Lock N Load with Bill Frady podcast

Joined by Congressman Jeff Duncan R Dist 3 SC to discuss the SHARE Act, HR 38/National Reciprocity and this ridiculous bill to ban civilians from owning body armor.

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School shootings, mass killings are 'contagious,' study finds, Reloading And Clearing Malfunctions In A Gunfight, California Hate Crime Gun Bill another Incremental Disarmament Tactic, Chaos & Looting of the Caribbean After Hurricane Irma, Residents Defenseless, Huffington Post Wants To Blame Gun Access For Spokane Shooting, But Here’s What They’re Not Asking.

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Dangerous Feelings that Will Get us All Killed, The Many Moral Aspects of Violence and Resistance, Outspoken Jemele Hill Is Learning: Beware Of Newton, As St. Louis Erupts, Democrats Own It.

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Self Defense Gun Stories and chewing the fat with Rob Morse.

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Everytown To Throw $1 Million Into Virginia Elections, Why Do I Carry? Because Thugs Like These Will Shoot You For Making Eye Contact, Unapproved Thought Is Violence, The MSM's disturbing trend: We can see it, but you can't.

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The Right Carry Gun to Fight Terrorism, Lawlessness Is Not Compassion, Dana Milbank: The NRA's idea of recreation: Assault rifles, armor-piercing bullets and silencers, NRA Fact Checks The Washington Post.

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Discussing modern day CCW with John Farnam of DTI.




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Liberals sick of the alt-left are taking 'the red pill', Fake News: CBS Asks “How Heavily Armed is Your State?”, Amanda Marcotte: Silencers Are Evil Even Though They Aren’t Silent, Oh My: NYC Mayor Pretty Much Comes Out Against Private Property, EMP Attack Would Send America into a Dark Age.

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Discussing local NYC event with John DeLoca and Stephen D'Andrilli and finishing discussion with Roger Katz of Arbalest Quarrel.





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Dealing wit guns in water, gun safes and the modern AR 15 with Adam Finley of DTWS Arms.





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