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Dan Wos is a nationally recognized 2nd Amendment advocate and spokesperson. He speaks at events and on radio across the country and is a regular guest on NRA TV. 

Dan is also an American entrepreneur, author, musician and NRA member. He is founder and President of three corporations–including House Detective Inc., a home inspection & appraisal company www.housedetective.biz and WosCorp Media, a multimedia company www.woscorp.com . He is also an active real estate investor.  
 Wos has been a musician since the age of 9. He has toured extensively throughout the United States in live bands and has many published works to his credit, including the 2000 Iron Cat records release U.S.Bandit by U.S.Bandit, the 2006 Iron Cat Records release Voodoo Man by the Dan Wos Project, the 2016 book Good Gun Bad Guy and the 2017 book Good Gun Bad Guy 2 published by Iron Cat Publishing. Some of his music has been featured in TV shows, commercials and on radio in many countries around the world. He continues to record music write books and write commentary for blogs and websites.                                                         

 Dan is also interested in graphic design, and collector cars (primarily Corvettes, of which he has had an extensive collection throughout the years). Dan lives in Saratoga Springs, NY

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Amanda Suffecool  
Host of Eye On The Target Radio -   been on since 2010,  in a Q&A format for firearms education,  Ranging from concealed carry, to ALICE active shooter.  We are multi disciplined NRA instructors, and can talk handguns, rifles, reloading, historical or ballistics.
Director of REALIZE firearms awareness coalition  a 501c3 that works in the area of firearms education
Author of the book - Your Guide to Producing a Concealed Carry Fashion Show
and the Ohio representative of the DC project
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About Rob Morse

Rob Morse writes the SlowFacts blog and contributes to the Polite Society Podcast as well as AmmoLand Shooting Sports news.

Patriot Rob Morse, design engineer/analyst by day. Civil rights advocate by night.

“I respect ideas that have stood the test of time and circumstance. I respect those slow-facts.” says Rob

Rob writes the SlowFacts blog and contributes to the Politics and Guns Podcast as well as AmmoLand Shooting Sports news.  He also hosts the Self Defense Gun Stories Podcast.

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