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Tulsa citizens have tallied half of the cities justifiable homicides this year,Arizona is going super pro gun,DOJ finally concedes Zimmerman shooting was justified,Top AstroTurfers in America!,FedEx does not like "Ghost Guns",14 things anyone should know if they want to write about guns or gun issues.

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Mall of America in Minnesota very well protected by signs,Politician in Minnesota thinks MoA should drop no guns policy,Arkansas moves closer to being the most prepared state in terms of school shooters,DHS Chief acknowledges need for concealed carry,Myth of training in order to be effective examined,10 reasons to aim for center mass,WaPo discovers background checks don't work!,Sen Chuck Schumer:All Master Being of Time-Space and Dimension.

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That which worries Shannon Watts the most,ATF is exceeding their authority with M855 ammo,Domino's Pizza is very dangerous for delivery drivers,Maryland becomes interesting under Governor Hogan,DisArmists vs 2A Supporters,The Eyes of the old guys,Silly debates in Florida,Do I preach to the choir?, Its is time to get Declarative in the Legislatures.

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M855 ammo ban-does it make a difference and why would they enact it?,And of course we get the rationalization,How many justified homicides per year?,Stupidity or lets carry empty guns,Urbanite gun grabbers-Fear-and Racism,Technology fails and smart guns falter,Gun Control Act is crumbling.

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Federal Judge strikes down interstate handgun transfer ban,A tale of 2 pizza delivery girls,NYT Editorial Board lstens to VPC,Small business owners forced to fight the IRS while not being charged with a crime,Kerry Davis of Dark Angel Medical joins me to discuss rehab for open heart surgery and carrying a trauma kit at all times.

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More Rebut; Running the numbers according to the CDC,Dems new 10 round limit bill not based on fact,IFAK kits should be carried everywhere you carry a gun,Guns have always been at College,Sen Chris Murphy show his stripes while clapping for the 10 round limit bill,New York Daily News and the art of junk science,Texas womans kills sexual predator and THEN calls 911, The beautiful people come out with the trendy fashionable gun control bracelet.

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At the end of the day who will be called?,The Politically Correct con of "gun violence",By request I rebut an article from Slate,Bloomberg calls for restrictions against young Black American males,Cali PSA comes under scrutiny,Applying the same ideas used against the 2nd Amendment to all,Border Patrol reduced to sharing rifles.

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Female College student thankful for gun given to her by her Dad,CSGV wants Emily Miller fired because she believes in something,ATF and the Pistol Brace,Sandy Hook Advisory Commission recommends burning the Constitution,GOP and Obama's Illegal Immigrants,The folly of "disarming" an active shooter.

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