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The myth of 43-1,SYG or run from evil-which do you prefer?,Licensed to carry,Wrong house raid Cops kill Texas homeowner,What should you keep in your car-just in case. Of course listeners calls.

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Translating Anti gun propaganda into english,Obama mis represents stand your ground,The Cooper color code,Murder most Swedish,Dont get mad at open carry-get mad at violent thieves.

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Gun grabbers say there is an "Arms Race at Home",From the Office of MisInformation-Standing Our Ground,Nancy Pelosi-Nuff Said,Judge wants to ban sale of toy guns in Maryland,All the critics of Florida's SYG need to actually read it,Best handgun caliber is what?.

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The Martin Family wants Trayvon's Law,What no one is saying about the Zimmerman Case,Proof the Obama administration is going after the goood guys with guns,What the Left won't tell you about the Boom in gun sales,From the Office of MisInformation;Stand Your Ground has overstayed its welcome,Ms Magazine"My Month with a Gun" debacle.

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EDC- around the locale and far away, Hedge Funds divest gun holdings despite profitability,MAIG needs new name,McCain proves once again how liberal he can be,From the Office of MisInformatio-Misunderstanding self defense and SYG,Q&A with Rick Ector from Detroit.

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More bad news for MAIG and Bloomberg,DOJ's Zimmerman tip merely gives impression that agency is acting,People offering to help Zimmerman start receiving death threats,Who needs guns when we have police?,Why gun owners are right to fight gun control,9 dumbest gun control quotes from politicians and celebrities.

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Such a revealing day with some callers,CDC study backfires on Obama,Colorado politician equates Bloomberg bus tour protesters with Westboro Baptist Church,Kyle Copeland of the Armed Citizen Project,Black man shoots white teen-Jury says self defense-Nobody cares,Obama-Holder-Sharpton and Trayvon,National Geographic gun expose instead expose's journalistic bias.

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Man takes Buckshot Joe Biden's self defense advice and gets arrested,Lets Ban 80% AR 15 receivers-that might stop crime,Law enforcement likes an armed citzenry,If any doubt exists-hold your gun silent,Trayvon wasn't carrying candy- it might have been ingredients,Lets make the Sanford Florida case about concealed carry,Army Sgt Alonzo Lunsford never heard from Sharpton or Jackson.

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The Constitution is not a living document,Adam Kokesh no knock raided-David Gregory still walking around,What if Ed McMicheal had shot his unarmed attackers?,Self defense opponents don't care about victims, And the listeners phone calls.

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Illinois is about to be armed and dangerous and some people dont like that,Colorado Sheriffs force change in un enforceable gun law,Chicago misses the point,Zimmerman verdict was not an anomaly,Black Americans in Florida benefit more from Stand Your Ground than others, Joined by my boss Exec. Dir of GunOwners of America Larry Pratt.

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The self defense lessons learned from the Martin/Zimmerman incident, the rest of the show was listeners calling in.

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First live airing at Republic Broadcast Network.

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This the weekend before the show goes live at Republic Broadcasting Network. This podcast comes from the last show at IRN USA Network. Up to date podcasts will resume Monday.

US Park Police lost track of thousands of guns,Mayor Bloomberg moves to ban sparklers,Colorado hampers methods of obtaining CCW,Proposed bridge over gun divide3 built on shaky ground,If gun rights activists are going to Hell- we will liberate the place.

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Ted Nugent, Chris Costa, Gun Rights Attorney Evan Nappan,Gun Rights examiner David Codrea, Author Mike Detty

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