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Since April, Lock N Load has been besieged by connectivity issues. Internet connectivity is vital to a syndicated show simply because I am offsite, but sending the show to Genesis Communications Network in real time. I have to have a smooth, uninterrupted internet stream. Because of the connectivity issues, I have had to resort to rebroadcasts more times than I want, and quite frankly I am sick of it. So today, 21 September 2017, all of that gets remedied. Today a dedicated business line with faster, and more importantly, guaranteed download/upload stream capability is being put in place.

Back on Friday with a cleaner, more full proof Lock N Load.

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Racism And Guns: Why The Left Keeps Painting Gun Owners As Racist, Let’s Face the Music!, Unleashing the Power of Mockery on Annoying Social Justice Warriors, The Awful Future that Looms for a Majority of Today’s Americans, Trump boxed in the globalists in his UN speech, Thinking Through the Equifax Security Breach

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Is Google attempting to cover up an inconvenient hurricane truth?, A Warrior For Our Rights Shrugs Off A Strange Attack, Phone call about Survival Food and preps, What Do Mass Shooters Have in Common?, Chicago Rifle Attacks Setting the Stage for Renewed Call for “Assault Weapon” Ban?

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Waxing political with Stephen D'Andrilli and Roger Katz from Arbalest Quarrel.


If you wish to Contact the House Judiciary Committee Chairman, in order to advance National Reciprocity/HR 38.

Bob Goodlatte call; (202) 225-5431

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Tonight I am joined by the creative mind behind Gun News Weekly.

Kevin "Tac Daddy" Reichard joins me to talk about the upcoming Big3 Meetup in Daytona Florida and his new set up with Gun Carrier.

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Anyone remember when Rolling Stone was about music?, How do you solve a problem like Hollywood?, London Update: West to Blame for Islamic Terrorism, What? No Emerging Democratic Majority?

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Taking steps to correct all the rebroadcasts, What Pediatricians Need To Understand About Guns And Gun Owners, Why Would Anyone Want To Carry A Gun At A Protest? This Is Why, Georgia Tech Student With Knife Shot, Killed by Campus Police , New details emerge in Spokane-area school shooting, May God Have Mercy On The Unarmed.

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Joined by Congressman Jeff Duncan R Dist 3 SC to discuss the SHARE Act, HR 38/National Reciprocity and this ridiculous bill to ban civilians from owning body armor.

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School shootings, mass killings are 'contagious,' study finds, Reloading And Clearing Malfunctions In A Gunfight, California Hate Crime Gun Bill another Incremental Disarmament Tactic, Chaos & Looting of the Caribbean After Hurricane Irma, Residents Defenseless, Huffington Post Wants To Blame Gun Access For Spokane Shooting, But Here’s What They’re Not Asking.

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Dangerous Feelings that Will Get us All Killed, The Many Moral Aspects of Violence and Resistance, Outspoken Jemele Hill Is Learning: Beware Of Newton, As St. Louis Erupts, Democrats Own It.

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