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Filling in at WORD 106.3. Steve Fisher of Sentinel Concepts joins me in hour 4.

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Filling in at WORD 106.3 in Greenville SC

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Filling in at WORD 106.3. Today some of the idiots get mt attention.

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Connecticut Governor decides that due process is too good for gun owners in his state,America's Gunsurgency,The rifles of the next Civil War,Democrat Senator calls CCW Bill the work of lunatics,WH cannot name a shooting that would have been prevented by gun control,Wendy Davis curiously resurfaces?,Obama tells FBI and NSC to downplay terror angle from San Bernadino,Conservative artist shows gun free zones signs for what they are.

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Earth to Fox News-Dry firing DOES NOT develop a killing mindset!,Arizona and Nevada push back at Gov Moonbeam, Some fine examples of devout Muslims trying to kill without a gun present,Best way to combat terrorism-1st Get rid of political correctness,From Townhall.com I am joined be Matt Vespa,France and the US begin the hard right turn,Orange County CA workers will learn the art of the combat stapler to ward off an active shooter attacks.

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So they ban guns and repeal the 2nd Amendment.....Now what?, Obama comes in swinging for what he feels is the low hanging fruit, You cannot fight terrorism with gun control,LA Times forecasts that unless gun owners give in each and every time confiscation is next, How much and in what way would utopian gun control cost?,The World According to Second Call Defense with Sean Maloney.




Today and tomorrow Promo code Hillary at secondcalldefense.org gets a special prize.

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To buy or not to buy an AK, NYT is very concerned about the good of society at large,Why we have guns,Supreme Court proves once again that they are anything but supreme,Who is the enemy and how do we fight them, The Democrats are really proving how much they care about the individual security of Americans.

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Obama addresses the Nation...There's 13 minutes I will never get back,Should you really gear up "just in case"?,This is the time to buy an AR!,FBI Report validates what we have known all along,The "Wonderful Opportunity",Media hypocrisy on full display.....again,The Republicans and the NRA are the cause of all bad things....so there!, Mother Jones disputes the new Liberal narrative,Go read the NYT front page editorial if you have some time to waste.

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Political Correctness Kills!,Obama's case regarding mass shootings is full of holes and lies,Spree murders have become our blood sport,No One wants to call it Terrorism,The Left reacts and behaves disgracefully,The Left also DEMANDS French style gun control,A tale of 2 Sanders,Media attempts to redefine mass shooting,Milwaukee Dems accuse CCW law as the cause of their spiking crime, One of the craziest calls you will ever hear.

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We start dealing with the rumors-fallout and lies resulting from the San Bernadino shooting as the gun grabbers begin their pivot in the blood of the victims,Barack demands a gun control discussion at Thanksgiving and America responds by buying enough guns to start a new branch of the military, Hillary knows that trying to implement the Australian method is illegal in this country,Zealotry without knowledge is dangerous.

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Obama inserts his foot so deep down his throat it is getting recycled.....in Paris,When you can't argue facts lets go ad hominem and smear,A NY Criminologist asks the correct problems about gun control,Dems try to fund CDC for gun control hoping that we will forget history, The World According to Second Call Defense with Sean Maloney.

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Apparently Black Lives only matter if they fit into the narrative,Thanks for that pro gun legislation Obama,Idiots think that the only reason for the Colorado Springs shooter being alive is that he is white ,Refugees in Germany show their gratitude by rioting,MDs urged to ask about guns.....again,Got the CCW-Now what?,ICE Agents keep losing guns ,Parisian Attacks arms dealer arrested, Ray Kelly is not for civilians with guns,NGVAC wants to suspend Constitution due to imaginary "Gun violence" epidemic.

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Exploiting the Colorado shooting coming to you from masters of death, MSM has succeeded in brainwashing too many of us,The End is near for Academia,Discussion about CCW jackets,Liberalism meets it Waterloo,Buffalo Barack clearly does not understand the concept of combat,Is America on its way to Fascism?

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Thanks to Producer Shaine and GCN for putting this together.

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Thanks to Producer Shaine and GCN for putting this together.

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Thanks to Producer Shaine and GCN for putting this together.

Happy Thanksgiving!!!

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DOD tells Intel analysts to stop telling the truth about ISIS,NRA defends due process,DC Police Chief forgets the mic is hot and tells the truth,NY Daily News is really getting ridiculous,Caller with bulletin about Vets,Computer simulation shows that armed civilians will make a difference in a mass shooting attempt,EU brings more of the same in light of Parisian attack,I would rather be in the US for a Jihadi attack,Rules of Engagement are rubbish.

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The 7 Habits of Highly Tactical People,Media continues with the anti police meme with an out and out lie,DC Residents prove they cannot handle Liberty by yearning for a gun ban renewal,How the Lefts world view is always incorrect, The World According to Second Call Defense with Sean Maloney.

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Thanks to Producer Shaine at GCN for putting this together.

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Obama says Americans having guns is worse than Islamic Terrorism,NY Daily News Tabloids all over itself,Paris could have been different if Parisians had been armed,I am not willing to see it happen here,Obama really does not like people,Breakdown of my kit,WaPo thinks gun owners should be treated as terrorists,From the Harvard Crimson: Paris Attacks Have Nothing to Do With Gun Control.

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No place is safe from Jihad but some bleeding hearts are simply ignoring it,The lessons of Paris:Can we stop an attack here?,Jihad Resistance 101,Outstanding discussion with a caller and then with Sean Maloney of Second Call Defense.

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10 ways to avoid being killed in a Terrorist Attack,Army Armory break in has darker implications than media lets on,Worlds worst firearms instructor is stripped of credentials,College in Maryland locks down because student goes home to get a weapon.....in Pennsylvania,Buy a gun-Train with it-Carry it, Aaron Cowan from Sage Dynamics joins me to discuss armed self defense at all levels.

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This one is primarily my call to arms in light of the Paris Attacks so I am not going to get wordy with the show notes here. Suffice to say, I am fed up with a lot of things that caused those attacks and the ones that I feel are coming here.

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The Worst FireArm Instructor in the World!,Everytown eggs Obama to target private gun sellers,Maryland loses the ballistic fingerprint program....finally,NRA secret "smart gun" tests,The emotional thrust of gun control,Sponsors;The Why is based on what they do,Confused liberals inadvertently blame fear for buying guns,Two deaths but one overall goal.

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Defense group recognizes the need to fight back in schools....sorta,Trafficking is and has always been a crime,Very confusing call comes in of course,Should professors carry?,Let's stop open carry because of one shooting?,Colleges in Texas lawyer up to fight campus carry,Will this ruin my CCW pistol?,6000 Federal inmates released into the US interior,How America failed to keep the Republic.

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Editorial describes US Govt nuking the US in the face of armed insurrection, Hey if you show a gun and a girl in a bikini its PORNOGRAPHY!!!,College Campus decides to unilaterally outlaw the 1st Amendment,Art Exhibit to battle the gun fetish?,The World According to Second Call Defense with Sean Maloney.

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Why is the FBI spending $80 million on a new 9mm?,Wisconsin Dems seek to ban nearly semi autos,A judge cuts a rapist free and then his next victim kills him,25 Obama Whoppers for the media to chew on,Debbie Doom orders Democrats to embrace gun control,Flying with guns,Background checks fail but involuntary commitments would help,Lets talk some more about that FBI new pistol thing,Quick CCW discussion,The Worst Week in Gun Control History.

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I am getting real tired of charlatans posing as "Veterans" advocates, Of course they want our guns,SCOTUS relists for the 3rd time,Kareem Abdul-Jabbar practices some deceptive writing and lying,Despite the fact that it is already done 110 Dems plead for the CDC to study "gun violence" yet again,Clinton sends out lies and stupidity disguised as a campaign letter,The new "Moms of Dead Criminals Lobby"!,Atlanta Police Chief refuses to obey the law,Newsom focuses on guns and nor water.

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The Clinton/Bloomberg PR versus their true intent, UC Merced incident was a high school grudge thing-Just below Jihad,21 year old mother wins home invasion gunfight while feeding her baby,Liberals are not loyal to anything,The Great Gun control Con,The Black Robed Monarchs vs the People,Gun free zone madness,Despite the waste of money Gabby Giffords calls Virginia a victory, We really need some progun Republicans.

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Before any "Commonsense" gun reform could be passed some would have to be proposed,What 2 Million will buy and what it cannot buy,UC-Merced stabber apparently wasn't concerned with breaking laws,DHS discovers tourniquets,Killary is going full tilt despite the signs from Virginia,All Hail the Great O'Malley,Straw purchaser skates dammit!,What political spending cannot do,Gun free zone hypocrisy.

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Bloomberg squanders 2.2 million dollars in Virginia, John Lott throat punches the NY Times, Breaking down the next mass murder/spree shooting,Brazil joins other nations in taking a look at allowing citizens to arm,Fighting the 'Nudge",2016 will be a anti gun vs pro gun referendum, The World According to Second Call Defense with Sean Maloney.

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Family of robber in Chiraq think he was shot too many times, Slap a muzzle on Bloomberg!,The quest for gun control is a perilous road to hoe,Yes they want to take your guns away,What do we face and what does it mean?,Could John McCain go to the big Nursing Home and shut up!, Wow-There is a media bias!, Concealed carry or open carry-Which do you prefer?

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Schumer injects politics into military procurement,Liberals are gunlighting on the 2nd Amendment,Smart guns are coming or so they say,Fear and bigotry from the Washington Post,180,000 unaccounted for foreign criminals,George Soros and the European Muslim Invasion,In Chicago a good guy wins,Keeping track is so over rated.

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I carry a gun but don't count on me to protect you,Father of slain TV reporter threatens politician and claims it isn't a threat,O'Malley says attacking 2nd Amendment is his reason for running for president,CNN commentator goes deep lying about child deaths from guns,From Breitbart.com I am joined by AWR Hawkins,FBI Director could morph Clinton from Candidate to Defendant,The lack of a viable market for "Smart Guns" is lost on the Anti Gunners.

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Hillary Clinton adopts the 40% myth,The Gun Confiscation Goal continues,The UnArmed face a desperate future,The Trace;Fraud that it is,The extent of the media brainwashing on guns,Germans are currently expressing fear,PC runs amok in California,The Insurrectionest in all of us, The World According to Second Call Defense with Sean Maloney.

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Austria struggles to arm as Islam comes to town,WH Spokeshole claims national gun law would make a difference in Sinaloa City(Chicago),CT kills plans to confiscate in light of the 68% of LEO who have failed to comply,Carson continues to evolve,John Lott misses a point,Sheriffs sue LA over magazine ban,More guns save lives in Israel,Understanding the Militia and muskets.

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Your life means nothing to the Liberal mindset or goals for this country,NYPD killer proves that the problem is "Thug Life",How to argue against Universal Background Checks,Calling BS in the face of calls for"Common Sense", From Bearingarms.com I am joined by Bob Owens and we discuss among other things the possibility of a civil war in the US.

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Thanks to Producer Shaine for putting this together.

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Thanks to GCN Producer Shaine for taking the time to make this possible.

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More realistically trained citizens are needed-please reply,NYPD caught using back scatter machines on NYC residents,Low info liberal idiot wants her hero Buffalo Barack to ban guns, In Manchester UK-30 shootings in 14 months,Another cop in SanFran has his gun stolen,Train to not have a negligent discharge, The World According to Second Call Defense with Sean Maloney.

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2nd Circuit Court of Appeals tees up the 2nd Amendment,Spokeshole for Killary Clinton tries to walk back the gun confiscation stuff,Democrats embrace insanity and old data,Two similar polls with different outcomes,Why we do not trust the Government concerning guns, Can we please regulate guns like cars?,Islam is infecting and covering Europe.

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The Evil that is the Gun Free Zone,Killary wants to buy back guns some more,Pelosi claims it was the private sector that closed the last gun store in SanFran,The Gun Confiscation Fantasy is going to kill the Democratic Party,One yahoo thinks you need to be shot before you qualify to own a gun,Lets protest in Idaho!,I officially endorse Killary Cankles Clinton to be the Democratic Nominee for Prez!, Gavin Newsome should leave crime prevention to the pros.

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Jan 1 2018;National Gun Turn in Day under President Killary Clinton,What really drives a spree shooter?,Anti Gunners are morally bankrupt,Kalifornia has another anti gun proposal,Buffalo Barack and the "Nudge",First among equals,NY State wants states rights...so listen to their demands,There is one definite way to stop a spree shooter.

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Buffalo Barack strikes in Roseburg,If there is a law they will obey.....right?,The macabre death culture that is Liberalism fuels these mass shootings,Harvard Study;Let the fear begin,We are declared "enemies" according to Clinton and O'Malley,AntiGun Pols should look at existing statutes before staking out new territory,Why do Democrats get to lie about guns?

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Killary is mistakenly saying there is no individual right,In Chicago LEO are pulling back due to the "YouTube Effect",NJ Dems are seeking veto override, From The Daily Kos;WTF is the matter with you people??????????,NYT says the "Modern Man" has no use for a gun,The Gun Control Farce,Dems will probably lose big in 2016 over guns,What Clinton and Obama don't know about gun control,Houston liberals go Howler monkey crazy because the Zoo allows guns now, Remember the Harvard Study of 2007?

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The biggest threat to our rights is the agenda driven propaganda or the Mainstream Media,From now on I am Blase Cupich!,Did a UT-Austin Professor really resign because guns are going to be allowed on campus?,Why is the Left Wing so obsessed with AR 15s?,Shifting the blame when gun control fails,Progressive Prez Candidates are betting big on gun control,Now in Cali no guns allowed on school campus-Non existent problem solved!,3 things to look out for when seeking training.

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Gun Control versus Human Nature,The Whole Mass Murder Allure thing,Gun Free Zones defy logic, The Supremes are looking at another case, From the Buckeye Firearms Association, I am joined by Jim Irvine.

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Guns are still technologically pertinent,Do you trust the Media or Government, Debunking the so called "declining" number of gunowners meme,Big surprise-Obama Lied!,The anti gunner members in the US Senate are thinning out, Lets talk about the Fulton Armory M14 EBR in my lap,Ben Carson says "Fight them' and the girly men in the press take umbrage,Russia legalizes the carry of self defense weapons,In Roseburg no one wants to be caught empty handed,Why aren't we protecting the children?

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The Strong Cities Network is inbound!,AP attacks Mothers and Guns,Obama wants the entire Nation to enjoy the "peace" of Chicago,Gun Grabber Primer!-Or 5 Easy Ways to make America Gun Free!,Hey Gun Grabbers-Stop messing around and lets go,Hillary Clinton DeConstructed Pt 1, Going after the common gun control myths,Umpqua Oregon is completely insulted by President Barack Obama,Hillary Clinton DeConstructed Pt 2.

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Chicago shootings are heading to an all time high,Gun Sales take off again after Obama speech,Some UCC families are very against gun control,Harry Reid forgets that he is in charge of the Minority!,Guns don't kill people-Liberalism does, Joined by NRA Board Member Tim Knight and we discuss defeating gun free zones.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_780_Mixdown_1.mp3
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How to make a progressive gun grabbers head detonate,Oregon shooters dad blames gun availability and not his son,I may be heading off grid in 2017 if the following happens,Gun Control is Conservative Control,Yes Liberals-Gun Owners do know how to stop mass shootings,Barack Obama:Guns and Poses,Mass Murder and the Righteous Radicals,The "Australian Solution"-What did it do and what would happen if they try it here.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_779_Mixdown_1.mp3
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Lets trash Christians but blame the 2nd Amendment if a nut shoots a bunch of them,The awful truth out of Chicago that Obama conveniently omits,The Politicized Indignation of our President,Obama secretly yearns for confiscation,In a Zombie World the only survivors are Conservative Gun Toting Realists,Chicago Tribune blames everything but the spree shooter,Mass killers DO use other things,Clackamas Mall or the mass shooting that wasn't,Hillary Clinton claims past victory and says she can do it again.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_778_Mixdown_1.mp3
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Initial rant regarding the fallout from the statements from Obama on Oregon,Secondary rant concerning the gun free zone, 3 noteworthy rifles according to John Farnam, Chris Christie and the NJ pardon machine, Chris Knox from the Firearms Coalition joins me to go over the landscape.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_777_Mixdown_1.mp3
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In Rahmbo's wild wild west 14 are shot in 15 hours,The 8 dumbest celebrity gun control quotes ever,Why are the pacifistic Moms Demand Attention supporters so vile and dangerous,Is there such a thing as "Military Guns' and should civilians own them?, The 5 LB level IIIa Kevlar Vest from Fortress Survival with Shane Everett.

Direct download: Lock_N_Load_with_Bill_Frady_Ep_776_Mixdown_1.mp3
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Cuomo demands Govt shutdown now unless the SAFE Act goes nationwide, A moment of clarity concerning listeners and callers, Subliminal message a la new US Army patch, High School Survey sparks controversy and anger, The World According to Second Call Defense with Sean Maloney.

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Gun Rights Policy Conference recap with Rob Morse from the Polite Society podcast,Soon very soon we will all have to become counter terror operators in the US, "Gun Safety Group" hypocrisy on parade,UK Govt continues to double down on their anti gun shenanigans,The Anti Gun Culture.

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No doubt about it-There are 2 Americas,Political Correctness;Do we have it in us to make it go away?,LA Times Editorial Board loses their mind,The Russian Roulette nature of gun free zones,All gunowners should get political,From The Trace(Bloombergian) When the disruptor is a gun,Texas Professors have plans for Campus Carry, The faux study set up to suppory sunversion of law in Texas.

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Would the Democrats please take back Charles Krauthammer,Feds are testing a means to track, disrupt and destroy guns,Newbies score the headshot more often,Would you be willing to supply a UK Homeguard today in 2015?,The continuing evolution of the ISIS Welcome Wagon Bag, NYPD off duty not to bring guns around the Pope,Can Cannon paper is legally flawed,A gun is not meant to be a scary thing,If I shoot you-You made the choice for me.

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Board of Regents out of Michigan will decide whether you can carry a gun or not,ATF declares X Factor Can Cannon to be Any Other Weapon?,Half of America thinks Government is a threat to freedom,Gun Owners could not care less if the Government shuts down, From The Polite Society Podcast, Rob Morse is back again.

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The liberal progressive loss of memory regarding the true nature of man,Protecting our nations Children in school,Stop trying to be TactiCool,In NY and NJ-2 cases same result, The Word according to Second Call Defense with Sean Maloney.

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I filled in on the Bob McClain Show on WORD 106.3 Monday 21 Sept, and had the Nuge, Ted Nugent as my guest. Commercial Free!

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I too was deceived by Fireclean,Rubio and Jordan zero in on DC gun law, Norton and the WH cry foul,PA AG has law license suspended during investigation,When asked what he would do as President Justin Bieber says Fix Gun Law!,The Donald thinks that concealed carry is a right,Stop Illegal Guns! or something,American lives do matter,Dick Heller strikes again!

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Muslims of America terrorist training camps around the USA,Why does Obama fear being called a Muslim,Gun Control does not reduce suicide,Bad news from CNN,civilians would do just fine fully semi automatic,The musings and words of Ted Nugent.

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lA gun has never been imprisoned...has it?,Panama looks at US and decides to restore gun rights,Jeb Bush messes up on gun rights and mental illness,Remember when the nation called for increased policing and made the nation safer?,Cuomo says gun law is issue not parole systems as NY State increase in parolee crime,Pop tarts versus Clocks?,EMP vs AGW-Which is the bigger threat?,Deporting 10 million illegal aliens would be actually very easy,A pacifist is forced to fight for his life.

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The Elusive Crime Wave,Homeland Security Chief pivots and denounces sanctuary cities,Poll find no support for new gun laws,Bloomberg targets Maine,GOA wants to see Boehner dethroned,The failure of the Elites,What will the GOP Prez wannabes do about the Supreme Court?,You should always carry a gun at home, Lady in Dayton Ohio deals with home invader herself after the cops make her wait for an hour.

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Barack Obama decides to conduct behavorial experiments on the population of the USA,Gun control is extremely important to the President,Salon.com and longing for Switzerland,Sen Pat Toomey has nowhere to go in his reelection bid,Sean maloney back iin as we look at the world according to Second Call Defense.

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29% of America would welcome a military coup,Why aren't smart guns happening?,Colleges are teaching students that 9-11 was the fault of America,Sunbather attacked by Islamic women in France,Why is it always and only "Gun Violence",Can we see the mass shooters prior to the killing spree?,Do we still have UnAlienable Rights?

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Remembering my thoughts on 9-11, After taking a call I try to clarify the message,Virginia town begins to feel the effect of MS13,Boston mails message to legal gun owners warning them of their "Obligations",Why Hillary wants you to surrender you right to self defense,The 2nd Amendment vs Incorporation Doctrine,10 things a concealed carrier should never do.

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Apple Reveal Day always deperesses me, Tacoma Washington decides gun drop boxes will reduce gun crime,Democrats introduce Gun Trafficking bill while stonewalling Gun Trafficking investigation,Big trouble in the US Virgin Islands,Gunfighting is a lot like tail gating,Whats new at BearingArms.com with Bob Owens.

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violence strikes close to Cuomo and he wants the whole country to pay!,Sen Tim Kaine wants a Catch 22 law designed to ban private gun sales,What if you could become a prohibited person on NICS if you had filed Bankruptcy?,Liberal policies are the root of the murderous spike in the urban areas, Sean Maloney from Second Call Defense is Back!

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America continues to resist the Liberal Disarmament suggestion,84 shots fired-83 misses,Democrat admits gun control is a fail but still wants it,Don't ignore your intuition,Gun sales continue to spike,How do you prevent gun violence when you advocate for gun violence?,Out of NC paper it is postulated that gun owners be blamed for all gun crime,Another demand for "dialogue",Gun tax does not stop crime,Holding elected officials to one standard.

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Pulling the curtain back on the history of the show and where I am trying to take it today, Would a Killary Clinton Presidency mean a Civil War?,Maine man defends himself with a gunonly to have his apartment complex kick his gun out,but we need more gun laws?,The goal in a gun fight should be to not get shot,I give a sad example of the LowInfoKardasion mindset benefit,We can be great again...if we want to be.

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Cars are 80% riskier than guns you stupid gun grabbers!,Guns matter,A look at the cities where violence is surging,They sound stupid when they are honest...because they are,The whole SSRI conumdrum with Dr Linda Lagemann.

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Train for close combat when training to gunfight,In the war of words the anti-gunners are getting uncharacteristically candid,Would the Roanoke shooter have been able to buy a gun in NYC,Gun control groups turn back to "Swatting",I get to cover the very rarely asked questions with Sean Maloney of Second Call Defense.

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NPR ignores and tries to cover up mass shootings in Australia,Alison Parkers father is going all in on gun control as soon as he buys one,Malignant Narcissists,White House Exploitation at its finest,i got some "common sense' for you,The wasteful NICS system,Hey gun grabbers-please stop beating around the bush,Mass Shooters can be conceivably called a Media darling,Leadership.

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Enough with the Roanoke coverage already!,Hoplophobic Beta Male weirds out whenever he sees a NRA Decal, Beta Males need to grow a pair,Despite the signs the gun grabbers keep try to recycle the dead issue, How many guns in the USA?,Mental Health and the 2nd Amendment,Yellow dog alarmist idiots!,Gun Grabbers-Failure awaits you.

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The very tired and opportunistic-pavlovian gun grabbers,Roanoke shooter passed a background check,The HR issues with people like the Roanoke shooter,What would happen if they ever tried to confiscate guns in the USA,The gun that wasn't there,Inside a delusional mind,Beware the junk science.

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Process of un-winding the Roanoke Incident begins with recognizing evil,Roanoke shooters manifesto and fantasy,Here come the gun grabbers, Terry MacAuliffe doesn't know what happened but he knows gun control can fix it,Daily Guardian out lines Roanoke shooter, In Minnesota they are going to rehab a terrorist wannabe by talking him out of it,More and more people realize that the Ruling Class sucks,Mexico fights for the rights of Anchor Babies,Invasion USA.

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Killary Clinton slings some gun control on her social media,VA shooting facts as they are known,Scorcese joins the stupidest gun control program I have ever seen,PRI and the stupid questions,Gun Grabber says women are not capable of carrying guns,From Second Call Defense I am joined by Sean Maloney.

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Seattle gets hit by a lawsuit from virtually all the players in the gun industry over their new 'Gun Violence Tax",My thoughts on the economic volatility currently in the financial markets,Anti Gunners get absolutely butt hurt over the NRA training the Indiana National Guard,Largest standing Army in the world is the US Hunting Community, And hour with Zeke Stout from SDI.

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First impressions of the Agency Arms Glock 19 Field Gun,Anti Gun Activist gets her own US Navy boat,Competitive Shooting vs Defensive Shooting-Which is the better training for a gunfight?,Home Defense;AR vs Shotgun,The Paris Bullet Train Incident,Baltimore Mayor starts her deflection of blame defense,Minnesota issues its 200,000th CCW Permit!,DHS decides to inform LEO when they drop off a Illegal alien felon in some town,14th Amendment isn't what Fox News says it is.

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1st thoughts on the Robar built Glock 19, The Surgeon General continues to label criminal activity as a public health issue,The lost gun rights of Oz,The bribes start in DC as gun control fails, What is Stand Your Ground,CCW by the numbers with Aaron Cowan of Sage Dynamics.

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Major retailers tell the gun controllers no,Killary Clinton talks some Stand Your Ground in Las Vegas Town Hall,Hollowpoint ammo and staying in your intended target,Americans should be able to carry a gun on an airplane, Politics and trends with Bob Ownes of Bearing Arms.

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CSGV claims armed self defense=blaming the victim,ATF whistleblower intimidation fix is in!,Why I wouldn't open carry if i could,SSA is in back peddle mode as the questions regarding NICS start to come in,NRA Board member and CEO of Second Call Defense is back as we discuss the 2A scene at large.

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John Lott jumps in to the trumped up "study" regarding gun owners and police deaths,Pew Poll is very confusing,The new right not to bear arms,Gun Control and the Failure of Big Government, I'm about to become an "Agent" a la Agency Arms and Mike Parks informs me of what is coming up.

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Prepping 101 with Paul Helinski from Gunsamerica.com, Mankind apparently needs violence as part of our being, GunGrabbers blame gun owners for LEO death,2015 Boston gun buyback is a whole lot of fail,NRA goes after the "study" linking you with LEO murder,DC Police Chief accidentally tells the truth about criminals and guns.

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ATF declares they aren't an agency...or they are an agency...or something,New Comedy Team the Schumers try to rework old material,NAGR latches onto Cornyn NICS bill as new fund raising scheme,Another "loving child" goes out with his pals for some ultra violence and dies,Sean Maloney-NRA Board Member and CEO of Second Call Defense comes back as we slash and burn with data and facts.

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Obama Special Assistant arrested for stealing cops gun and using it against him....after sex!,AntiPolice attempt to reincarnate Micheal Brown,Prepare for multiple threats when training to gunfight,Letter to the Editor:Guns for all with a Catch, From Gunsamerica.com I am joined by Paul Helinski and we talk Prepping 101.

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US Marines advised not to shoot til the shooting starts?????????,It is more difficult to use a "Ghost Gun" in a crime than to buy one,Fake gun indicates need for more gun control according to CNN,The 40% myth is making the rounds again, Writer and Polite Society Podcast host Rob Morse returns to mull over the trending topics with me.

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It is no longer a conspiracy theory,A Social Media consulting agency thinks the road to gun control lies in government purchasing,Nincompoops in charge equals lawlessness,When will we realize our power?,PrePared or UnPrePared?,LA Gangs issue a call for the Killing Game,The Tax Ban that will sink Seattle,De-Policing!

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Tennessee "shooter" gets his suicide by cop fantasy satisfied,NorthEastern Libertarian finally gets some good data for his TV reporting,Sen John Cornyn attempts to clean up NICS and more importantly the NRA gets proactive,Chris Christie thinks pardoning the out of state gunowners is a good answer,Isn't it sort of smart to check laws in states you are traveling to if you carry with a CCW?,Preventing a home invasion.

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The Show Finally Returns!



What happened and where have I been?,Gun grabbers stack a deck in a gun fight simulation,Garland Shooter was armed courtesy of DOJ-FBI-Fast and Furious,The Sig 320 or the best out of the box striker fired pistol,Quick description of the Robar PolyMAR 15,They say they don't want to take our guns but lets take a moment to recap,The newest Champion of Anti Gunners is Amy Schumer and I only want to know who the Hell she is.

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