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Filling in at 106.3 WORD.

Jopined by Uncle Ted, himself, Ted Nugent.

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Filling in at 106.3 WORD.

Bill and Lee talk about the rent moratorium and how the government has overstepped its boundaries, again. He also talks about the open carry in the low country.

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Filling in at 106.3 WORD.

Bill talks with El Presidente, aka Lee Rogers, about the vaccine and how it is not a bulletproof vest. Lee scoffs at the fact that all the anti-vax are Trump supporting white supremacists. Bill says that the people in charge should just admit when they are wrong because it has been over a century since the last pandemic. Unfortunately, they just change the narrative every time they are wrong with the truth being they want to retain their power. 

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Filling in at 106.3 WORD.


Bill Frady steps in for Tara as he talks to Lee about the Delta Variant of Coronavirus. Bill says that he is quite tired of the news and political statements in the entertainment industry.

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