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NAACP looks a lot like ISIS right now,The case for Universal CCW Reciprocity,AntiGun FUDD gets some maniacal ranting published,Bloomberg dictates a "study" to some paid shills at Johns Hopkins and it becomes a recycled talking point,From YouTubethe return of Destinee!

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I really wish these Conservative Media outlets would take the time to figure out who is who in the 2A Advocacy,The Self Determination Movement enters the realm of lunacy as they discover "Vampire Rights",Empowering our daughters, Another misinformed hater of guns takes some time to write a letter,From MDFI Erik "Da Trek" Utrecht comes in wearing his investigators hat to tell us about the lack of Border Security.

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Revisionists attempting to apply todays liberal standards to history sort of like ISIS,CCW trends up and murder plummets,10 Commandments of CCW according to Massad Ayoob,Using the Military as the great liberal experiment,Sean Maloney of Second Call Defense joins forces with Buckeye Firearms in Ohio to train Teachers!

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The Canadian Gun Registry is sorely missed by Canadian Gun Grabbers,People (Besides me)are beginning to notice that Mass Media leads to copy cat crime,Gun Control bureaucrats failed in the case of many recent murders,The difference between a survivor and victim, From Ammoland.com-ClashDaily.com and the Polite Society Podcast Rob Morse returns.

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Recent murders in DC and SanFran completely undercut many Liberal talking points,Seattle calls it a "Gun Violence Tax' but it is actually a way to run every gun dealer in Seattle out of business,"I am coming for your guns!",SC Mayor subverts State Law and Constitution,NICS fails to stop Church shooter so blame the NRA,The guys from Georgia Optics come in to discuss their absolutely wild business model.

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Conservatives slowly begin to wake up,Hey lets pay criminals not to commit crimes,Who are the"Thugs" in the "Thug Culture",The Battle Flag comes down while Dems pivot to gun control,Joined by Ancel "Shwell" Robinson and we discuss his YouTube channel and the Big 3 East Conference coming up soon.

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How do the "sanctuary cities" escape criminal prosecution while breaking federal immigration law?,US Military shifts to JHP ammo for sidearms,Hillary Clinton and the "UnControllable Use of Guns",In Chicago Father Pfleger jumps completely off the reservation,Former NY Gov. Pataki needs to do some studying,Bubba said he is going to do what?,From Second Call Defense I get my eyes opened repeatedly by Sean Maloney.

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The GOP will be the cause we go to guns due to their abdication of responsibility,NC man on relief mission carries gun into NJ and gets less respect than he expected,Chicago Top Cop lumps law abiding gunowners in with the thugs AGAIN!,Biggest NICS month of June ever!,Where is the "Middle" in the gun debate?,Tim Knight comes in to update us on the effert to recall Senate President Steve Sweeney.

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A few words for President Obama concerning "gun violence",I am fed up with public policies that kill innocent people,The omission and lies concerning Illegal Alien Criminals,Gun grabbers love the UK and love that the UK cops don't carry guns while glossing over the violence that cannot be stopped, Instructors Q&A with Steve "Yeti" Fisher of Sentinel Concepts.

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Common sense gun control is actually code for same spin different day,It is hardly Glock Perfection and here are a few things to get closer to that perfection,Some absolute "Transgender" PC hyper nonsense,Gun control groups intend to undermine "the Gun Culture" and its only a cold sore, The World According to Kevin The Tac Daddy.

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Now more than ever we are our own first responders,Both sides think they are losing so keep the faith,The mainstream media senses the trend of gun ownership,The Myth of the Uniqueness of Gun Violence in America, We meet Mike Parks and Randy Wisbander and are introduced to Agency Arms.

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In what turns into a false alarm all clear we get reports of another shooting at the DC Naval Yard,The Supreme Court CAN be reined in if Congress will cease the abdication of duty,Leland Yee pleads guilty!,Gun Control does not deliver the stated guarnteed goods,Out of 13 horrible mass shootings only 4 are in the US, Joined for the first time by the delightful explosion that is Tatiana Whitlock.

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Maintain your options and stay dangerous,Britons fear a Mumbai Style attack with smuggled weapons,Uber driver ignores Uber over reach,More gun show loop hole nonsense,Obama calls for a state by state gun control approach,Freddie Blish from Robar Guns joins me to talk overworksing and modifying a gun.

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