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Why can't we simply carry?,DC Judge continues to body slam DC Gun Control,Open Carry Texas(Tarrant County) may have snatched defeat from the jaws of victory,The False Promise of Civilian DisArmament,Are the sides being drawn for another Civil War?,Writer and Host of the Polite Society Podcast Rob Morse.

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They are trying to chip away at the Heller Decision,"Diagnosing " Men that own guns,In the face of gun control failure Emanuel calls for more gun control,Who gets blamed for Chicago and Baltimore bloodbaths,Due process is in jeopardy, From the Firearms Coalition I am joined by Chris Knox.

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What happens when a retired Marine meets a Gang Member....in New Jersey?,"Convert to Islam or Die",Ignorant reponses to the Waco Gunfight,In Florida you can run for your life from a hurricane and take your gun....wait what?,The long game of the anti gun Congress Critters,Edwin Walker and Emily Taylor of Texas/US Law Shield review the Legal side of Self Defense.

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The aims and goals of the Liberal Media Guilt Trip Template,Moms Demand Attention remind me of the Manson Family,Maddow is "Outraged' over FOPA,Baltimore vacuum is getting filled with violence,From Sage Dynamics I check in with Aaron Cowan for the Instructors Corner, Colorado law isn't being enforced and apparently no one cares, Gunownership and the abolishment of the class system.

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DC Court decision now means that NYC needs to get nervous,Gun ownership is exploding not declining,Open carry caused Waco....how?,The Real Gun Safety Group,All you gun owners need a license!,Outstsanding conversation with Larry Pratt-Exec Director or Gunowners of America.

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Making bad law to profit politically,A Law Professor hates the 2nd Amendment so he lies and makes up info to call for its end,Somehow everybody thinks the  biker shootout in Texas was caused by open carry and lack of expanded background checks,The stupid distraction caused by the NAGR, Scott Blick of Ammunition Depot teaches us the folly of trying to regulate the ammunition industry.

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The ramifications of this new normal concerning governmental invasion of privacy,Ask-The Government never asks!,Bad guy meets a prepared woman with a gun,Court victories are piling up for the 2nd Amendment,Defending with a gun with your baby on your hip, From MDFI I am joined again by Erik "Da Trek" Utrecht and we discuss training and perparation in a post Garland world.

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Hillary doesn't want all your guns...at first,MDA claims Outlaw Bikers wouldn't have guns if there were expanded background checks,DC May issue is slapped down!,M1 Carbine and all its beauty,Brazil has all the gun control sought here...and a 35 year high in murder,Background checks don't stop cop killers, Will Luker creates Usgunclasses.com for the countless students out there!

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Guns Guns who has the guns?,Cuomo and the anti gun New York General Assembly lines up to eat crow,Hey wear orange to show support against "gun violence" or something, Its discovered that most guns used in crime are stolen!, Resident LnL Nija Scribe Tank Funicello joins me to discuss the stuff.

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Concealed carry reduces crime everywhere but the gun free zone,Understanding the why behind the term gun violence,The 4th Amendment and the open carry of guns,Supreme Court is eyeing San Francisco,Learning when to fight back,Outstanding conversation with Rob Morse of the Polite Society Podcast-Ammoland-ClashDaily.

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NJ Dems say Hey lets register ammo!!!,Things to consider when buying IWB holster,Carrying a gun in the gym,Victimization is now ramping up in NYC, Sam Manley of Greenville County SC wants to be a Constitutional Sheriff,Ohio is pushing to end gun free zones,Arsenal Rifles may be getting scarce,Forum about gun free zones encore performance.

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HuffPo-Untraceable Guns Myth-The truth,Hey Amnesty Peoples-2 Mexicans got caught in murder for hire plot,Another Isla Vista gun free zone shooting,LEO murder up 89% this past year,The already debunked 40% claim soldiers on, From Costa Ludus William Petty and Chris Costa come in with what they have going on daily.

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Apparently the Glock name brand has taken on a Holy Mantra,The Con Game of Killary Clinton,In Oklahoma armed citizen rescues a rookie cop,Anti gun lawmakers defends himself against girlfriends car,Bloomberg has money to burn apparently,The whole car gun comparison is so much fun,Matt Best from Mbest11x and art15clothing.com and Nick Palmisciano from Rangerup.com come in to introduce their upcoming film Range 15,Armatix is imploding, Bloomberg supports Jim Crow Era law and buys ads to keep it in plave in NC.

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All enemies foreign and domestic in the 21st Century,Clarification on my thoughts concerning training,The "Warrior" vs "Guardian" mindset, So you think it will never happen to you eh,From Texas/US Law Shield Edwin and Michelle come in and we talk legal defense after self defense.

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So Called conservative pundits cave on Sharia?,Cody Wilson goes all in with the pursuit of freedom,Gun Nuts according to Salon.com,Charles Schumer wants to go after the Iron Pipeline or Georgia or something,My newest sponsor Ammunition Depot come on with me and Scott Blick talks about the ammo business.




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I am not going to comply,Despite the failure of the NY SAFE Act NY DEms are pushing for more gun control,Its a never ending war,Garland Attackers prove the crime fighting power of background checks,I get to talk to and learn about the Hank Strange Situation.

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Mexican drug war gets a new powerful player and the shake up is loud,Anti Gun researcher discovers that North Eastern Police Chiefs crave power,Garland Texas Cop dispels the handgun vs rifle myth,Deconstruction of Garland incident based on current knowledge,In an epic appearrance Ted Nugent comes in and we rant together for an hour.

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Note to Jihadis-We shoot back,PGA Golfer should stick to putting,Anti Gun Professor goes way out there wanting no campus carry, Baltimore is not an America problem-It is a Democrat problem, From bearingarms.com I chew  the topics with Bob Owens.

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Why the Terrorist Attack and Cartoon Contest are important,Gun grabbers should really back off the accidental shooting meme in their push,Jade Helm and the Texas State Guard,Stand Your Ground Myths, I have a fun conversation with Shawn Herrin from We Like Shooting.

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As they try to destroy dichotomy remember to feel the outrage,Politifact admits waiting periods do nothing,Open Letter to Maryland Governor and Legislature,Gun control failures,Another court relies and exploits a different court instead of addressing the Constitution,Design and Innovation according to Kel Tec with my guest Chad Enos.

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