith Optics,Blue Force Gear, XGO Clothing, RMR Training and of course your questions.

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Florida student 911 call prevents another Virginia Tech in a gun free zone,Sarah Brady:We don't want to prosecute criminals,DiFi gun grab is DOA,NJ Attorney Evan Nappen and the strange story of the Moore Family, Colorado signs and Magpul packs, Author of Gun Guys;A Road trip Dan Baum joins me and we discuss his outstanding book.

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Seattle Times case study on gun lacking some key points, NY Guns and I discuss the correlation between the war on cigarettes and the war on guns,Cyprus government gives us a preview of things to come here,If global debt does collapse what will our government try to do here?,Schakowsky and her felon huusband,ACLU investigates Police militarization,Only an incipient terrorist denounces State Murder.

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Open up with Brad Niefeldt,Founder and Ceo of Civil Dispatch and new sponsor,Hey mainstream media:If you did your job all questions would be answered,Joined by Exec Dir Larry Pratt of GunOwners of America,And then we close with an update from NY Guns.

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El Paso County Colorado Sheriff Terry Maketa, No'slippery slope" toward forcible citizen disarmament?Think again,Gun cuntrol opresses the minority-as always,After Aurora: How Mayor Bloomberg planned to make the next massacre count,California grabs guns while at the same time telling Californians they are on their own in the next big quake.

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Obamas propaganda machine;Your Kids Aren't safe,Mayor Mike's Anti Gun Lobbyist Loves Shooting Ar 15s,NY Guns calls in to update us about on the ground with the NY Safe Act,I tried to interview Gabby Franco but mobile technology was not my friend,Chicago Trib;Paper trail=Gun Registration,LA Times thinks that gun owners are sociopaths,We tear down the supposition that gun owning households are diminishing.

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You know its bad when Investors Business Daily notices all the DHS aquisitions,DiFi;"Legal to hunt humans with a 30 rd magazine",VA tells New York to stuff the SAFE Act,Ok lets have a converstion about DHS,Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea and the open letter to Mark Kelly, Gun rights makes America exceptional,Republicans begin to cave on gun rights.

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Concealed permit holder saves police officer,The truth about weapons bans and background checks, Gun nuts vs Anti Gun Nuts,Maryland State Senator JB Jennings joins us to talk about the crazy law he is proposing to bring common sense back to the zero tolerance policy,Background checks do not make us safer,Mike Kelly;Gun guy and hypocrite,Gun control efforts are dying in congress,Rep Jan Schakowsky:Assault weapons ban is just the beginning.

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Letter to TTAG expressing the frustration at being singled out,Background check breakdown at both local and federal level,From the office of misinformation;Maybe gun control is just natural evolution?,More people trust Republicans than Obama on guns, Scoot Wilson From the Connecticut Civile Defense League and what the people of Connecticut are facing,Lets play quote DiFi"PTSD is new and all veterans have it and shouldn't be allowed to have guns"

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Anti Gunners wage war of annihilation on gun culture,Day of reckomning near for America,Civil rights advocates pose dilemma for prejudiced gun grabbers,From the office of misinformation"Americas gun culture needs to change", Bod Schultz and the lawsuit against the New York SAFE Act,A government to be feared.

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Why I like Race gun technology in my carry guns,Colorado bill is impossible to comply with and takes us back to era of Jim Crow with a large element of racial profiling,From the misinformation Dept Media Matters breathlessly tells us about Lou Dobbs amping up conspiracy theories,Robert Farago from the Truth about Guns and I discuss a couple of columns and announce the DGU Project,Why liberals should support armed self defense.

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Domestic DHS Predator Drones to detect whether citizens are armed,5 things the Gun Grabbers apparently dont understand,Colorado lawmakers advance gun control bills,Reid pressuring colleagues to approve anti gun judicial nominee, Chief Victor Pierce of Barry Township Michagin and his outstanding program to protect school children,Colorado Democrat tries to school rape survivor Amanda Collins.

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Guests Steve Alstadt of NY Gun Rights Group SCOPE and David Burnel CEO and Founder of OPS Gear, Chris Dorner was taking psychotropic drugs-who would have thunk it?, 16 year old stops school bus shooter-gets suspended for 3 days?,Gun rights activists descend on Albany.

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Tonight is full of Guests.Leading off with US Rep Trey Gowdy R(SC), Then Grace McKee from Packing Pretty, then from Youtube,

TN Outdoors 9 and Ratedrr Richard Ryan

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Biden recruits a traitor to his oath,Hey even NRA members want commonsense gun control,CNN Racist claims Trayvon Martin did not die in vain,Gun Crime stopped by armed citizens,Oh sorry-according to Mother Jones Magazine that never happens,But wait a minute-here are two DGU's,Bob Beckel is a rape enabler,Progressive USA endangering their guncontrol foot soldiers,US Cities bad as deadliest 3rd world countries, From Youtube;FateofDestinee.

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Can we forget the lists and concentrate on the gun grabbers?,Why do Democrats hate American Manufacturers?,Gun crime prosecutions down amid calls for more laws,DiFi says "assault weapons" are unnecessary personal pleasure,Star Parker tells us about Black American Leaders standing up for the 2nd Amendment,From Youtube we have a fun conversation with Hickock45.

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Columbine survivor lays it all out for Obama,Seventh Circuit lets Illinois concealed carry stand, Illinois Dems find out the cost of inaction,Oregon Dems introduce bill banning most modern firearms and allowing warrantless searches,Weighing the gun control argument,The right way to combat gun violence,The incredibly tough Amanda Collins.

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We dispel some presumptions with SC Attorney General Alan Wilson,Chicago Mayor's plan bacfires as mutual funds continue to invest in guncompanies,Gov Cuomo here is why your 7 shot magazine limit is already outdated,I cleanse my palate with a great discussion with Amy Bondarmsgirl from Bond Arms, NJ passes 22 new gun laws as another state goes totally unconstitutional.

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Obama touts gun control not gang control in Chicago,Amanda Collins: A call box above my head while I was being brutally raped would not have helped,Executive Director of GunOwners of America Larry Pratt,The gun control movements dangerous incompetence,The lefts hysterical hysteria over guns,Teacher refuses to grade essays because gun shows and hunting are the topics.

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Now they know Adam Lanza was looking for an easy target,Liberals give ridiculous advice to women on self defense in an effort to keep them carrying a gun,The emotional game doesnt work so lets get back to lies and propaganda, Cody Wilson of Defense Distributed, Obama DOJ memo leaked affirming guncontrol doesn't work.

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President Obama has set in motion forces that he cannot handle,DHS Ammo buy:Equipping a police state?,Chicagos top cop likens gun lobby's influence to corruption,Brandy Vega VP of Ops Gear joins us to talk Ops Gear and womens self defense,Push to keep feds out of state gun markets gains momentum,

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This podcast lost about 3 minutes of the actual broadcast and for that I apologize.Grand Jury refuse to indict NYPD cop who gunned down National Guardsman during traffic stop,The Starbucks boycott from the anti gunners that Starbucks forgit about,Crime soared with Mass. gun law,Cronyism is the background check for an LA County concealed weapon permit,In LA County they also illegally export ballistic vests,Pilgrim in Cali writes that the Dorner case shows the folly of armed resistance to government forces, Washington State AWB "accidently" includes house searches.

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Cheaperthandirt, Long chat with Executive Director of GOA Larry Pratt,Common sense is gun control,Guns and Ammo maxed out;This is a society prepping for war,NYT tries to reshape the debate to suicide.

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Magpul warns Colorado of the consequences of anti gun legislation,From GOA;Defeat every word of gun control,Supposed conservative journalist should stick to issues he knows,Dorner-another angry fatherless man,Subway stabbing shows the myth of police protection,The truth on background checks,Olympic Arms drawsa deeper line in the sand,Leftism is violence.

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Cultural Deviancy,Not Guns,Who Failed Chicago?,New Jersy school board takes step toward arming principal,Machine gun ammunition magazines seized:More media propaganda,Unnecessary"compromises" help ant defense forces advance.

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Ted Nugent back in the house, Chris Dorner is not some highly trained operator, Erik Lowry from Pittsburg Tactical come in with both a cool and funny story, Police are civlians too you know, Missouri goes after the cause of domestic violence instead of the tool, Why do the gun grabbers have to lie?

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Sheep dont tell the Sheep Dogs what to do,If the Constitution doesn't matter.......,Top ten problems with the skeet shooting picture,This time the shooter belongs to the liberals,Christopher Dorner is a mainstream media disciple,California does not like playing second fiddle to NY on grabbing guns,AntiGun media bias...ya think?, Adrian and Aaron Chavez of Salient Arms International.

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Want to know who shouldn't have firearms?Occupiers like James Holmes and Floyd Corkins, Armed Americans are responsible Americans, 90 minutes with Chris Costa of Costa Ludus.

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Deconstructing President Obamas gun control pitch in Minnesota,Obamas Kill List paper leaked, includes criteria for asassinating Americans,Pulling apart the NY SAFE Act.

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Hollywood continues to exemplify hypocrisy on guns,Crazy & Criminal have a right to be armed,The 40% myth,Durbin disconnect defines Dems delusions on gun control,NYC Mayoral Candidate: Its totally ok to bully gun manufacturers with Governmnet power, The myth of the"gun show Loophole".

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Trusting your own government(or not),Are Dems the 21st centry Samurai?,Reid refuses to endorse AWB,Critical items missing in the AWB,Protect our rights:Eliminate the ATF,Shootrite Firearms Academy Chief Instructor Tiger McKee.

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The war on handguns has officially begun,Gun Control cut down by Occams Razor,Government prepares for war with the people and mass media approves,Elected Sheriffs versus political Police Chiefs,Civil resistance and some things to ponder,James Yeager from Tactical Response.

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Call 911 hope you do not die,Democrats attack gun manufacturers access to banking,Government reveals hypocrisy on "assault weapon"terminology,Personal Defense Weapon term is a diamond in the rough,DiFi's ignorance is stunning, Man gets arrested for posting picture holding his daughter and a bb gun,A gunmaker a new law subsidies and irony.

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The great Gun debate,Who gets to call the shots?,Fort Drum brass shredding threatens reloading suppy and more, Little Big Gulp Mike Bloomberg sure is good at being a man of the poeple---Just ask Mr Mattera,The armed hypocrisy of the marquee anti gunners,This just in...Communist Party USA supports Prez Obamas call for gun control.

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Statement for US Rep Trey Gowdy, Why we have guns,Feinsteins guncontrol is ill conceived legislation,Noble Prize Nominee Dr Jim Garrow and the most sobering conversation I have ever participated in.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_175.mp3
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SC Attorney General Alan Wilson,the anti gun movement's bridge too far,Obama Fast and Furious and the utter hypocrisy,Democrats in Senate confront doubts at home on gun laws,Gun Violence and the FBI,Prelude to tomorrows guest Dr Jim Garrow.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_174.mp3
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NYPD sued over Empire State Building shooting,Cabelas puls out of Harrisburg outdoors show over gun flap,Proposed legislation asserts state control over federal control,Brit says that self defense is a skill beyond most of us, Thank you President Obama and the rest of your liberal bretheren for unmasking and letting us know exactly what you think of us.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bioll_Frady_Ep_173.mp3
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Do gun control laws control guns?,Pentagon says that protests are Acts of Low Level Terrorism,Attitudes about guns are changing,Obama a no show at the OK Corral,Danger of magazine limits.

Direct download: Lock_N_load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_172.mp3
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Virginia Lawmaker with violent crime past brandishes AK in session to push for more gun control,Biden says "We dont have the time or resources to enforce the law",ATF exposes dealers to pressure and risks to satisfy Obama,DHS calls the AR 15 the perfect Personal Defense Weapon, Tom Brokaw knows better than the countries founders, Bill Clinton warns democrats that gun control is a bad agenda to follow, GOA Executive Director Larry Pratt.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_171.mp3
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The liberals want to know how big a gun do we need?,White House doesn't like it when their hypocrisy is pointed out on children,All of the most recent spree shooters were...wait fir it....liberal democrats,In 1999 Obama was against tougher prosecution for scholl shooters,Obama is playing chicken with us,The Missouri rat your kid out or rat yourself out act, Chuck Porter of Sheepdogs Inc gives us a report on the reaction to Obama at SHOT Show, Pro 2nd Amendment Sheriff Chuck Wright of Spartanburg County SC.

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ATF starts their intimidation campaign against private firearm sales, Charles Schumer wants a big box stores to voluntarily cease sales on AR and AK type rifles, Rep Steve Scalise from the 1st District of Louisiana,Obama is doing this for the children unless you are a baby that survives an abortion.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_169.mp3
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Today we discuss the absolute, outright lie of Gun Control. Especially the Goebbels like propaganda we were treated to today by our Beloved Leader.

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Tomorrow is the day the Biden Civiliam Disarmament Commision does their big reveal!,All of these Governors that aspire to National office are burning bridges,There was no need for a Commision just call John Podesta,The American Gun Buying Frenzy brought to you by the gun grabbers.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_167.mp3
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Fact checking Bill Clinton, Eric Reed of Gun Control=More Crime, 25 Million Walt Kowalskis,Feinstein Mass Killers and Imagination,Gloom and Doom for Jouranlisms Elite.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_166.mp3
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Open the show with the Black Sphere Kevin Jackson,More guns fewer deaths,Glamour Magazine editor says womens desire for self defense strange,SC TV Station goes after pro gun Sheriff,Understanding the culture war,The need for semi automatic rifles,Executive Director of GunOwners of America Larry Pratt.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_FradyEp_165.mp3
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We have raised a generation of narcissists, The Godfather of Chicago, Women and Defensive Gun Use, US Rep 3Rd District SC Jeff Duncan joins me to discuss gun control by decree, MoFo CEO of Tactical Response James Yeager joins me and we talk about his controversial YouTube video(which I support), Rick Ector joins me to discuss Legally Armed in Detroit.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_164.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:36pm EST

Joined this evening by Mr Colion Noir, We break down and deconstrust Machine Gun Joe Bidens arrogant statement today, Hear about a listeners Defensive Gun Use that occured today, and discuss using and abusing emotion for a political agenda.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_163.mp3
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Nationally syndicated columnist Star Parker, Can you imagine King George lll telling the colonists they couldnt have muskets,Preventative measures such as gun control are amoral, What the left wont tell you about the decade long boom in gun sales.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_162.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 2:31pm EST

Gun control does not mean what they want you to think it means,We need to get control of this so called conversation on guns,Outing gun owners and the Left's new savagery,What some liberals really think of gun owners,In the last 2 weeks of December Americans bought 3 million guns,Rev Kenn Blanchard The Black Man With A Gun,The un fettered right to keep and bear arms.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_161.mp3
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Piers Morgan and guns,Pro Gun groupd swing into the fight in Illinois, James Alan Fox joins me and we discuss the frequency of spree shooting,We are now one step closer to Americas next Civil War,One of my former sponsors stops selling ARs to civilians,Feinstein admits AWB lists are based on picture books,Why is the President and other politicians exploiting the murder of children?,Non gun mass murders,Restuarant with anti gun policy saved by a gun, Hammers and ball bats are the problem!

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_160.mp3
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Ny wants to outlaw and confiscate everything,Letter from Marine to DiFi, Maryland 6 year old suspended for taking his assault hand and fingers to school,Des Moines columnist wishes to see gunowners dead and torture the GOP until they see reason, How about those psyhcotrpoic drugs?

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_159a.mp3
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Dont hold us accountable-we just want your guns,Paper in NY that published permit holder names and addresses hire armed guards,Why the 2nd Amendment,America doesnt have a gun problem- it has a gang problem,Nick Leghorn comes in from thetruthaboutguns.com,Hoplophobic projection.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_159.mp3
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Ist show with IRN was an engineering nightmare so here is the latest installment of the show that was GunOwners of America Radio.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_157.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:27pm EST

Conflicting reports coming out of DC about David Gregory and the felonious 30 rd magazine,Each rouynd in a standard magazine represents the firepower of a minuteman,Regulating the militia,Guns are onl;y half the answer,Talk of major gun control is foolish,from the office of misinformation-the 2nd Amendment needs to be revised or something,Also lets make them less lethal,The political suicide of DiFis AWB.

Monday 31 Dec, GunOwners of America Radio becomes Lock N Load with Bill Frady on the IRN USA Radio Network. The podcast and Stitcher Radio formats will elongate slightly. Now we take the fight to the masses. The website for the show will be up by 3 Jan 2013 and it is www.lockandloadradio.com. A heartfely thanks to all that download and listen live, YOU made this move to Radio possible.

Direct download: GunOwners_of_America_Radio_Ep_156.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 3:58pm EST

A summary of the DiFi AWB,Now they are expelling college students for having plastic guns and bullets,Why I need Standard capacity magazines and AR 15s,Californians honor the Newtown Victims by disarming themselves in a gun buyback,Some parents are opting for passive defensive measures and buying body armor for their children but Dick Durbin wants that outlawed,How violent is the USA? Lets look at that by the numbers and no cherry picking this time,Short Recap of the soul less statement put out by the cadaver like Wayne LaPierre.

Direct download: GunOwners_of_America_Radio_Ep_155.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 9:23am EST

Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea and Robert Farago from thetruthaboutguns.com join me, Would anti gun legislation have stopped Adam Lanza?,Gun Control cannot stop gun violence,Sarah Brady says the time for debate is over...she had better hope not.

Direct download: GunOwners_of_America_Radio_Ep_154.mp3
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Hey Piers Morgan gun violence is exploding in the UK, Thanks for the gun stupid, The myth of the emperiled bystander, Rep

Phillip Lowe, SC and his proposed Arming Teachers Legislation, Ben Grandblanc of ar15news.com returns.

Merry Christmas!

Direct download: GunOwners_of_America_Radio_Ep_153.mp3
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Hey Bloomberg here is an example of a spree shooting stopped by an educator,Take a deep breath it is going to be ok,What if Victoria Soto had been armed?,Ready Reserve to protect or children, Superintendent of Schools of Harold Texas David Thweatt joins us to talk about the Guardian Plan, Brannon Lebouf, Tactical Instructor Operator of NOLATAC joins me to talk some active shooter spree shooter responses.

Direct download: GunOwners_of_America_Radio_Ep_152.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 8:24pm EST

The anti gunner invincible ignorance, After posting a vdeo that has gone viral on Youtube Tim Harmsen of the Military Arms Channel joins me, Robert Farago from thetruthaboutguns.com, and numerous calls from the US gun community.

Direct download: GunOwners_Of_America_Radio_Ep_151.mp3
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Tonight I lash out at those that are running away from the problem, NY Guns calls in and makes his case, Larry Pratt Executive director of Gunowners of America joins me to discuss where we are and where we are going, last minute guest Mel Whitlock comes in to discuss school safety.

Direct download: GunOwners_of_America_Radio_Ep_150.mp3
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What could have been and should have been in Newtown, the Conversation the liberals wish to have, Dan Gainor of the Media Research Center comes in to talk about the skewed stance of MSM.

Direct download: GunOwners_of_America_Radio_Ep_149.mp3
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My thoughts, condolences and prayers go out to the good people of Newton Connecticut. This time the gun free zone took children.

With the exception of my weekly segment with Ben Grandblanc of ar15new.com, I tried to use this as way to deal with this senseless violent tragedy. I did not succeed.

Direct download: GunOwners_of_America_Radio_Ep_148.mp3
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DC is poised to have fewer than 100 murders this year...a smattering of guns DO make a difference,State Senator Dick Saslow bemoans his impotence when it comes to gun control in Virginia,Anti Gun State Senator punishes law abiding Oregonians for Clackamas shooting,Another enlightened elite calls for repeal of 2nd Amendment,Illinois college student prays for new harsh gun laws to deal with that pesky Constitutional thing,Gun free zones....hows that working for everybody?.Allen Normandy from Battlecomp joins us for the first time.

Direct download: GunOwners_of_America_Radio_Ep_147.mp3
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Today we discuss this whole active shooter concept, as it pertains to a CCW law abiding Citizen,Steven Pineau of 21st Century Gunfighter comes in to discuss training fundementals, and Robert Farago from thetruthaboutguns.com.

Direct download: GunOwners_of_America_Radio_Ep_146.mp3
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During this particular broadcast, it came to light that the Oregon Mall shooting was occuring. Hopes and prayers go out to the families of the victims and all of those innocents that were there simply wishing to shop for Christmas. Are you responsible enough to own a gun?,She did as the anti gunners advise during a robbery and got shot anyway,7 NFL players turn in their firearms and Costas and Florio are happy,What exactly does 16 trillion dollars mean?,Simply no evidence,Media Matters attacks any pro gun messenger,Where do Gun owners go from here?

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Congressman calls for"renewed" ban on plastic weapons,Random thoughts about American Gun Culture,Gun "goes off accidently"?,WSJ says gun violence rises without backing it up with data,Handgun hypocrisy,NH Lawyers agree tha residents have rights on lethal force,From the office of misinformation"What are all you gun nuts waiting for"?,I dont call them bunkers I call them coffins,NYPD doesn't take firearms training seriously.

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Unnoticed pieces of the puzzle in the Reese Case,Some official police policies consist of giving the bad guy what he wants and fast, 3D printing of guns is promising but thats not the only trick in our bag,At the same time 3D printing of guns makes the gunn grabbers very nervous,75% of NFL players are gun owners,Jason Whitlock isnt a hater-he just doesn't know what he's talking about, Obama the ATF and the possible end run.

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The Brady Campaign Against Women,Wiki Weapon prototype is becoming reality,First step in a dictatorship is to disarm the populace,Costas buddies should be careful when trying to provide cover,The Entitlement Cliff,KC Chiefs do not blame the gun, Chicago politicians version of Hypocrisy on Parade, Bob Costas thinks we are just not smart enough to understand what he said.

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Two Gun cultures,Auto Zone employee gets fired for thwarts armed robbery at work,Record homocide pace in Chicago while City Government does their very best to subvert 2nd Amendment rights,Robert Farago from thetruthaboutguns.com,Does Bob Costas like the players in the NFL?

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Ok so the media wants to glamorize Bob Costas, Jason Whitlock and Javon Belcher, and the various roles they played in the weekend tragedy. Lets deconstruct it a bit.

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Bob Costas should really stick to sportscasting, We need to stop paying attention to entertainers, San Bernadino District Attorney tells residents to lock their doors and load their guns, Incrementalism-we cannot let them slowly sreadily take anymore of our Liberty and Freedom or one day we will wake up and be enslaved.

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Circuit Court in NY says you cannot carry a gun,Most people are not opposed to life,Obama better produce in his second term for those gun control advocates, Ben Grandblanc of ar15news.com

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More misinformation coming from the left about Obama and Guns,NYPD Police Commisioner Ray Kelly struggles to figure out the term illegal gun,From Gawker.com-Pedophillia is just another sexual orientation, its the gun whackos that are the problem,Disarmament now forever and tomorrow,Is Business Defense the new firearms training trend?,Gun violence can be solved with Science!,Assault victim defends himself-CSGV wants him arrested?

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Cosmetic differences change nothing, One book covering every states gun laws,Gun owners face media lynching regardless of guilt or innocence, Black Hunters in America, 3D printing of guns becomes a so called moral issue, Robert Farago from thetruthaboutguns.com.

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How to break gun control stalemate...by NPR,Can we protect ourselves from Obama nation,AWB wanted by blue Colorado,Unions kill the goose that laid the golden Hostess egg,Somehow being a caucasion non felon is racist,According to CSGV its ok to have "assault weapons" and advocate violence if you are a progressive sort.

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NRA endorses a gun grabber,Concealed Carry-a Police Officers perspective,Obama may reclassify semi autos as NFA,Worried about a ban? A high cap shotgun might be the answer,Recent outbreaks of violence lead calls for more retrictions,MoFo CEO James Yeager calls in to talk about Wounded Warrior Project and Tactical Response Gear,Obama misinformation about guns,Womens interest in guns is increasing.

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Wounded Warrior Project is a gainst the Gun Industry?,The truth about modern sporting rifles,The Police stop a spree shooter pre spree,Gun haters call for forcible disarmament based on ideology,Obama effort to strip gun rights may cause American Civil War

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Donald Trump is a 2nd Amendment kinda guy...or is he?,Stand Your Ground Law stands in Florida,The Failed Strategy of Defense,Wounded Warrior Project suffering from self inflicted wound,Outnumbered but not out gunned,Ben Grandblanc of ar15news.com,The age of the Welfare State smashup.

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A Gun Control Advocate visits a gun show,Gun Owners in Mexico feel forced to defy the law,does Gun Control hurt of help Europe?,Realities of secession and Obama the divider,the Entitlements Cliff is the one the fear,Gun Owners have a rendezvous with destiny,De constructing the mind of an anti gunner.

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Burke Strunsky is insane,Colorado University suffers negligent discharge,Colorado-Washington pot reforms makes progressive case for Firearms Freedom Act, Bug Out!,Anti-Gun Immigrant chides Americans for literal interpretation of Constitution,Robert Farago from the truthaboutguns.com,Cease Fire Chicago,UK Outrage,Worry about the UN ATT.

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Evangelicals shoot down gun control,Louisiana citizens to gun grabbing judges; come and take them,When its time to shoot,shoot, 47 states have petitions to secede,Are you prepared?,Wounded Warrior refuses monetary help from gun organizations?,Ny and NJ looks like a Third World country.

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20 states petition to secede the union,Conservatism is where we end up after a very dark disturbing time,Massive voter fraud in Florida,Greece like day of reckoning inbound,UK Axe weilding bikers,Feds and the Sinaloas, Gun Industry booms,NY trace map withholds key facts,GunOwners against Illegal Mayors.

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The good people of Chicago do not recognize the racist mechanism of gun control as practiced by their local governmnat,Homeowners in NY and NJ turn to gun owners to try to remain safe,Obama is going to try to negate your rights....will he be successful?,And how is he going to try?,Cornucopiq of defnsive gun use,Mexican cartel bought guns from the US Border Patrol?

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99 Judges,Democratic victory will unleash Obama,More details of the proposed Feinstein AWB, Larry Pratt Exec. Director of Gunowners of America, Ben Grandblanc of AR15news.com,GOA is bringing guerilla warfare, We cannot afford to sit on the sidelines.

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What can we as Gunowners expect out of an Obama second term,Here comes the next round of UN Arms Control Talks,Feinstein has a new Assault Weapon Ban,Blake Danyeur and John Pilkington of American Milsim join me to discuss last weekends Operation Faded Giant,No election can truly bring about the Government Monopoly on Force,Mike Bannerman of the Brady Campaign fantasizes about assaulting a man legally open carrying

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Illinois cop steals 5 buyback guns,Looters loot where the police are not present,Colorado campus carry conversation continues,The Cascadia Subduction Zone,Goodbye to the Obama media,Josh Horwitz has a lot in common with some well known leaders...Hitler, Pol Pot,etc,the Irrational Anti Gun mentality,Beware the lame duck session.

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Recap of some of my time with American Milsim at Operation Faded Giant,Supreme Court to rule whether Treaties break Constitutional bonds,the Psycopathology of a Hoplophobe, Educated Nigerians want their gun rights back, After Sandy, it is medieval in NYC.

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The American left miscalculated,When Obama is beaten will he let go?,Whats with all the Communist Obama endorsements, Ben Grandblanc of ar15news.com,Larry Prat Exec Director GunOwners of America,The Chicago violence tax and the art of the political deal.

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One gun control law leads to another, US Rep Trey Gowdy talks Fast and Furious and Benghazi, Robert Farago from thetruthaboutguns.com, What exactly is gun violence.

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ATF is making up the rules as they go during Compliance Inspections, 2nd Report on Fast and Furious is published,Rep Rueben Hnojosa is grossly uninformed,Why the right to keep and bear arms,Cody Wilson of the Wiki Weapons Project,Too many people in the bag For President Obama.

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Homeland Security graduates the first class of Homeland Youth,Could there be another American Civil war?,DGU close to me!,Coalition to Stop Gun Violence doesnt care how many of your rights it violates to achieve their objective, the Sheepdog concept; Who is what?

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Hopkins Report calls for tighter gun laws,Think of the Children! And train them,CIA operators asked many times for help and were denied each time, Ben Grandblanc returns with the World according to ar15news.com.

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The 2nd Amendment and what the Framers said and insisted,Obama and the apology tour,Everybody knew what Benghazi was, James Yeager the MoFo CEO of Tactical Response,Ezra Klein and the manufactured news,2 versions of a stand your ground report.

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There is no warrantied worry free life, The American Association of Pediatrics claims households are safer without guns, Robert Farago from thetruthaboutguns.com, Bloomberg struggles to remain relavant.

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The Debates,what didn't get asked,and the Benghazi debacle,90 minute Q&A with Costa-Ludus CEO Chris Costa.

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Murder and Treason by the NRA...allegedly, What kind of guns do criminals use?,John Stankewicz of Battlecomp joins me to chew the fat,Pediatric group says the safest home for children is a home without guns meanwhile 12 year old little girl defends herself and her home with a gun.

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What is with the violent rhetoric coming from anti gun politicians?, Obama and cheap handguns...this and all of his statements reek of the coming tax scheme in Cook County and the racist roots of gun control,Ben Grandblanc returns with ar15news.com,Do the Anti gunners want us dead?

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Chicago taxes the ammo and guns to treat the gangbangers,Bloomberg just doesn't like no one paying him any attention,Kenn Blanchard black Man with a Gun, the Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea, Violence Policy Center chief Josh Horwitz doesn't like the Wiki Weapon Project chief Cody Wilson.

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What is an Assault Weapon and banning them does what?,In a moment of candor Obama calls for an assault weapon ban, In Alabama you can open carry unless we tell you to leave, Robert Farago from the Truth About Guns,Why aren't Black Americans allowed to be conservative????

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Don't shoot dogs!,Obama Administration wants to limit Military members access to privately owned guns IF they are thought to be a suicide risk,Spouse of slain victim wants disarmament law to prevent future shootings,Retired Justice Stevens" 2nd Amendment no obstacle to banning automatic weapons", I reject reality and substitute my own!

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