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The Deadly Gun Free Utopia Fantasy,Jeb Bush supports gun control on a state level,Forget the Confederate flag and concentrate on gun control!, Uber decides to control people that they cannot control, Paneling with Zeke Stout from SDI.

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Why is gun registration a bad idea?,Gun laws and anti gun culture insured success of Tunisian spree shooter,The American Dissolution or if it feels good do it,The shaping of American Revolution Vol 2, From Bearing Arms I am joined again by Editor Bob Owens.

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So we need to ban flags now?...Let's not stop there,Reactions to the SAFE Act fail,Dreams of My Fathers Gun Confiscation,Dems are doomed if they do not read the tea leaves,Writer and Polite Society Podcast host Rob Morse joins me and we are everything but polite.

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Here comes Manchin-Toomey part 2!,Conspiracy theory spouting Pope needs to look for a nice Papal Retirement home,SPLC focuses on Project Appleseed,Harry Reid has plans to make everyone in the Senate belly up on background checks,From the Firearms Coalition Chris Knox comes back and we discuss everything.

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The Empire State Rebels!-Mass defiance in light of the SAFE Act registration demands,I hate writers that claim to be 2A advocates that then know nothing about the topic,WaPo writer seeks to confuse with math shenanigans, A moment of candor concerning a long time sponsor,When spreading the gospel of the gun go to an eyes wide open posture,The Founder of Robar Guns-Robbie Baarkman is back to give an excellent example of what it means to be an American.

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Brady campaign ends up with lawyers fee bills that they encouraged,Politifact disagrees with Obama concerning his recent remarks,NJ man cannot get permit to buy gun because his wife is a felon, O'Malley makes gun control a cornerstone of his campaign,Lets point out a VPC failure in logic, Wide open conversation with Larry Pratt of GOA.

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Liberals love to ban things so lets make a suggestion about banning a certain hate filled flag,The "Easy Access to Guns' didn't apply in the case of Carol Bownes Mr President,Karl Rove claims that the only way to lose the declining gun violence is to lose the 2nd Amendment, The Rolling Stone and "Weaponized Republicans",Grass Roots Fighter Tim Knight comes in and we talk Colorado success and New Jersey hopes.

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Obama blows a huge hole in his face with his lies,The Criminal history of a mass shooter,There is one thing is common with mass shootings and it isn't guns,The dishonest denial of evil,The Clintons have a very low regard for the 2nd Amendment, A candid conversation with the Ninja Scribe Tank Funicello.

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A senseless hate crime at a church in Charleston SC,Now in bankruptcy Colt led the gun control charge in the 90s,What is Dual Force and is it needed?,Why Semi Auto Rifle sales are really booming,From GCode-Robin Knapp joins me to discuss the evolution and product line up of GCode.

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Cops are becoming afraid to shoot,Why carry permits are a bad idea,We are between the sheep and the wolves-But the Wolves will try to come for us first,Rachel Dolezal-I identify as black....and anti gun,The Gun for Hire-Anthony Colandro comes back to discuss the Bownes tragedy and the upcoming recall effort.

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"Automatic Weapon" in Dallas PD shooting is indicative of the spread of misinformation,Moms Deranged til You Pay Attention go full crazy after Dallas shooting,Florida Gun Rights(FLGR) is a NAGR shell,HollowPoints Bad-Over Penetration Good!,Compromise on Gun Rights- I have your compromise, Larry Pratt of GOA comes in and we have a no boundries discussion.

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In Studio I am joined by Mean Gene Higdon from Mean Gene Leather and 2nd hour We are joined by David Codrea.

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Taking in the outrage and trying to amp it up,Families in Canada worry that the failure of gun control will erode gun control,The House tries to head off the Obama Swan Song,That story about increased mass shootings...it was a lie,Mark Puhaly on turning everything into a survival kit.

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In Chicago the NRA has no blood on their hands,Political attitudes are relative and apparently based on region,We are on our own,There is no nationwide crime wave and police killings are not up,Bob Owens from Bearing Arms comes in and we go deep.

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Thomas and Scalia believes the Supreme Court should have acted on San Francisco case,Why does US Govt continue to sell arms to Mexico knowing they will likely fall in the hands of the drug cartels,Academic claims 2nd Amendment needs amending,The Republic is in peril, Rowdy conversation with Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts.

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The Supreme Court abdicates their role in checks and balances,ATF comes out as pro gun in the face of the UN,Bloombergs gun control adds 20% to the NYC homicide rate,Carol Bownes murder is a National Tragedy,Should you start reloading?, Another hipster discovers guns!, From the Independence Institute I am joined by Jon Caldera and we discuss the manufactured drama in Colorado.

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I am never going to play it safe on this show, State Dept wants to shut down the entire conversation about guns online,Brady suit against Kansas gun law is tossed,Jackson,Gross and Pfleger ride in, Defensive Police Work, Sharpton heads for a corner near you, From We Like Shooting I am joined again by Shawn Herrin.

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Gun Controllers continue to lose and do not understand why,why does Operation Choke Point still function Republicans?,Call to action in Illinois for a Gun Range,If Muslim 1st Amendment rights must be protected watch me demand my 2nd,Complimenting gunfighting with empty hand martial art inclusion with Jeet Kune Do Master Jason Korol.

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NY Times has a conniption over Texas passing Campus Carry,Uh Oh Bernie Sanders is a Gun Nut!,Liberal Students are terrifying their Liberal Professors,Lessons on truth from the Twisted Mind of James Holmes, Reviewing the recent dynamics of new Texas Law with Texas/US Law Shield.

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In the inner city the weapon of destruction is not guns ite sthe public education system,Ok the Dems want to ban all handgun sales and fund research to ban them,This Republic did not just happen!,Baltimore is a fine lesson in accepting temporary safety versus freedom,From Vickers Tactical I am joined by training guru Larry Vickers.

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Sheriff Clark schools Rahmbo-Earnest and all the other idiots,Americans need guns now as the police become wary of confrontation,One Lib says protesting Islam is "terrorism",The Unified Agenda 2015, Maine is headed towards Constitutional Carry!, Zeke Stout from SDI comes in and we talk Gunsmith Education SDI Style!

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Uk Police ask the subjects to not hurt their attackers,DC Officials don't want criminals getting hurt either,11 best US States for gun owners,AR 15 or handgun in the house when someone breaks in?,Classic example of self defense gone awry,Self Defe3nse discussion with John Johnston of Ballistic Radio.

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