Lock N Load with Bill Frady podcast
Lock N Load with Bill Frady Ep 1052 Hr 3 Mixdown 1

Three Secondary Threats To The Second Amendment, Obama Lists Regrets — Again: Failure to Secure Gun Control Still #1, President Trump Can Free Second Amendment from Ninth Circuit’s Grip, Donald Trump versus the black knights of the left, Progressives Really Are Deranged.

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Lock N Load with Bill Frady Ep 1052 Hr 2 Mixdown 1

The unbridgeable divide, Why the left hates Trump so intensely, Hollywood: Keep your mouth shut!, Series of bizarre 'technical glitches' on US TV networks sets social media ablaze.

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Lock N Load with Bill Frady Ep 1052 Hr 1 Mixdown 1

Hollywood Vs. the 'Fascist' Election Result, GOP Senators Slam Modular Handgun Program During Mattis Hearing, Trump’s Model First Press Conference, The Horror of Guns Everywhere…Oh My!

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