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Filling in at WORD 106.3. Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts joins me in hour 4.

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Filling in at WORD 106.3 in Greenville SC

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Filling in at WORD 106.3. Today some of the idiots get mt attention.

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Substituting on 1063 WORD.

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Connecticut Governor decides that due process is too good for gun owners in his state,America's Gunsurgency,The rifles of the next Civil War,Democrat Senator calls CCW Bill the work of lunatics,WH cannot name a shooting that would have been prevented by gun control,Wendy Davis curiously resurfaces?,Obama tells FBI and NSC to downplay terror angle from San Bernadino,Conservative artist shows gun free zones signs for what they are.

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Earth to Fox News-Dry firing DOES NOT develop a killing mindset!,Arizona and Nevada push back at Gov Moonbeam, Some fine examples of devout Muslims trying to kill without a gun present,Best way to combat terrorism-1st Get rid of political correctness,From Townhall.com I am joined be Matt Vespa,France and the US begin the hard right turn,Orange County CA workers will learn the art of the combat stapler to ward off an active shooter attacks.

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So they ban guns and repeal the 2nd Amendment.....Now what?, Obama comes in swinging for what he feels is the low hanging fruit, You cannot fight terrorism with gun control,LA Times forecasts that unless gun owners give in each and every time confiscation is next, How much and in what way would utopian gun control cost?,The World According to Second Call Defense with Sean Maloney.




Today and tomorrow Promo code Hillary at secondcalldefense.org gets a special prize.

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To buy or not to buy an AK, NYT is very concerned about the good of society at large,Why we have guns,Supreme Court proves once again that they are anything but supreme,Who is the enemy and how do we fight them, The Democrats are really proving how much they care about the individual security of Americans.

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Obama addresses the Nation...There's 13 minutes I will never get back,Should you really gear up "just in case"?,This is the time to buy an AR!,FBI Report validates what we have known all along,The "Wonderful Opportunity",Media hypocrisy on full display.....again,The Republicans and the NRA are the cause of all bad things....so there!, Mother Jones disputes the new Liberal narrative,Go read the NYT front page editorial if you have some time to waste.

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Political Correctness Kills!,Obama's case regarding mass shootings is full of holes and lies,Spree murders have become our blood sport,No One wants to call it Terrorism,The Left reacts and behaves disgracefully,The Left also DEMANDS French style gun control,A tale of 2 Sanders,Media attempts to redefine mass shooting,Milwaukee Dems accuse CCW law as the cause of their spiking crime, One of the craziest calls you will ever hear.

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We start dealing with the rumors-fallout and lies resulting from the San Bernadino shooting as the gun grabbers begin their pivot in the blood of the victims,Barack demands a gun control discussion at Thanksgiving and America responds by buying enough guns to start a new branch of the military, Hillary knows that trying to implement the Australian method is illegal in this country,Zealotry without knowledge is dangerous.

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Obama inserts his foot so deep down his throat it is getting recycled.....in Paris,When you can't argue facts lets go ad hominem and smear,A NY Criminologist asks the correct problems about gun control,Dems try to fund CDC for gun control hoping that we will forget history, The World According to Second Call Defense with Sean Maloney.

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Apparently Black Lives only matter if they fit into the narrative,Thanks for that pro gun legislation Obama,Idiots think that the only reason for the Colorado Springs shooter being alive is that he is white ,Refugees in Germany show their gratitude by rioting,MDs urged to ask about guns.....again,Got the CCW-Now what?,ICE Agents keep losing guns ,Parisian Attacks arms dealer arrested, Ray Kelly is not for civilians with guns,NGVAC wants to suspend Constitution due to imaginary "Gun violence" epidemic.

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