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‘Bad Guy with a Gun’ Not Stopped by California’s Strict Gun Laws, Trump-Hating Lefty Arrested After Threatening Mass Murder, Why More Gun Laws Cannot Prevent Mass Shootings, Oh Boy: The AR-15 Is The Tool Of Evil Again, Rancho Tehama Killer, Kevin Janson Neal, Had Been Charged With Two Felonies, Was Under a Restraining Order.

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Advertisers Shoot Themselves in the Foot When They Take Sides, California gunman had been feuding with neighbors, mother says, Another French defeat; another Muslim victory, Do Republicans want to lose in the 2018 midterms?, Countdown to carnage.

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About Roger Katz

Roger is an attorney licensed to practice law in Ohio and Arizona. Roger is CEO of Arbalest Group. He is a graduate of Cleveland State University, Cleveland Marshall College of Law and was an Editor of Law Review.

Roger holds a Master of Public Administration Degree from Cleveland State University and holds several degrees from The Ohio State University. He earned a Master of Arts degree in Philosophy, a Bachelor of Arts degree in English and a Bachelor of Science in Education degree in Secondary English Education.

Roger has practiced law for the federal Government in Washington D.C., for the State Government in Arizona, and has been in private practice in Ohio, New York, and Arizona. Roger is a co-founder of Arbalest Group LLC, creator of the Arbalest Quarrel weblog, dedicated to strengthening the Second Amendment, preserving our Bill of Rights, and maintaining a free Republic.


Stephen L. D’Andrilli Stephen L. D’Andrilli

Both Roger and his business partner, Stephen L. D’Andrilli, a decorated veteran NYPD Officer and Adjunct Professor/Lecturer of Police Science at John Jay College of Criminal Justice, regularly co-author comprehensive, critical analyses of State and federal firearms laws; critical, extraordinarily detailed, no holds barred analyses of Federal Court decisions impacting the Second Amendment; detailed analyses of pending State and Federal Bills; and detailed analyses of Federal Rules and Regulations, impacting Americans’ Constitutional rights and liberties generally.


They also co- author commentary, with a unique perspective on, and perceptive insight into, news and politics.

Roger and Stephen are regular radio talk show guests on Lock N Load with Bill Frady.

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