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L.A. Snitch Program a Diversion from Utter Failure of Disarmament Laws, Democrats panic over DACA, Obama Aide Was Busted For Taking Upskirt Photos Of Women Around DC, Mass Exodus from Blue States to Red States, Unilever threatens to pull ads from tech giants unless they 'reform' content.

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Getting ready to go to the Tactical Response, Fighting Pistol class, 9-10 Jun 2018. Tonight I have the MFCEO of Tactical Response, James Yeager and we talk about the value of training.


For more info on Fighting Pistol go to;





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Principles, Schminciples - Lynch Mobs Are Cool If They Derail Trump, This Is Why We Can’t Have Nice Things, Manifestations Of Hate: Let’s Punish ACTIONS Rather Than Thoughts, A Democrat who believes in the 2nd Amendment?, Your Constitutional Rights Under A President Eric Holder, NYC Police Commissioner Freaking Out Over Potential Of National Reciprocity.

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