Lock N Load with Bill Frady podcast

PreRecorded remote show from Adventures Outdoors in Smyrna Georgia!,as the guest of Head Down products!,Leadoff with popular YouTube personality Don "Sootch00" Porter,Then a conversation with Internet Radio sensation Kevin "The TacDaddy" Reichard,From Sage Dynamics we talk to Chief Instructor Aaron Cowan, I get an exceelent Women and Guns segment with Melanie an NRA Instructor and Nicki a 3 gun competitor, Eric Wallace of Adventures Outdoors sits down with me, Finally joined by Head Down CEO Lee Queen and we discuss his product lineup.

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Is CCW a privilege or a right?,Prominent broadcaster gives up on downtown Seattle,Ok you have I594 in Washington State so take it all the way,San Fran columnist says Black Friday gun sales driven by scared white guys that don't read complicated books,The very weird rantings of Mark Kessler,Don't print this letter!,In Austin Texas CLEO wants people to rat on gun enthusiasts,Sometimes I just think I need to head to the gun store.

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Finally the media is beginning to understand that the AR 15 is Americas Rifle,Im proud of the Nevada push back against Bloomberg,Brady effectively detonates the smart gun issue due to lack of patience,Moms Demand Attention still after Kroger,Dr Ben Carson should stick to being a doctor,I have some time with Texas/US Law Shield before the phones mysteriously drop the call.

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New Jersey AG rejests Brady attempt to trigger "smart gun" mandate,Government does not like "Volunteers" stepping up in Ferguson,In defense of AntiGovernment Militias,Open display of arms is the only way to change a mobs mind,Guns and Spoons,LieDamned Lies and Stats,HuffPo thinks open carry is the way to end racial profiling,UN attacks gun rights and Police a la Ferguson.

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NY SAFE Act is Cuomos attempt to nationalize UnConstitutional Law, EPA-Documented Criminals-Lead ammo bans,Negligent homicide brings out the progressive hate,Canadian Zoolander listens to too many lies,Clearing Semi Auto Malfunctions,20 rules for gun fighting,Actual self defense incident and the lessons learned, Seattle Times hypocritically whines about"outside" influences pushing back against 594,One of the "Only Ones' snaps.

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Carbines as a home defense option,Why Professionals do not "Shoot to Wound",The Militia rises in Ferguson,The no media coverage of Defensive Gun Use,Froglube introduces 2 new products,In ferguson the community-Black and White defend themselves and each other,Ther are cracks in the NICS system.

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National Bar Association improperly weighs in on Ferguson Grand Jury decision,Stupid arguments about campus carry,My personal opinion on all so called Mainstream Media offerings in the US today, From the mouth of babes we get more narrow world views concerning a God given right,Banning guns does not ban evil and crime,An NFL player examines Ferguson quite objectively.

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Other countries like Israel and Russia are beginning to emulate the American 2nd Amendment way, Conversatio with Edwin Walker and Michelle Byington from Texas/US Law Shield,2AO Radio comes to LnL-Joined by host Kevin Griffin.



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Gun Control groups present Utah Governor with a petition that was not really from Utah,School Superintendent does not like guns or the Constitution,Tallahassee Dem Columnist forgets to pull the punches,From Sheath Underwear I am rejoined by Robert Patton,More Gold talk from Barb Cole of Karat Bars,Ferguson burned but not for Michael Brown.

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The Leftist Perfect Storm,China power grid shutdown would allow antigunners to demonstrate their convictions,Dr Ben Carson attempts to walk back anti gun statements,Joined by Robin Knapp from GCode,DC City Council is about to be found in contempt concerning CCW,Smart Guns for LE?,Blow back begins in the wake of I594.

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Finally I get to take the Lionheart Industries to the range and here are my shooting observations,My take on Obama and his non Amensty "Amnesty",Mayor of Newark states "Forget the Constitution" while surrounded by guns,Another family bemoans the loss of their loving murderous buttercup,Rock Legend and American Patriot Mark Farner from Grand Funk joins me for a great conversation.

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Shannon Watts continues the lying and absurdity regarding Kroger and law abiding gun carriers,Planned ambush of police in Indianapolis somehow tied to unrest in Ferguson Missouri,Liberals and the art of the "big lie",Rueters thinks that without panic buying there are no gun sales,LE in Ferguson Missouri allegedly says if you don't have a gun get one because we can't protect you,The purpose of the 2nd Amendment is to keep politicians from running amok,Russia allows people to carry guns for self protection in an attempt to stop their spiraling murder rate,From Title Sponsor Froglube I am joined by Larry Lasky.



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Gun Control zealots in Wisconsin turn a low homicide stat into an "epidemic",Moms Demand vow to not allow Texas to vote in open carry,Stop Hammer Time, Islamic factions trying to co opt Ferguson protesters,Long term CR and Short term CR,2nd Lawsuit filed challenging Federal ban on fully automatic weapons,We need facts not emotions,No 2nd Amendment right to own guns?,Doctors are not supposed to be paternalistic.

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My 1st impression of the excellent Lionheart Industries LH9C,"Battle Hardened" Wisconsin Swat team kills 5 pound puppy in standoff,Media has differing views on "innocent targets" depending on who is doing the shooting,6 bad excuses for not carrying spare ammo,Interesting discussion wit Texas/Us Law Shield regarding travel with firearms.

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Gun confiscation has moved underground, DeConstructing the Nevada UBC petition effort,More WiFi gun control junk,Another Black American Mother uses a gun to defend her child,Ed Peruta joins me and we discuss the paradigm shift for gun rights in California,Cops go in heavy during classes with "active shooter" drill,Too many stabbings in gun free UK.

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Buffalo PD looking for dead peoples guns,Atlanta man critical after he is shot where the Moms Demand claim no one needs a gun,SAFE Act ammo background checks are coming NY!,Fergusons riots will have nothing to do with Michael Brown,Liberal Professor wants to repeal the 2nd Amendment,From Sheath Underwear Robert Patton joins me again,The Obamacare deception is straight out of the gun control handbook, Moms Demand attack ads show the axiom of asking the wrong question.

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Statement from Ed Peruta regarding gun rights restoration in California,A good conversation with Michelle Byington and Edwin Walker from Texas/US Law Shield, Joined by Todd Feltman of Spring Guns and Ammo and we discuss the Lionheart Industries line of pistols,Sig Sauer suspends shipments to US over concerns about gun smuggling,Politicians really need to learn to trust an armed populace, The need for spatial awareness in time of attack should not be overlooked.

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Reality over here and the "activists" over there in Ferguson,US Border Patrol is disarming their agents!,Memorial turned into anti gun propaganda,Gun related homicide at a 5 year low,UN Arms Trade Treaty takes effect on Christmas Eve but what is the impact on the US?,Aquiring physical gold is made easy and you can go to locknloadgold.com to add to your stash.

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An Ode to a fallen warrior on Veterans Day,Five ways to get you killed as a Ferguson Protester,How would the Police respond to an Ebola epidemic?,Violent Crime is still falling,From G Code I talk with Robin Knapp about their new Scorpion line,The upcoming Lionheart Industries Black Friday sale,If they can't ban them they want to make you lock them up,Some Delawarian eggheads want you to carry guns with wifi??????????, Ferguson gun stores are making Bank in the pre riot days.

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As Obama continues to threaten the Constitution the press and the politicians continue to tip toe around him,Holder downplays his role in the criminal Fast and Furious family of gunrunning schemes by saying Congress is sucking up to the gun lobby,GOP rising slams the door on Federal gun control for the foreseeable future,Business thrives thanks to embracing gun owners,Tribute to gunowners that persevered in the face of an assault,Fergeson rioters send the "Rules of Engagement' to PD in preparation for the riots to come,Salon.com attacks the Military and LEO,Concentrate the Power,Gun rights are natural rights,Brady Bunch bemoans the Gallup poll indicting that more people WANT a gun.

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After wasting 50 million dollars Moms Demand claim victory and momentum,Chris Christie and his betrayal of NY gunowners,Why I carry,Radio host cancels instead of defying,Bloombergs losers by the numbers,The doctor -The AR and the airport, 2 more bills the Republicans should consider,I-594 myth and reality.

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From YouTube Sootch00 stops by the house and convinces me on the H&K VP9,Gun ownership in the US by the numbers,Fast and Furious and the future of Obama,GOP wins the Senate-Time to go on the offensive,Ban Cars!,Fast and Furious document dump reveals that the State Dept may have been involved,A right to rebellion?

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The Republicans win the Senate now for some realistic expectations and hopes,Custom gun versus stock,Taking stock to custom gradually,DOJ document dump on the eve of political armegeddon, Lively conversation with Edwin Walker and Michelle Byington of Texas/US Law Shield.

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Non Violence activists are so very violent,Apperently there is a price for Liberty in Washington State,Judge rules that Cops can break your fingers in the name of biometric entry,Nevada man goes on violent crime spree despite not being able to buy a gun,Repealing gun law gains support while support for gun control recedes,Swedish Police give up 55 zones to Muslim gangs,"Government of the peopl-By the people and for the People",Black American open carry protesters are marching and the media is ignoring them,Will someone ask the Pro 2A Moms Demand Action exactly which pro gun positions the believe in?,Anti gun cash fuels pro gun voters.

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From the DOJ we get Grenade Walker!,Guns are not a health care issue,When is the right time to fight the government?,Safety on the range when you shoot steel,We should not submit to the Medical Martial Law, Robert Patton from sheathunderwear.com comes on and answers the question no one knew to ask,Smith and Wesson finally gets it with the M&P.

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Moms Demand lie about Tucson shooting,Elderly homeowner inflicts equal rights on two female home invaders,Voter fraud and the 2nd Amendment remedy,NY Times wages war against gun toting rape survivors,This is the time to stock up on ammo and magazines,Home defense shotguns and my setup,11 ways to help a new shooter,Colorado finds out their magazine limit is unenforcable,Realtors in Michagin are arming up.

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School shootings; Better to take Pattons advice,Would you defend a member of Moms Demand Action against a possible crime?,Virginia Open Carrier SWATed,Can Bloomberg buy all the freedom?,From the Military Arms Channel on YouTube we are joined by Tim Harmsen,HOAs and mini fiefdoms,And some people ask why on Campus Carry.

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The sideways response to terrorism,Shopping Malls-Guns-Armed Robberies,My suggestions regarding trauma kits and daily carry, Robin Knapp  joins me from G Code and we discuss all that tactical goodness, Matt Jaques comes to us from Victory First and we discuss REALISTIC training.

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ATF could look at IRS seizure of assets as a template for seizing guns,Lawmakers that abuse women in NY State love Cuomo,That ban on CCW at NC State Fair had the predictable results,They grow them dumb in Fresno California,NRA ballcap is a political statement?,A challenge to hypocritical actors and politicians, The PoliceOne survey,From TriggerTime TV I am joined by Producer Troy Guillotte and Jim Gilliland and we discuss the value of "Training" video.

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Black America knows tyranny-Embrace all the freedom,Homeowner shoots 500 lb Black Bear as it breaks into his house,Concealed carry is the answer to persistant stalkers,Gun control laws just suck,NYPD officers overcome their training,Movie Stars and their incoherent political ramblings,Carlos Slim and the cartels,Liberals and the truth dont mix well.

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DC Police Chief states victims of crime not worthy of Carry Permit,A US Vet sets an example for us all,The Lone Wolf prefers the gun free zone,67 yr old "Grandpa" deals with 3 home invaders,I talk DC Carry-AB 1014 in Cali-Moms Demand Action fails and more with Executive Director of Gunowners of America Larry Pratt.

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What little we know about the Ottawa /Canadian Parliment shooting, Another family member defends their little sweet felon,Lets just scrap the Background Check system altogether,1 year in Colorado refutes the whole 40% meme,Drunk antigun Pol gets caught with a gun,Eric Holder is sad on his way out,There is an Ebola Decon solution that the Government ISN'T using- From Patriot Promotions Jill Trammell brings Col (Ret) David Kuchinski on SciBlue to talk about it,In Ohio a High School principal picks up a gun and takes on the responsibilty.

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Hey preppers-The Earths magnetic field could flip during our lifetime,Common sense and the gun control crowd,Media and families of criminals always blame the gun instead of their loved one,Standing up to the terrorists of Ferguson,Gabby-Answer me this!,Inside Noveske Rifle Works with CEO Tim Dillon,Buying time and saving your hearing in a home invasion.

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NY mental health data base falls way short on identifying who is and who is not dangerous,ABC acting as Obama Administrations Goebbels,Choosing the right carry gun,Your first CCW holster,Rules for a Gunfight for Civilians,Minnesota gun owners react and strike back,Pros and cons of ankle holsters,Is your wife prepared for a home invasion?

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What i would do to anti gun law if I were the All Master Being of Time Space and Dimension,AntiGunner busybody harasses Legal gun carrier,In NY State 35,000 people are suddenly too crazy to own a gun,Michael Brown was shot in the scuffle for the gun in the cruiser,London Calling,The Anti Gun Indoctrination Party,Crazed Private Pyle makes it into a school with a hatchet,When the bad guy runs you have already won,NRA is sending mixed messages.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_574_Mixdown_1.mp3
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Another Fast and Furious gun found on our side of the border,The Moms Demand Action from Illegal Mayors make my head hurt,NY town needs your fingerprints background check and Facebook login to process your permit application,Secret Service seemingly seeks to falsify paperwork for search of a Facebook members home,NRA finally understands that there are more than gun policy votes to consider,GamerGate spills into call for disarmed students at Utah State University,Jim Crow is alive and well in Chicago,Bluffing with a gun is not a good tactic.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_573_Mixdown_1.mp3
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UN Gun grab is entering a dangerous stage,Gabby Giffords starts her own magical mystery tour,Lethal is lethal period,The shooting has stopped-Now what?,Rifle optics primer with Doug McClean courtesy of Mounting Solutions Plus,Irish Police Chiefs want to hassle legal gun owners because they can,Terrorist acts and what they could mean to and for gun control.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_572_Mixdown_1.mp3
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Sometimes gun owners get in trouble even when they are right,Thug killed in shootout posed with his weapon in social media and it was not a sandwich,6 Reasons modern defensive handgun ammo is better than ever,Dangerous incompetence regarding armed self defense,A short Pistol Optics primer compliments of Doug McClean and Mounting Solutions Plus,Is it a debate if facts are not allowed?, A neighborhood in Flint MI renews my faith in people.






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Cuomo has plans for SAFE Act 2, Factory parts and changes that I recommend for the Glock platform,Two politicians who believe they are rulers,Two businessman railroaded by FOPA and the ATF, From the NFA Freedom Alliance I am joined by Todd Rathner and we discuss the strategy to dealing with the NFA and the ATF.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_570.mp3
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The AR and AK pistol platforms are getting placed in bug out bags Nationwide,Alabama school forces 5 year old to sign non suicide non homicide contract,John Lott goes after "studies published by the FBI and Everytown,Joe Biden apparently needs another Government figure shot so they can pick up the gun control mantle,Some basic ideas for a Doomsday kit, Dr Linda Langemann joins me to talk about SSRI's Mass Shooters and the Brain.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_569.mp3
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84% of polled Americans believe"gun violence" is a criminal matter and nothing to do with public health,Colorado about to administer some more pay back,The Missouri Witch Hunt,Gun owner fired from job he held for 21 years-Because he is a gun owner,Q&A with Erich Pratt of Gunowners of America.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_568.mp3
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Rethinking my EDC and carrying more than a perceived need,MRI Machine disarms off duty LEO and discharges weapon for good measure,Advocates on both sides of the fence want to know NY Registration stats,Shannon Watts thinks we should give up our kids if we don't give up our guns,From Prepper and Shooter Magazine Vincent DeNiro joins me to discuss Ebola vectors and preparation.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_567.mp3
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Kroger is standing tall no matter what the Moms Demand do,"He only lunged at them with a small knife!",DHS gets their memo talking points from the SPLC,I pay homage to the mighty 1911,From dailyclash.com Doug Giles joins me to discuss the new pre crime regime in California,Book by Michael Savage ignores his own call to disarm,Hypocrisy on parade,The 2nd Amendment is worth fighting for.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_566.mp3
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Obama wants to ban guns but not Ebola,What do you need to survive an Ebola pandemic?,Not one gun control proposal would have stopped anything,Feminists think that self defense enables rape????, Urban combat according to Samuel Hayes lll of Caliber Training Group from Atlanta Ga.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_565.mp3
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Thanks to the NY SAFE Act kidnapping and rape are now items on the buffet,For the Ladies-Choosing that first semi auto handgun,LEO and FBI are going to target the SWATters,Inside the Gun Rights Policy Conference,From Defense Distributed-Cody Wilson and I discuss the Liberator the Ghost Gunner and the future.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_564.mp3
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You have a better chance of dying falling off a bicycle than in a "mass" shooting, The Insane out of control followers of Moms Demand Action,Not one more female Realtor should die!,Its is becoming hard to tell in Chicago how long they are going to be punched around by the courts, 4 Very interesting segments with Bob Owens of bearingarms.com

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_563.mp3
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Maybe its time for the President and First Lady to carry a concealed weapon,Moms Demand supporters are looking for more executions of legal open carriers,Four Rules of Gun Safety failure,The Ghost Gunner!,Jan Morgan is a no show so I give you my take on banning Muslims from a gun shop,Another bow hunter without a gun attacked by a bear,Oklahoma terror and gun control,Preppers are ready for Ebola.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_562.mp3
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St Louis Police Chief sues to overturn voters and make gun rights "alienable",How we should really look at the 2nd Amendment,Being a gun control advocate means never having to say you were wrong,Guns at work takes in new meaning since Oklahoma,I am joined by the Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea, A primer for thos ignorant anti gun "Journalists", Pre crime is now the law in California.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_561.mp3
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NYMag.com makes the case that mass killings are going down then calls for more gun control,Man kills pregnant woman after getting out of jail for killing a pregnant woman,Take your apetite and your gun to Begerons Restaurant in Port Allen Louisiana,Proving the "need" in places lice DC,Oklahoma BeHeader's Mom wants both sides of the story?, Jersey City Mayor spends an extra$10,000 being socially responsible,In NY the Oathkeepers get labeled and libeled,Feinstein thinks everyone is wrong about the actual effect of the "Assault Weapons" Ban,Background checks are based on a false promise.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_560.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 11:10am EST

Eric Holder can run but there is no hiding,Why does the USDA need sub machine guns,CCW holder in New Haven Connecticut is about to own a big chunk of New Haven,Oklahoma beheading proves we need firearms to fight back,I have noticed some people and I warn them off,The Kennedy family is really a bunch of foul ups,Writer at NY Times does something stupid and blames guns,DC Police losses the fingerprints?

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_559.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:27pm EST

Holder is retiring but who knows where he goes next,Bloombergs 50 million dollar desire for gun control is backfiring,How Gun control made the UK so violent,NBC shocked to find that more people want armed teachers,NJ and NY highlight the double standard,FBI releases mass shooting report,Moms Demand protest the place they claim to support,Hickenlooper about to pay the price for gun control,10 common mistakes when training with firearms,Peruta could change everything.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_558.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:00pm EST

Shaneen Allen is not going to jail!,NY Daily News shocked to discover that UnArmed Teachers cannot protect students,Fact checking Feinstein on the "Assault Weapons" Ban,Moms Demand Action channel Joesph Goebbels, From Pepper and Shooter Magazine I am joined by Vincent DeNiro.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_557.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 7:24am EST

Our Westgate Mall incident is coming,SAFE Act proponent gets a slap on the wrist for carrying a gun into a school in Buffalo NY,Time Ragazine comes out for banning private sales of guns....again,Stupidest School Safety drill ever,Looking some more at NJ.com Op Ed,The OODA Loop-What is it?-How to apply it? 

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_556.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 12:27pm EST

US Military members are disarmed in certain locales while it appears ISIS may hunt them down in their homes,Hey Target-How is that whole gun free zone thing working out?,NJ newspaper calls for mandatory gun confiscation,Dem wants to regulate"ghost guns" nationally,Het Gabby Giffords-No more sympathy for you!,Gun dealers-How about some customer service?,Its a good thing I don't heed NBCs advice.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_555.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:51pm EST

Brady Campaign fundraising fraud,After arrests of ISIS members in Australia More than a few people wish they had guns,With terrorist threat present this is when we should all embrace the 2nd Amendment,When you kick out a widow and go for a gun after you are arrested the whole good boy argument goes out the window,Anti gun "study" implies gun ownership and racism go hand in hand,As bad as anti gun policies are for politicians they still look for new strategies, Lets look at some "children" shall we?

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_554.mp3
Category:general -- posted at: 1:22pm EST

DC Mayor calls for national gun control while moaning about CCW being imposed on his "Special" city,Moms Demand gets kicked off Kroger property during protest,Hey-Bolt action guns are dangerous,One liberal thought bolt guns couldn't possibly be used in a mass killing,With everything the US is facing-What are you doing to prepare,NY Dem:"All my heroes were Americas enemies,We are at war with the Islamic State,Liam Neeson turns out to be just another hoplophobe-ho hum.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_553.mp3
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Busting the top 3 myths about the 2nd Amendment,The American Psychological Association needs to be medicated,Moms Demand Action claim a righteous mission but have to lie,Obama Administartion is racially profiling gun buyers,Where are the Racial Avengers and the Moms Demand Action in the case of Shaneen Allen?, A look behind the curtain of gunmagwarehouse.com with Peter Jackson.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_552.mp3
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Sonja Sotomayor is one confused Supreme Court Justice,In self defense it can Horrific or Heroic,Billionaire gun grabbers,Beware of psuedo conservatives like Charles Krauthammer,We check in with MDFI Chief Instructor Erik Utrecht during his 2000 mile bike ride for the Brian Terry Foundation, Market Watch keeps running the same anti gun story again and again, Brady Campaign struggles to remain relevant , The President commerorates the victims of the DC Naval Yard Shooting by calling for more gun control.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_551.mp3
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Gun ownership math,Right-Mental illness-Knee Jerks,Moms Demand claims support of the 2nd Amendment-Their actions paint a different story,George Zimmerman is NOT a gun fighter!,Feeling safe vs being safe,Houston shopkeeper felt he had to defend his family,MDA would rather see a beating than self defense,The 40% myth deconstructed.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_550.mp3
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NYT finally admits that the term and the bans on "assault wepons "was a sham,Wasp spray and key fobs are all you need,Paul Allen bankrolls gun control while he tries to buy tanks,Know Jihadists for what they really are,Jill Tammell from Patriot Promotions joins me and we get some inside info on Red Jacket Firearms and Operation Choke Point.

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La Raza articulations,Illegal immigration and the shape of things to come,Statement on Panera Bread Gun Ban from a former LEO,What the UN thinks of Democracy,Anti gun bias at the Boston Globe?,Buying your rights,A conversation with the Black Man with a Gun Kenn Blanchard.

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Jame Madison supplied the blueprint for blocking Federal gun control,Vice Principal of California school goes after police for a wrongful arrest,Panera Bread already has its patented warmth violated with armed robberies,Safe Gun Storage myth,Why I carry a gun, Bob Owens joins me from Bearing Arms.

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Self Defense and a Tale of 2 Cities,Panera Bread joins the soft shoe dance revue,A retraction and an apology,Pepper spray doesn't work against a gun,A history lesson for all these companies requesting you be unarmed, I tell you my EDC on me and with me,Joined by Kevin The Tac Daddy for a discussion on gun media.

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Man shot in WalMart for attempting to buy a BB gun was SWATed,Harry Reid wants to negate the 1st Amendment in order to attack the 2nd Amendment,Kroger-Moms Demand-Self defense fact and fiction, Photographer Ben Philipi and discuss his books Gog Guns and Guts and the upcoming We The People.

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My failing eyesight solution on my Glock 17,On of the Moms Demand leaders is a prohibited person,A regular law abiding gun owner stops a 3 day crime spree,Cops now stealing their own guns,Obama respects rule of law when he isn't ignoring it,SAFE Act language suspends 4th Amendment in NY,Virtual school practices real oppression,Higher murder rates and crime accompany CCW retrictions and "Assault Weapon" bans.

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The gear I travel with just in case,Bloomberg is going back to private business after all the gun control fails,Beheading in England while everyone stands around,Moms demand start their shaming campaign of Kroger, From Tactical Response James Yeager joins me and we talk about Disparity of Force and what is happening in the AK market because of the Russian Sanctions.

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Being a gun owner in California is hard,A Garden State Desparado,Writing a book lands a teacher in Maryland in a lockdown,You can have a police state or a police state,Cultural divide on guns opens up in businesses,CCW=Less Crime in Chicago,UK Student recognizes the difficulty in disarming the US.

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What is Disparity of Force?,Training for the Disparity of Force scenario,CCW Permits have nearly doubled in Orange County California!,The Ak47 buying frenzy,US Government has lost track of 600 "heightened concern" foreign nationals,In Compton California they are tooling up to protect schools.

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Some liberal is praying that NRA members get ebola and dies,Maryland Sheriff warns the Feds about guns,Contrary to what the gun grabbers are saying gun sales are steady and strong,Woman with a gun refuts of so many talking points,If the Southern Border is attacked we will see the 2nd Amendment shine,Geraldo Rivera-Nuff Said,Another Journo that admits he doesn't know about guns-writing about guns,Malloy may be in trouble,The Campus carry trend, It is important to teach your children about guns.

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ISIS is in Mexico and has plans to introduce themselves to the US,Cali Vice Principal arrested but then released for carrying a gun on campus,Border Patrol fires on Militia Member,Female concealed carrier saves herself from attempted rape,One year later dire predictions fail to occur,San Diego is defenseless,Certain politicians think ISIS wears pajamas.

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Chris Matthews confuses bad judgement and negligence with gun rights,The NY"Gun Offender Registry" exposes hypocrisy,Democrats like big money donations when they promote their interests,California Pre Crime is coming online,I discuss Range practices with Jim Braziel of Sharpshooters in Greenville SC and Bob Harvey from South Florida Gun School.

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DC asks judge to reconsider his ruling,Then they came for our bacon,Texas understands that to stop a spree shooter you need guns,Why not compromise?,Gun control wishes are often about political posturing,Questions to ask the anti-gunner,Confiscation has happened here,Gun grabbers are also very lenient on criminals,The Fairytale of victimhood.

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NYPD blames Kahr firearm for the abysmal training officers receive,Pistol whip a child and all bets are off, Avery good and entertaining conversation with Edwin Walker and Michelle Byington of Texas/US Law Shield.

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Moms Demand to break the law,Apply gun control to crazy politicians,Ignorant writers issue dire prediction,Crime drops in Chicago as concealed carry comes online,SWAT Lobby asks Congress to keep the 1033 pipeline running,Why gunowners are right to fight gun control, Dear ISIS, 12 people changed Colorado.

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Distance matters whether you are LEO or civilian,Off duty cop stops execution in Dallas,Make your neighborhood safer,Live in Condition Yellow,When citizens fight back, Ares Armor CEO Dimitri Karras joins me as we discuss Ares Armor and the ATF.

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Gun control group wants Tracking Point system banned to civilians,Obama wants gun control like in the Land Down Under,Anti gun people do not have any idea what they are talking about,Now DC just thinks they are too special to allow people to carry guns,A supposed cop writes the wrong declaration,ISIS and the Mexican drug cartels are talking, It is your obligation to defend yourself.

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Anti gun meme dies in a hail of non violence,Minnesota Dem threatens to "Blow your head off",Kroger tells Bloomberg and Watts to stick it,I am worried about ISIS, From Salient Arms International I am joined by Aaron Chavez and we talk about their excellent modifications.

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DC has decided the entire District is "special","No Justice-No Peace",GA County refuses to pay medical bills for flash banged infant,Sometimes we catch them before tghe 5 steps,NY could have"violence interrupters" in a holster instead of on the payroll, From Dark Angel Medical I am joined by Kerry Davis and we talk trauma and self defense.

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Mainstream media tries to keep Gun Grabbers relevant,The failure of the instant background check system, Edwin Walker and Michelle Byington join me from Texas/US Law Shield and we talk about Ferguson Missouri among many things.

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Connecticut-Maryland and the plans to gut the 2nd Amendment,Philosophical nonsense and anti gun mindsets,NYC pays 13 million for the same felon based intervention that failed in Chicago,How Congress helped create the militarized police department in Ferguson,Staying in shape and overcoming age,Crazy people-Myth versus fact,Secure your wireless routers!,Anti Gun banks.

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Police abuse-Riots and AR 15 Rifles,Low Info Judge goes against Heller decision in Maryland,Rep Mike Honda looking for a monopoly on armeor for the "Only Ones',From Safer Oregon I am joined by Rachel Lucas.

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5 thing non gunowners don't get about gun owners,Congress looks to de militarize certain agencies,9mm and the caliber wars,Why the "New NRA" terrifies the political left,Weak side when you do not have a choice.

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Defending America is not only for those in Uniform,Move away from the threat,Bloomberg wastes his money again,NC concealed carry is taking off,Female activist busts up the gun grabbers,YouTube according to Hickock45,American Bar Association or Lawyers Against Guns?

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5 Phases of the Active Shooter incident,Bradys passing ruled a homocide?,Smart guns,Gun controllers have a hard time with law abiding gun carriers,Will the grabbers exploit the Brady homocide ruling?,Hoplophobia Canadian Style,Domestic violence laws target males.

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First show on Genesis Communications Netwwork!, Anti gunner wants people to up and run if they see an open carrier,A special kind of stupid in DC,Ray Rice vs Shaneen Allen,NC Sheriff tells his constituents to arm themselves,Women and Guns with Jill Trammell,Two coasts same disconnect.

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Judge orders release of Fast & Furious documents,Getting started in concealed carry,Pediatricians believe they have the right to ask about guns,Senate Democrats decide to hold kabuki hearings on gun control,KOA does not like carrying guns on your own property,Politicians are simply afraid of an armed populace in DC,Open carry and fear,Military leadership apparently does not trust soldiers in garrison,Illegal Immigration Amnesty is a threat to gun rights,The olsd car comparison again,VA homeowner fires warning shot at Unannounced Police with the wrong address and wins in court, Enough with Gabby Giffords.

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How old should a child be when you teach them about guns?,Single Mom defends with a firearms,Some Pigs Are Better Than Others,Debunking some myths,AntGun crowd often shoots themselves in the foot,Senators prep new gun control plan,Press ignores police unless they are anti gun,Pentagon has lost over 200,000 battle rifles in Afganistan.

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Pro Gun policies fail because there were no nuclear wars...or something,Hospital attackers wife says she is glad he was shot,Picking the right pocket pistol,Anti Gun Bloomberg commercial inadvertently shows a womans need for a gun,Don't mess with Texas,DC Carry ruling gets 90 day stay,NPR is flipping out over DC ruling,UPS driver steals 70 guns,Why you should carry.

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The Atlantic blames Army Pistol Procurement Program for street crime,The New York Reload,Drawing from a shoulder holster,Veterans made this country-Now get off our backs,So no one wants to ban guns eh?,You have to break the rules if you want to be free,Moms Demand Action get the credit for the recent crimes at Target,Battle of Athens part 2?,NBC does not like Doctors carrying guns,Rep Carolyn Maloney and The Threat,Obama talks tough but does not prosecute as much gun crime,DC gun grabbers flip out.

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DC is for now a Constitutional Carry district,Doctor who ignored gun free zone sign saves lives,Sign company deluged by orders for guns welcome signs,Boston Police Chief says Bostonians dont need to own rifles or shotguns,Q&A with Texas/US Law Shield,How does the Government pick the members of the Terror Watchlist,Docs vs Glocks plaintiffs told to take a powder,Border Agents say MS 13 using processing centers to recruit,Conservatism is the "Punk Rock" today.

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Tennessee Sheriff hits the jackpot with Project 1033,What is gun violence?,Bloomberg group releases report,Imagine-A guy that owns guns is a killer,We don't need mandatory training,Robbery suspect sues his victims for resisting,Adama Arms drops prices!,The Corporate Ground War,What is the Williow MD?

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Ant Gun Hickenlooper is tight with other Anti Gun Figures,NY Gun Range forced to close after 73 years,Cartels open up on our US Border Patrol,Q&A with Texas Law Shield,World Governments are rushing to make the internet a gun free zone,Daily Kos confuses movie guns and prototypes with real guns,After a brutal home invasion an Anti Gun couple rethink firearm ownership.

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Operation Choke Point hearing reveals DOJ threats,Rep Robin Kelly Reveals anti gun manifesto,Tennesse restaurant sees increase in business with guns welcome sign,New gun owner primer,Guns and 5 gallon buckets,When "Smart Guns" collide with dummies,Nullification strategy,Lberal attacks on"gun nuts" will lose the culture war,The Darwin Award Winner,2nd Amendment is not the only right being attacked,The biggest public health threat is the government,SYG in Florida now seems sort of muddy in application.

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The realities of police response time and self defense,The Roadmap for gun control, The strange details of the Port Arthur Massacre,Revisiting the loss of due process,Detroit police chief credits recent drop in crime to armed citizens,Mark Kelly and his problem with people,Twisting the facts,Pushback against Operation Choke Point increases,Bloomberg and who he gives money to,Faked intimidation,Rolling Stone and their contributed ignorance.

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Pre Crime bills are gaining some traction,Open Carry Arlington wins one in the courts,Gun Control 2.0,Target and Jack in the Box sure are enjoying their perceived gun free zones,NJ Cop Killers wife wish he had killed some more cops,Nurse with a gun breaks up teen aged crime ring,Archie Andrews-Martyred for gun control,Target security officer fired for catching a shop lifter,From the Office of MisInformation:What the 2nd Amendment Intended,Hour long conversation with Larry Pratt-Executive Director of Gunowners of America.

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Spokane Police Chief is really worried about bad guys using airsoft guns,They say "Common Sense" but what are the really advocating,Petition to White House hopes to gut NFA,For What do you train?,Jesse Jackson blames Obama for Chicago violence,Do not be naive about Chris Christie,Bloomberg becoming the man people love to hate,Police fake 911 calls to gain entry,DHS invades small town.

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Because of technical difficulties I cannot post current content. So here are 3 recent interviews. Author Mike Detty about Operation Wide Receiver. Doug Giles and his new book Rise,Kill and Eat, and Dr Linda Lagemann and discuss SSRIs.

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The 4th of July in the gun free utopia,Keeping your guns out of the wrong hands,MDA quotes the wrong guy on Independence Day,Judge speculates on ATF jealousy and potential criminality in Dobyns case,Feminist writer hates armed men,Al Jazeera/America tells hunters not to fight for gun rights,St Louis Police Chief does not like the idea of unalienable gun rights,Americans distrust Gun Control Activists,Humans will not be the dominant species by 2045?,Liberals at war with reality,More guns in schools-Less death.

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Target clarifies the non ban policy,MSNBC gets a fine dose of shock treatment,Why are cops killing dogs?,John Lott weighs in on Everytown statements,Shooting with corrective lenses,Mexico starts arresting "vigilantes",Another antigunner wishes death upon a hunter,Is the gun violence epidemic meme an out and out fraud,The most coveted right,The Army wants a new handgun,I get busted over my bootleg ad,HHS seems a lot like North Korea, If we were the founders would we choose freedom or slavery?

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Hey lets talk about the "Brownshirts",No way to satisfy a gun grabber,MSNBC commentator sort of does not understand the whole liberty thing,Atlanta Mayor hardens city buildings now that law abiding citizens are carrying guns with state approval,Military dictatorships are never a good idea,How to carry when running,Christie in NJ goes the way of the national wind,2 different versions of the term Universal Background Check,Dick Metcalf-Unforgiven.

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