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I carry a gun but don't count on me to protect you,Father of slain TV reporter threatens politician and claims it isn't a threat,O'Malley says attacking 2nd Amendment is his reason for running for president,CNN commentator goes deep lying about child deaths from guns,From Breitbart.com I am joined by AWR Hawkins,FBI Director could morph Clinton from Candidate to Defendant,The lack of a viable market for "Smart Guns" is lost on the Anti Gunners.

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Hillary Clinton adopts the 40% myth,The Gun Confiscation Goal continues,The UnArmed face a desperate future,The Trace;Fraud that it is,The extent of the media brainwashing on guns,Germans are currently expressing fear,PC runs amok in California,The Insurrectionest in all of us, The World According to Second Call Defense with Sean Maloney.

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Austria struggles to arm as Islam comes to town,WH Spokeshole claims national gun law would make a difference in Sinaloa City(Chicago),CT kills plans to confiscate in light of the 68% of LEO who have failed to comply,Carson continues to evolve,John Lott misses a point,Sheriffs sue LA over magazine ban,More guns save lives in Israel,Understanding the Militia and muskets.

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Your life means nothing to the Liberal mindset or goals for this country,NYPD killer proves that the problem is "Thug Life",How to argue against Universal Background Checks,Calling BS in the face of calls for"Common Sense", From Bearingarms.com I am joined by Bob Owens and we discuss among other things the possibility of a civil war in the US.

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Thanks to Producer Shaine for putting this together.

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Thanks to GCN Producer Shaine for taking the time to make this possible.

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More realistically trained citizens are needed-please reply,NYPD caught using back scatter machines on NYC residents,Low info liberal idiot wants her hero Buffalo Barack to ban guns, In Manchester UK-30 shootings in 14 months,Another cop in SanFran has his gun stolen,Train to not have a negligent discharge, The World According to Second Call Defense with Sean Maloney.

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2nd Circuit Court of Appeals tees up the 2nd Amendment,Spokeshole for Killary Clinton tries to walk back the gun confiscation stuff,Democrats embrace insanity and old data,Two similar polls with different outcomes,Why we do not trust the Government concerning guns, Can we please regulate guns like cars?,Islam is infecting and covering Europe.

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The Evil that is the Gun Free Zone,Killary wants to buy back guns some more,Pelosi claims it was the private sector that closed the last gun store in SanFran,The Gun Confiscation Fantasy is going to kill the Democratic Party,One yahoo thinks you need to be shot before you qualify to own a gun,Lets protest in Idaho!,I officially endorse Killary Cankles Clinton to be the Democratic Nominee for Prez!, Gavin Newsome should leave crime prevention to the pros.

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Jan 1 2018;National Gun Turn in Day under President Killary Clinton,What really drives a spree shooter?,Anti Gunners are morally bankrupt,Kalifornia has another anti gun proposal,Buffalo Barack and the "Nudge",First among equals,NY State wants states rights...so listen to their demands,There is one definite way to stop a spree shooter.

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Buffalo Barack strikes in Roseburg,If there is a law they will obey.....right?,The macabre death culture that is Liberalism fuels these mass shootings,Harvard Study;Let the fear begin,We are declared "enemies" according to Clinton and O'Malley,AntiGun Pols should look at existing statutes before staking out new territory,Why do Democrats get to lie about guns?

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Killary is mistakenly saying there is no individual right,In Chicago LEO are pulling back due to the "YouTube Effect",NJ Dems are seeking veto override, From The Daily Kos;WTF is the matter with you people??????????,NYT says the "Modern Man" has no use for a gun,The Gun Control Farce,Dems will probably lose big in 2016 over guns,What Clinton and Obama don't know about gun control,Houston liberals go Howler monkey crazy because the Zoo allows guns now, Remember the Harvard Study of 2007?

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The biggest threat to our rights is the agenda driven propaganda or the Mainstream Media,From now on I am Blase Cupich!,Did a UT-Austin Professor really resign because guns are going to be allowed on campus?,Why is the Left Wing so obsessed with AR 15s?,Shifting the blame when gun control fails,Progressive Prez Candidates are betting big on gun control,Now in Cali no guns allowed on school campus-Non existent problem solved!,3 things to look out for when seeking training.

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Gun Control versus Human Nature,The Whole Mass Murder Allure thing,Gun Free Zones defy logic, The Supremes are looking at another case, From the Buckeye Firearms Association, I am joined by Jim Irvine.

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Guns are still technologically pertinent,Do you trust the Media or Government, Debunking the so called "declining" number of gunowners meme,Big surprise-Obama Lied!,The anti gunner members in the US Senate are thinning out, Lets talk about the Fulton Armory M14 EBR in my lap,Ben Carson says "Fight them' and the girly men in the press take umbrage,Russia legalizes the carry of self defense weapons,In Roseburg no one wants to be caught empty handed,Why aren't we protecting the children?

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The Strong Cities Network is inbound!,AP attacks Mothers and Guns,Obama wants the entire Nation to enjoy the "peace" of Chicago,Gun Grabber Primer!-Or 5 Easy Ways to make America Gun Free!,Hey Gun Grabbers-Stop messing around and lets go,Hillary Clinton DeConstructed Pt 1, Going after the common gun control myths,Umpqua Oregon is completely insulted by President Barack Obama,Hillary Clinton DeConstructed Pt 2.

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Chicago shootings are heading to an all time high,Gun Sales take off again after Obama speech,Some UCC families are very against gun control,Harry Reid forgets that he is in charge of the Minority!,Guns don't kill people-Liberalism does, Joined by NRA Board Member Tim Knight and we discuss defeating gun free zones.

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How to make a progressive gun grabbers head detonate,Oregon shooters dad blames gun availability and not his son,I may be heading off grid in 2017 if the following happens,Gun Control is Conservative Control,Yes Liberals-Gun Owners do know how to stop mass shootings,Barack Obama:Guns and Poses,Mass Murder and the Righteous Radicals,The "Australian Solution"-What did it do and what would happen if they try it here.

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Lets trash Christians but blame the 2nd Amendment if a nut shoots a bunch of them,The awful truth out of Chicago that Obama conveniently omits,The Politicized Indignation of our President,Obama secretly yearns for confiscation,In a Zombie World the only survivors are Conservative Gun Toting Realists,Chicago Tribune blames everything but the spree shooter,Mass killers DO use other things,Clackamas Mall or the mass shooting that wasn't,Hillary Clinton claims past victory and says she can do it again.

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Initial rant regarding the fallout from the statements from Obama on Oregon,Secondary rant concerning the gun free zone, 3 noteworthy rifles according to John Farnam, Chris Christie and the NJ pardon machine, Chris Knox from the Firearms Coalition joins me to go over the landscape.

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In Rahmbo's wild wild west 14 are shot in 15 hours,The 8 dumbest celebrity gun control quotes ever,Why are the pacifistic Moms Demand Attention supporters so vile and dangerous,Is there such a thing as "Military Guns' and should civilians own them?, The 5 LB level IIIa Kevlar Vest from Fortress Survival with Shane Everett.

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