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Lock N Load with Bill Frady Ep 1009 Hr 2 Mixdown 1

Obama attacks Republicans who did not reject Trump early enough to satisfy Obama, Trump '87% certain' to win in November, Hillary Clinton, Sociopath & Viper, Getting Home Safe – Alert Your Spouse with a Safe Word or Phrase.

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Lock N Load with Bill Frady Ep 1009 Hr 1 Mixdown 1

Paul Ryan, Harms The Republican Party & The Nation, I was anti-gun, until I got stalked, Telegraph: U.S. Top Country for Gun Ownership, Not Even in Top 10 for Firearm Deaths, Military Contractor Killed Committing Home Invasion, Shariah Marches on in Florida and New York.

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Lock N Load with Bill Frady Ep 1008 Hr 3 Mixdown 1

Running completely out of gas, I will be back tomorrow.

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Lock N Load with Bill Frady Ep 1008 Hr 2 Mixdown 1

Doug Giles talking about his new book PUSSIFICATION: The Effeminization Of The American Male, New direction for the show, Would You Be The Hero During A Rampage Shooting?, Lies Hillary Said About Me.


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