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Florida Man Has Fender Bender In Manhattan, You Are Not Safe and Never Were, Why the ‘bump stock’ ban will fail, Frosh attacks gun owners, not crime.

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Antifa apocalypse? Anarchist group's plan to overthrow Trump 'regime' starts Saturday, Former Clinton Comms Dir.: ‘Absolutely’ Brazile Is Lying, A Round Of Applause For Kevin Spacey, Terrorism Only Warrants A Solution When It’s Non-Islamic, Las Vegas Massacre Could Have Been Much Worse.



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Swamp operative Brazile jumps the crooked Hillary ship, The rise of overt, unapologetic anti-white racism, GQ throws a fit about Trump not wanting the death penalty for a dead man, Jihad Rears Its Head Again, with Democrats Enabling, Anti-Gun Snoop Dogg’s Settlement with Underage Girls Deserves Amplification.

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