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Ninjas. I am just going to level with you. Hit the wall today, but it will all be worth it. Back tomorrow.

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10 Dumbest Gun Control Laws That Need To Be Repealed Right Away, Chaz Thrailkill: The Trace Exploits a Killer to Promote Disarmament, Why Progressives Use The Made-Up Term 'Assault Weapon', An end to lawlessness, Is the left killing the NFL, too?

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No, They Aren't Terrorists, but Stop Appeasing Antifa, Stop Calling Antifa ‘Fascists’ — They’re Something Else Evil, NRA Ready To Go To Court To Stop Gun Confiscation In Virgin Islands, “Social Justice Collective” Calls For Four-Year Universities To Ban Veterans, Cites NRA Ties, Gun Control Crowd Continues To Misinform With False “Statistics”.

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Leading off with Leftist shenanigans with Roger Katz and Syephen D'Andrilli of Arbalest Quarrel.





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All This 'True Conservative' Talk About 'Principles' Is Just Another Lie, Democrats Disarm Honest Citizens, Violence Next Time, Cop’s Drawn-Gun Confrontation: What If Citizen Did That?, What Is ‘Sensible Gun Reform’ And Why Would Anyone Oppose It?

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Disaffected Gun Control Activist Exposes Bloomberg’s “Top-down Bureaucracy”, The Fight-Or-Flight Response: Other Coping Skills, Federal Judge Denies Chicago Motion In Gun Shop Case, Killing a Doctorate, They’re leftists with guns. Meet the Redneck Revolt.

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New Yorker writer finds the Cajun Navy troubling, A Clash of Cultures: The Bourgeois vs. the Burning Man, When Did Fascism and Communism Become Fashionable Again?, The Lesson of Hurricane Harvey.

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DHS Classified Antifa's Activities As Acts Of Domestic Terrorism Last Year, It’s Not Trump Supporters Who Are Beating Journalists, The Hamptons Gets Counterterrorism Force (Complete with Automatic Weapons), Did Glenn Beck's erratic NeverTrump-ism torpedo The Blaze?, Lawsuits announced against Charlottesville and Virginia State Police over 'stand down' order, Leftists rejoicing in Hurricane Harvey parallel psychotic fanaticism of witch-burning.

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Documents reveal Southern Poverty Law Center shipping millions to offshore accounts, Taking The Fight to Radical Islam : Tale of Two Cities, Public rallies no place for weapons, In California, Confiscation Is No Longer A Threat. It’s The Law, I’ll Disarm When Michael Bloomberg Disarms.

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Am I good enough?, Mattis Is No Good, Charlottesville false narrative crushed by DHS warning, Universities finally discovering that tolerating progressive violence and intimidation will cost them dearly.

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