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Moms Demand lie about Tucson shooting,Elderly homeowner inflicts equal rights on two female home invaders,Voter fraud and the 2nd Amendment remedy,NY Times wages war against gun toting rape survivors,This is the time to stock up on ammo and magazines,Home defense shotguns and my setup,11 ways to help a new shooter,Colorado finds out their magazine limit is unenforcable,Realtors in Michagin are arming up.

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School shootings; Better to take Pattons advice,Would you defend a member of Moms Demand Action against a possible crime?,Virginia Open Carrier SWATed,Can Bloomberg buy all the freedom?,From the Military Arms Channel on YouTube we are joined by Tim Harmsen,HOAs and mini fiefdoms,And some people ask why on Campus Carry.

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The sideways response to terrorism,Shopping Malls-Guns-Armed Robberies,My suggestions regarding trauma kits and daily carry, Robin Knapp  joins me from G Code and we discuss all that tactical goodness, Matt Jaques comes to us from Victory First and we discuss REALISTIC training.

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ATF could look at IRS seizure of assets as a template for seizing guns,Lawmakers that abuse women in NY State love Cuomo,That ban on CCW at NC State Fair had the predictable results,They grow them dumb in Fresno California,NRA ballcap is a political statement?,A challenge to hypocritical actors and politicians, The PoliceOne survey,From TriggerTime TV I am joined by Producer Troy Guillotte and Jim Gilliland and we discuss the value of "Training" video.

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Black America knows tyranny-Embrace all the freedom,Homeowner shoots 500 lb Black Bear as it breaks into his house,Concealed carry is the answer to persistant stalkers,Gun control laws just suck,NYPD officers overcome their training,Movie Stars and their incoherent political ramblings,Carlos Slim and the cartels,Liberals and the truth dont mix well.

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DC Police Chief states victims of crime not worthy of Carry Permit,A US Vet sets an example for us all,The Lone Wolf prefers the gun free zone,67 yr old "Grandpa" deals with 3 home invaders,I talk DC Carry-AB 1014 in Cali-Moms Demand Action fails and more with Executive Director of Gunowners of America Larry Pratt.

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What little we know about the Ottawa /Canadian Parliment shooting, Another family member defends their little sweet felon,Lets just scrap the Background Check system altogether,1 year in Colorado refutes the whole 40% meme,Drunk antigun Pol gets caught with a gun,Eric Holder is sad on his way out,There is an Ebola Decon solution that the Government ISN'T using- From Patriot Promotions Jill Trammell brings Col (Ret) David Kuchinski on SciBlue to talk about it,In Ohio a High School principal picks up a gun and takes on the responsibilty.

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Hey preppers-The Earths magnetic field could flip during our lifetime,Common sense and the gun control crowd,Media and families of criminals always blame the gun instead of their loved one,Standing up to the terrorists of Ferguson,Gabby-Answer me this!,Inside Noveske Rifle Works with CEO Tim Dillon,Buying time and saving your hearing in a home invasion.

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NY mental health data base falls way short on identifying who is and who is not dangerous,ABC acting as Obama Administrations Goebbels,Choosing the right carry gun,Your first CCW holster,Rules for a Gunfight for Civilians,Minnesota gun owners react and strike back,Pros and cons of ankle holsters,Is your wife prepared for a home invasion?

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What i would do to anti gun law if I were the All Master Being of Time Space and Dimension,AntiGunner busybody harasses Legal gun carrier,In NY State 35,000 people are suddenly too crazy to own a gun,Michael Brown was shot in the scuffle for the gun in the cruiser,London Calling,The Anti Gun Indoctrination Party,Crazed Private Pyle makes it into a school with a hatchet,When the bad guy runs you have already won,NRA is sending mixed messages.

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Another Fast and Furious gun found on our side of the border,The Moms Demand Action from Illegal Mayors make my head hurt,NY town needs your fingerprints background check and Facebook login to process your permit application,Secret Service seemingly seeks to falsify paperwork for search of a Facebook members home,NRA finally understands that there are more than gun policy votes to consider,GamerGate spills into call for disarmed students at Utah State University,Jim Crow is alive and well in Chicago,Bluffing with a gun is not a good tactic.

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UN Gun grab is entering a dangerous stage,Gabby Giffords starts her own magical mystery tour,Lethal is lethal period,The shooting has stopped-Now what?,Rifle optics primer with Doug McClean courtesy of Mounting Solutions Plus,Irish Police Chiefs want to hassle legal gun owners because they can,Terrorist acts and what they could mean to and for gun control.

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Sometimes gun owners get in trouble even when they are right,Thug killed in shootout posed with his weapon in social media and it was not a sandwich,6 Reasons modern defensive handgun ammo is better than ever,Dangerous incompetence regarding armed self defense,A short Pistol Optics primer compliments of Doug McClean and Mounting Solutions Plus,Is it a debate if facts are not allowed?, A neighborhood in Flint MI renews my faith in people.






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Cuomo has plans for SAFE Act 2, Factory parts and changes that I recommend for the Glock platform,Two politicians who believe they are rulers,Two businessman railroaded by FOPA and the ATF, From the NFA Freedom Alliance I am joined by Todd Rathner and we discuss the strategy to dealing with the NFA and the ATF.

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The AR and AK pistol platforms are getting placed in bug out bags Nationwide,Alabama school forces 5 year old to sign non suicide non homicide contract,John Lott goes after "studies published by the FBI and Everytown,Joe Biden apparently needs another Government figure shot so they can pick up the gun control mantle,Some basic ideas for a Doomsday kit, Dr Linda Langemann joins me to talk about SSRI's Mass Shooters and the Brain.

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84% of polled Americans believe"gun violence" is a criminal matter and nothing to do with public health,Colorado about to administer some more pay back,The Missouri Witch Hunt,Gun owner fired from job he held for 21 years-Because he is a gun owner,Q&A with Erich Pratt of Gunowners of America.

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Rethinking my EDC and carrying more than a perceived need,MRI Machine disarms off duty LEO and discharges weapon for good measure,Advocates on both sides of the fence want to know NY Registration stats,Shannon Watts thinks we should give up our kids if we don't give up our guns,From Prepper and Shooter Magazine Vincent DeNiro joins me to discuss Ebola vectors and preparation.

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Kroger is standing tall no matter what the Moms Demand do,"He only lunged at them with a small knife!",DHS gets their memo talking points from the SPLC,I pay homage to the mighty 1911,From dailyclash.com Doug Giles joins me to discuss the new pre crime regime in California,Book by Michael Savage ignores his own call to disarm,Hypocrisy on parade,The 2nd Amendment is worth fighting for.

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Obama wants to ban guns but not Ebola,What do you need to survive an Ebola pandemic?,Not one gun control proposal would have stopped anything,Feminists think that self defense enables rape????, Urban combat according to Samuel Hayes lll of Caliber Training Group from Atlanta Ga.

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Thanks to the NY SAFE Act kidnapping and rape are now items on the buffet,For the Ladies-Choosing that first semi auto handgun,LEO and FBI are going to target the SWATters,Inside the Gun Rights Policy Conference,From Defense Distributed-Cody Wilson and I discuss the Liberator the Ghost Gunner and the future.

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You have a better chance of dying falling off a bicycle than in a "mass" shooting, The Insane out of control followers of Moms Demand Action,Not one more female Realtor should die!,Its is becoming hard to tell in Chicago how long they are going to be punched around by the courts, 4 Very interesting segments with Bob Owens of bearingarms.com

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Maybe its time for the President and First Lady to carry a concealed weapon,Moms Demand supporters are looking for more executions of legal open carriers,Four Rules of Gun Safety failure,The Ghost Gunner!,Jan Morgan is a no show so I give you my take on banning Muslims from a gun shop,Another bow hunter without a gun attacked by a bear,Oklahoma terror and gun control,Preppers are ready for Ebola.

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St Louis Police Chief sues to overturn voters and make gun rights "alienable",How we should really look at the 2nd Amendment,Being a gun control advocate means never having to say you were wrong,Guns at work takes in new meaning since Oklahoma,I am joined by the Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea, A primer for thos ignorant anti gun "Journalists", Pre crime is now the law in California.

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