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Lessons from the Beslan attack and tips on how to prevent that here in the US with Dr John Edeen, John McEnroe is Right: Serena Williams Couldn’t Beat Eggs on Men’s Tour, Gun Owner Rights Don’t Depend on How Tired Shannon Watts is of Joe Scarborough.

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Poll: Congressional shooting ‘won’t change the way people talk about guns’, Federal judge issues temporary stay for California's high capacity magazine ban, Special surprise guest Dr John Edeen from DRGO to talk about Bronx Hospital shooting.

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I will never purchase a Glock again, Tips For Communicating With Police After Shootings, Concealed Carry For Congress, But Not For You, Cop Shot In Face By Unarmed Black Man.

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Some unsolicited advice for left-wing elitists, Who knew journalists were just snowflakes?, Former top State Department official provides an excuse for Hillary’s loss that is laugh out loud ridiculous, The media have themselves to blame, Modeling assassination is more dangerous than verbal endorsement of violence.

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Justice Thomas Chides Colleagues for Ignoring Second Amendment Case, CNN Tries To Move Forward After Its Latest Humiliation, White Terrorist Privilege, The Domestic Terrorism Count: Jihadists vs. Right-Wing Extremism.

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Milwaukee Police Chief Blasted by Police Union for Blaming CCP Law for Violence, Palin sues New York Times for claiming she incited Giffords’ 2011 shooting, If They Really Cared About the Poor, The Left Wouldn’t Disarm Them, Leftist Extremism Is Mainstream Leftism.

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ISIS Fighters Return To Europe, Complain About Job Rejections, For gun reciprocity bill foes, desperate times call for desperate lies, ‘DANGEROUS’ CONCEALED CARRY RECIPROCITY MEASURES CONDEMNED BY MAYORS’ GROUP, What is EDC and why is it Important?

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The World According to Second Call Defense with Sean Maloney.




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Law-Abiding Citizens Have More Than 600 Million Firearms in America, Sig Sauer beat out Glock by more than $100 million on Army handgun bid, Supreme Court agrees non-violent misdemeanor crimes may not strip 2A rights, Fighting Radical Islam – Guns Are the Answer, Great Britain has been Reducing and Disarming the Police.

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Death wish progressives, Why is the Secret Service going so easy on agent who proclaimed she wouldn’t take a bullet for Trump?, Finishing the night with anti gunners we get these 2 gems-Sensible gun control needed, America’s lax gun laws are giving more and more kids an easy path to suicide.

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Commie-fornia Democrats Hit a Wall on Single-Payer, Hollywood Goes Off the Depp End, Student who registered dead people for Democrats headed to prison, CNN Fake News, living up to its name.

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Why one cop carries 145 rounds of ammo on the job, Gun Control, America’s Grown Weary…, Mainstream Media Misrepresents NRA’s Position on Right-to-Carry Permits, Advice To Help Our Beloved Democrat Friends Win In 2018.

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Gang member charged in cop killing: 'I should have smoked 'em quicker', No One’s Slaves, Castile Verdict, Bad – Carrying a Gun Should NOT Be a Capital Offense, Firearms Merchant Files Class Action Lawsuit Against PayPal And Other Payment Processors, Note to Democrats: Losing Is Not Winning.

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Lots of things happening at SCOTUS today. I ask the guys from Arbalest Quarrel, Roger Katz and Stephen D'Andrilli to come in and explain.

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Do Right-to-Carry Gun Laws Make States Safer?, Report: Concealed Carry Permit Holders Are The Most Law-Abiding People In The Country, Gun Controllers Know Their Policies Won’t Stop Murder. They’re Playing A Different Game, Manhattan prosecutor: Gun law reciprocity bill ‘supported, I am sure, by ISIS’.

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Political Violence, Who’s to Blame, No Company Should Have a Human Resources Department, What? You Mean They Don't Care about Democrat Investigations...Again?, The message of the left.

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Commentary: Face it, gun control doesn’t work, Wow: Canadian Sniper Sets New Record After Shooting An ISIS Fighter Two Miles Away, Democratic Party More Bankrupt Than Ever, Colorado teachers receiving active shooter training, Australian Gun Owner’s Proposed ‘Happy Medium’ Overlooks ‘Shall Not Be Infringed’.

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Journalists Display Weapons-Grade Stupidity Trying to Identify Gun Used in GOP Shooting, Illinois Man Arrested, Charged With Threatening to Shoot President Trump, Ohio Man Faces Numerous Charges After Targeting GOP Rep. Democrats Cause Violence, GUN SALES SPIKE AS PEOPLE BUY DEADLIER WEAPONS TO PROTECT THEMSELVES.

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Why Democrats keep losing, Government says 30% of children caught at border have ties to violent drug gangs, Maybe it's time to send the pollsters and Dems back to school, Why are Democrats still addicted to campaign 'war chests'?

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FBI Report on Alexandria Quietly Debunks the Gun-Controllers’ Talking Points, Frum Control , Nobody wants to take your guns?, For the GOP, Step Up or Become an Irrelevant Majority.

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Spare Me The Principles Lecture, Professor Calls White People "Inhuman", The Left Has One More Argument: Kill Them!, The BBC Can’t do Simple Math When it Comes to Kids and Guns.

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Who Keeps You Safe? You Keep You Safe, How'd that referendum on Trump work out?, Damn It, GOP: Do Something!, Addicted to the Apocalypse .

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Live from Colorado it is The World According to Second Call Defense with Sean Maloney.

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The Progressive Tea Party that Never Was, Building Thoughtful Gun Owners – Defense Of Others…Or Not?, “I Have A Gun!” – Things Not To Say To A Cop, ‘Political Debate Encourages Violence,’ Say CBS, Rasmussen polls.

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3 Huge Concealed Carry Myths Debunked, Children Are Dying Because Of Americans' Denial About Guns, Points to Ponder about New Study on Kids and Guns, Anti-Gun Comedians: Lies Haven’t Worked So They’re Trying Wisecracks, In America We Shoot Back, Are We Nearing A Civil War?




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No, Jonah: Politics Is Not 'Debate and Disagreement', MSNBC, CBS imply that Scalise kind of had it coming, Republicans alone can stop Democrat violence, Switzerland's Carbon Capture Plant Is a Giant Waste of Money, Take Your Gun Control and Shove It. We’re Arming Up.

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NJ Democratic Strategist Launches Campaign to #HuntRepublicans, Existing Law Requires Gun Owners to Pay for Government’s ‘Mistakes’, If We Talked About Cars the Way We Talk About Guns, Rep. Mo Brooks To Introduce Bill Allowing Lawmakers To Carry Guns In DC.

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A Good Week for Good Guys with Guns, Yes, Joy Reid, POTUS Name Checked "Assata Shakur" in #TrumpingCuba, Liberals Got Their Blood, Will It Be Enough?, Republicans Delude Themselves With Demands For More Civility.

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At Arbalest Quarrel, Stephen D'Andrilli was asked about Smart Guns by the BBC. Tonight we find out how that discussion was received.

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If The Left Wins Their Soft Coup, Everyone Loses - But Mostly Them, Best Practices: Why the OODA Loop is Still Relevant, Paris Agreement Was Designed to Have a Devastating Impact on the U.S. Economy, Green Flames: London’s Lesson.

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The Left's Very Dangerous Game, Violent liberalism strikes again, For Democrats, it's come down to 'Just Get Someone', A partial list of threats against GOP and Trump from Hollywood celebrities.

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Media To America: Don’t Politicize An Obvious Act Of Political Violence, An Attack on Our Nation, Police Warn English Subjects Against Using Guns to Resist Terrorism, Professionally Protected Kim Kardashian Can Afford to Support ‘Gun Control’.

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EXCLUSIVE: Assassination List Found On James Hodgkinson’s Body, New Liberal Talking Point: Republicans and Trump Are Partially to Blame for This Anti-GOP Shooting, Pelosi: Trump's Rhetoric Responsible For Shooting, Why Should We Trust Mueller?

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HuffPo Pulls Article Calling For ‘Ultimate Punishment’ Of Trump, NYT Uses GOP Shooting To Falsely Attack Sarah Palin With Debunked Conspiracy Theory, Liberal Shoots Republicans; Democrats Blame GOP Gun Policies, Self-Defense: Tactical Movement Against Multiple Assailants.

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Tonight I am joined by NRA Board Member Tim Knight. Tim is a grassroots specialist and leaves the Leftists is disarray wherever he goes. And he is up for ReElection to the NRA Board.


Check him out at 



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Facebook “Terminate the Republican Party” hails Scalise shooter as HERO, 20 Liberal Calls For Violence Against Conservatives in Quotes, Remember the Professor Who Said Republicans Should be Executed?, Can a Divided America Survive?, The 'Resistance' Goes Live-Fire.

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Shooting At GOP Baseball Practice Latest In Pattern Of Violence Against Republicans, Our Dishonest Media and Guns, What happens in Iran after the ISIS attacks?, Thespians Delve into Politics, Destroy Discourse.

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Fresh off of an extreme stroke, My friend Rick Ector comes in to talk recovery and all things Legally Armed in Detroit.

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Where Have I been?, Shooter Identified As James T. Hodgkinson of Illinois; Facebook Page Shows Bernie Sanders Support, HuffPo Writer: ‘For Violent Resistance To Work It’d Need To Be Organized’, Rand: Without Scalise's Security Detail, It Would Have Been 'Massacre', Virginia Governor Calls For Gun Control At Scene Of Scalise Shooting, Commentary: The Shooter Alone -- Not Politics, Not Rhetoric -- is Responsible.

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Civil wars all around, The anti-Trump brigade is out of ideas, Schuyler Barbeau Gun Case Pits Principle Against Precedents, So what does Weiner have on Huma and Hillary?

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Naked Islam in Manchester, Here Are The 18 Things Hillary Blames For Her Election Defeat, Liberals Are Anxious-Avoidant, Al Franken (the genius!) inadvertently speaks the truth -- about Kathy Griffin’s 'apology'.

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Surprise: Portland Killings Blamed on Trump Rhetoric Actually Perpetrated by Bernie Supporter, The Left Freaks Out As Everything It Tries Makes It Look Stupider, Kathy Griffin Represents the Left's Visceral Hatred of Trump, Deplorables, Romney Wants Trump to Keep US in Paris Agreement...But Not Just for Environmental Reasons.

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Missile defense damns Obama 'flexibility', Kathy Griffin's bloody head of Trump, The Political Promotion of Violent Crime, Every Burglary Suspect Is Extremely Dangerous, The Coming Conservative Supreme Court, European Ignorance of War.

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