Lock N Load with Bill Frady podcast
Lock N Load with Bill Frady Ep 1059 Hr 3 Mixdown 1

They're Back-k-k! Leftist Crazies, Smug libs getting plumb 'Tuckered', DC Women’s Snowflake March: What Was the Message?, Extremely vetted Syrian refugee had unvetted contacts with Islamic State.

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Lock N Load with Bill Frady Ep 1059 Hr 2 Mixdown 1

OpenCarry.org Proposes 2-Pronged National Firearm Carry Enforcement Statute (NFCES), Is ‘Trucker Lives Matter’ Making The Right of Self Defense a One-Way Street?, Your Second Amendment Rights Don’t End At The State Line, The Art Of The Preposterous.

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Lock N Load with Bill frady Ep 1059 Hr 1 Mixdown 1

'America First' Is Not a Threat but a Promise, Women’s March Featured Speaker Who Kidnapped, Raped And Tortured A Man, Libs Who Want To Move To Canada Blocked By Its Strict Immigration Policies, NYT Editorial Board Horrified That Trump Wants To Fight ‘Radical Islamic Terrorism’, FBI: Washington State Gun Owners Not Complying With New Background Check Law, Six People Shot During Memorial For Chicago Gunshot Victim, Brooklyn gun broker secretly recorded conversations with corrupt NYPD cops.

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