Lock N Load with Bill Frady podcast

The Debates,what didn't get asked,and the Benghazi debacle,90 minute Q&A with Costa-Ludus CEO Chris Costa.

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Murder and Treason by the NRA...allegedly, What kind of guns do criminals use?,John Stankewicz of Battlecomp joins me to chew the fat,Pediatric group says the safest home for children is a home without guns meanwhile 12 year old little girl defends herself and her home with a gun.

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What is with the violent rhetoric coming from anti gun politicians?, Obama and cheap handguns...this and all of his statements reek of the coming tax scheme in Cook County and the racist roots of gun control,Ben Grandblanc returns with ar15news.com,Do the Anti gunners want us dead?

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Chicago taxes the ammo and guns to treat the gangbangers,Bloomberg just doesn't like no one paying him any attention,Kenn Blanchard black Man with a Gun, the Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea, Violence Policy Center chief Josh Horwitz doesn't like the Wiki Weapon Project chief Cody Wilson.

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What is an Assault Weapon and banning them does what?,In a moment of candor Obama calls for an assault weapon ban, In Alabama you can open carry unless we tell you to leave, Robert Farago from the Truth About Guns,Why aren't Black Americans allowed to be conservative????

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Don't shoot dogs!,Obama Administration wants to limit Military members access to privately owned guns IF they are thought to be a suicide risk,Spouse of slain victim wants disarmament law to prevent future shootings,Retired Justice Stevens" 2nd Amendment no obstacle to banning automatic weapons", I reject reality and substitute my own!

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Joyce Foundation founds anti gun surveys with the help of the VPC, More shootings than trafic deaths in DC according to the VPC,Space physics and guns,In Newark NJ, the Bodega owners want ballistic armor instead of weapons,Gun rights and Glenn Beck.

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Coalition Against Gun Violence advocates political violence against Americans,the problem with panic buying, please get out and train,Ben Grandblanc of ar15news.com returns, protect your rights.

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Is Bloomberg funding the whole anti gun movement?,Lets browse the Clinton Presidential Library,Researcher Dr Gary Kleck,Jim Lehrer and the Brady Campaign,Salinas California citizen stops armed thugs and the locals dont like it.

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San Benito California PD show off their new "toys"...sorta,With Obama gun control has always been on the radar, Rick Ector of L.A.I.D. comes back in to talk about Detroit, Robert Farago of The Truth About Guns.

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What the hell is going on in Detroit?, In Ohio, police are the only ones that should carry?, Ted Nugent comes in to talk about his new show, Gun Country on the Discovery Channel, Cody Wilson talks about  the Wiki Weapons Project, Mayor Mike has a lot of problems in  his kingdom.

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NYPD shoots another un armed non criminal to death,Micro stamping will threaten lcal economy, The ant gunners just dont understand...on purpose, Sheriff lies about shall issue policy, Cost and benefit of guns with the benefits.

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Ezine Articles joins Google in censorship, Illinois FOID frustration, Brady Campaign is big loser in Wednesday's debate, Steve Pineau of 21st Century Gunfighter joins me to discuss Battlecomp, Ben Grandblanc back from ar15news.com.

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Gun grabbers take artistic liscense with facts, Professor touts new advance in weaponry,Chuck Porter of Sheepdogs Inc, Gun rights are exclusive.

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Wiki Weapon update,Gun grabbers truth telling?, Larry Pratt Exec Director of GOA stops by, Robert Farago of TheTruthAbotGuns.com, this election according to Chuck Norris, why do the Brits want us dis-armed?

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Univision continues to do the job of the MSM,Lease company stops the Wiki Weapon Project...for now,Kerry Davis of Dark Angel Medical,SC City successfully defeats Indoor Range and bans them, Pay attention to the media and then ignore them.

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National Concealed Carry permit...what do you think?TSA misses a handgun..again,MSM is one of the biggest dangers to American way of life,

Univision is actually deconstructing Fast and Furious,the Governments war at home.

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State mandated defenselesness,Gun controllers are humiliated everyday,Communists are for gun control ala CSGV,Simply disregard the polls.

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Are we armed because we are free or are we free because we are armed?, Bo Stewart of American Milsim, Chris Clifton of defensive Concepts NC, Thailand...they already live in a world based upon the Brady Campaign.

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New York Times and Guns, Don Leach, author of Oregon Concealed, Robert Farago of thetruthaboutguns.com, Its ok,cling to your guns.

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Congressional Black Caucus gives Holder an award while ignoring F&F,Obama, Axelrod and gunconrol in a second term,Total Gun Manual authors Dave Pezal and Phil Bourjaily, Gun Culture 2.0

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People kill people, escpecially at hospitals, More Colorado campus hysterics, What really motivates the CSGV?

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Update on the Wiki Weapon project, what would precipitate a gun grab and how should you react, ben Grandblanc returns from ar15news.com,views from around the country pro and con.

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Ronnie Barrett and his open letter to America, James Yeager of Tactical Response give us insight into the mindset of self defense,future rifles will hit targets more than 2 miles away, Republicans want heads to roll in the DOJ.

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DNC salute to America military with Russian warships and Turkish jets, Brady Campaign asks what would Reagen say?, MSM is so unbiased.....or not.

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Coalition to Stop Gun Violence reimagines the founding fathers mindset,Nikki Goeser and her very compelling story,Media Matters + Guns = Hypocrisy.

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Be ready to treat and transport yourself,Virginia EMT's may get to conceal carry,the new realities to consider when sending a child to college,this current administration listens to everybody but Americans

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A very long, excellent chat with The Beard, Chris Costa about training, Ben Grandblanc returns with the latest from ar15news.com

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Exec Director of GOA, Larry Pratt joins me, Obama empowers the ATF to seize firearms without due process, H&K throws Recoil Magazine under the bus.

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Robert Farago of The Truth About Guns, Rob Pincus and I discuss the train wreck that is now Recoil Magazine

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Hollywoods evolving take on gun rights,Chicago hires criminals to mediate criminals, Kris Koenig Producer of Assaulted, Civil Rights Under Fire somes in to discuss his pro gun film project, ATF had 3 goals in Fast and Furious.

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Recoil Magazine makes a greivous semntic error and utters what no gun publication should ever verbalize, Nikki Goeser and her story preview, UN Programme of Action and what it means to you,Obama wants to extend the Chicago crime friendly gun free zone nationwide.

I invite all of you to the GunOwners of America Radio Facbook page, and would welcome your input.

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NYGuns tells the story of Loenard Embody, Ben of AR15news.com,lets force shave the Fort Hood Jihadi

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NYT, the summer of Easy Guns, NYGuns calls in,why can't the gun grabbers understand what the 2nd Amendment means, Chicago cop's wife defends herself with a gun high ranking Chicago LEO wants her arrested.

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Robert Farago from the Truth About Guns, The new gungrabber meme common sense gun control, columnist declares the 2nd Amendment dead.

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Liberals postulate about the Founding Fathers and guns today, America is still fighting back, two shootings at grocers, two different outcomes.

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Ben of AR15news.com returns, anti gunners sounded the same 20 yrs ago.

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In keeping with a blog series I'm writing at TheTruthaboutGuns.com. This show is about me and my reasons and journey from being an anti-gunner to 2nd Amendment Advocate.

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Australia;Red Tape =Gun Control, What happened to waitibg periods?, The Truth About Guns Blogmeister Robert Farago

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Apologies for the quality of this podcast, due to a software crash, Coalition to Stop Gun Violence calls all pro gun advocates traitors, Young Hunter cannot sign his name at preschool because it looks like he is simulating a gun,Armed citizen save a police officer.

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NYGuns calls in with something new, Shouldn't we all be against all violence???, I dont think the massive ammo buy by the Gov't. is a conspiracy.

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Ben of ar15news.com comes back and we review the week at his website,The Empire State Building shooting, Why doesn't the Army force shave the Fort Hood jihadi shooter and get the trial underway?

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Holmes chose Cinemark because it was gun free, Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea, ICE wants to uphold the law...so threy sue


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Illinois begins the gunowner rebellion, Grandma stops home invader with a BBQ fork, 20 years later a look back at Ruby Ridge, some American Sikhs wish to trade their ceremonial knives for a handgun.

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14.3 Vs 2.3. Gun buybacks dont work and LEO know this, Google wants to censor so here are some alternatives.

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Who is the government planning to shoot, Did Obama violate the NDAA, Gearing up for SC Gun School.

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Ben of AR15 news.com, And England as a template for the utopian gun free zone??????

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Lot of things more likely to hurt you than a gun, NYGuns calls in again and lays it all out .

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When a supposed conservative calls for gun control is that conservative? Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright unscripted.

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Gunowners stop massacres, gun free zones slaughter the innocents. Rick Ector of Legally Armed in Detroit.

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More gungrabbers, a little of Eric Holders resume, Lets wake up and get set.

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Fast and Furious was a coordinated effort between the US and the Sinaloa Cartel, New segment Recap according to ar15news.com

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Gunowners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt and I chew the fat on current happenings, more of Mayor Mike, What to look for when you are choosing a rifle or handgun course.

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NYGuns calls in to warn about coming gun grabbing legislation in New York, Mark Walter syndicated host of the Armed American.

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More of those silly gungrabbers, Colorado and Wisconsin shooters have liberal heritage, ther is hope.

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Ther gun grabbers are idiots, and they do not get to disarm me. Better to be attacked with a claw hammer??? 

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Military Arms Channel's Tim Harmsen from Youtube, Grace McKee of packingpretty.com, Bloomberg sold 28000 pounds of empty brass

to Georgia Arms.

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From youtube in Comes Cory and Erika, and then a totally surprising interview with Uncle Ted himself,Ted Nugent.

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The morally bankrupt progressive mindset, Rick Ector-Founder of Legally Armed In Detroit, 5 gun free zone spree shootings, 5 interrupted spree shootings.

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Homage to the gungrabbers, Defensive Concepts NC

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Bloomberg and Ezra Klein have a lot in common, Caller from NYC vents and lights up the chat room.

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Communications Director Eric Pratt of Gun Owners of America, I'm tired of being polite in the gun control debate.

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Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea, Bloomberg calling for insurrection by LEO?

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Deconstructing the Aurora Clorado shooting and what can we learn from it.

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Media for gun control, NY being defenseless isn't enough for Bloomberg, Someone please tell Calderon he cannot have it both ways,

Spree shootings when someone near can shoot back.

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This broadcast was in front of my largest audience to date, but during the broadcast some technical difficulties killed the recording process.

What we have here is the recording I was able to recover, and some of the transitions will seem abrupt, and I apologize for the production loss.

The Colorado shooting spree superseded the prior show prep, and you will notice some factual shortcomings based upon sketchy information.

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100 others in Military like Fort Hood shooter,Here they come again,Gun free zones or shooting spree friendly?

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James Yeager of Tactical Response, ATF threatens their rank and file,WRAL TV outs concealed carry permit holders in NC.

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John Hauptmann of Phlster.com, more UN Small Arms Treaty, and we gotta get it together.

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America not the most violent, Jason Wilson of Lucid Gear and the NFA trials, David Codrea wants to disbar Eric Holder.

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Gun control is a racist mechanism.

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One long rant about the Brady Campaign and the lies, The UN, and what about Fast and Furious?

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Technical difficulties, Stood up again, and more of the accursed UN.

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Ask the Experts with Chris Clifton, Defensive Concepts NC, Hug a gun it go bang.

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Lucid Gear, History of the Gun Grabbers

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House Oversight Committee Member Rep Trey Gowdy on F&F, UN ATT and all the other funstuff the politicians play.

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Blogger and Busness Owner Rebecca Guns, and the pre 4th rant.

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Un Small Arms Treaty, Fast and Furious circa 1996

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Brady Campaign, Larry Pratt, Kenn Blanchard

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Gun Rights Examiner Blogger and Writer David Codrea

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More Fast And Furious, More Zombies, and the world according to Chicago

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Fast and Furious, Is the US being led down a Marxist Lane?, Defensive Concepts NC

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Gunowners of America Radio Episode 31

Mash up of 2nd Amendment topics, self defense stories, and rants against the gun grabbers.

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