Lock N Load with Bill Frady podcast

Veteran Describes How New York’s SAFE Act Wrongly Stole His Gun Rights, California Gun Violence Restraining Orders Extended in Just 12% of Cases, Connecticut's Strict Gun-Control Laws May Soon Be Lifted By The Federal Government, New California ‘assault weapon’ regs approved, lawsuits promised, Trump’s surgeon general nominee tries to separate guns from gun violence, Chicago buyback gun turns up at scene of police involved shooting years later.


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AntiGunners are mobilizing, THe NRA Carry Guard Debacle, MS-13 doesn't fear Trump, rival gangs or the police - but they are terrified of La Sombra Negra, The dictatorial left: Conservatives must not speak, or even appear.

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New sponsor DTWS Arms makes their 1st appearance in the form of Adam Finley. Adam has been building AR15s for 8 years now, and the DTWS rifle is easily one of the nicest I have ever handled.


Call 864-505-3836 and ask about the 989An AR15/ Ruger 9mm pistol package for 989.99 out the door!

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