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MASS SHOOTINGS, CLIMATE, DISCRIMINATION: WHY GOVERNMENT'S FEAR OF DATA THREATENS US ALL,  Science by the numbers, Talking to the Left on Gun Rights – My Head Still Hurts, And now the overreaction!

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Thoughts and Prayers for Anti-Gun Freaks Grieving Over Death of The Narrative, Donald Trump, Jr., Jeff Flake Square Off On Twitter Over Gun Control, Shannon Watts: When Mass Shooters Are White Men, Why Are We Told Gun Laws Won’t Work?, Massad Ayoob: Should You Open Carry Or Go Concealed?, YouTube has gone completely PC and doesn't care who knows it.

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I no longer can recommend Second Call Defense because I dont know what is going on with them, Hearts of Stone on the Left, Dems fooling themselves over Virginia election results, Is this really the key law enforcement innovation needed in Bloody Chicago, the murder capital?

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