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The Left’s Civil War Heats Up . . . And Becomes Deadly. What’s Next? Are You Ready?, Don’t Believe These Are Common Sense Gun Laws, What Did The Founding Fathers REALLY Have To Say About Gun Control?, Pennsylvania man who led militia in Charlottesville condemns white supremacists, Paul Ryan Advised Republicans To Run From Trump Prior To Election Day, Says Gohmert, Words Are Not Violence .

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Trump Ends Obama Era Crackdown on Gun Stores, What the Media Says (and Doesn’t Say) About Violent Extremists on the Left Speaks Volumes, All in: The left is through messing around, So many threats but for each of us only one solution.

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Sen. Kamala Harris’ Call For ‘Assault Weapons Ban’ Doesn’t Square With The Facts, Virginia State Police say they didn’t find weapons stashed by protestors, contradicting governor, Florida man pulls gun to try and prove point at self-defense class, Charlottesville and Its Aftermath: What if It Was a Setup?, Monuments down, cash very low, The Media and the Snowflakes.

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The Democrats Wanted Charlottesville, Tear 'Em Down: CNN Commentator Says Statues to Slave Owner George Washington Have To Go, Alt-Right's Despicability Doesn't Make 'Antifa' the Good Guys, NYC Reportedly Allowing Fewer Gun Permits…Like Zero, Ban the Open Carry of Firearms???

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Republicans Embrace Movement That Wants To Destroy Them,‘Inner Peace’ Is A Permit For Destruction, Concealed Carry – Do You Need A Self Defense Insurance Plan?, Maintain Situational Awareness In Higher Risk Everyday Locations.

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Charlottesville taught us nothing we didn't already know, I've changed my mind about the statues, In Their Own Words: The Radical Political Goals Of ‘Anti-Fascists’, ‘Like A Slot Machine Junkie In Reno’ — Tucker Unloads On Bill Kristol After Kristol’s Cheap Shot.

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Something stinks about Charlottesville, RefuseFascism unmasked, An Exclusive Look At How Virginia Police Emptied Emancipation Park, Trump gets it.

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Joined tonight by Agency Arms Asset Tatiana Whitlock.








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Current events and Self Defense Gun Stories with Rob Morse.






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Everything according to Roger Katz and Steven D'Andrilli from Arbalest Quarrel.





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