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The Real Reason the Democrats Want to Be Rid of Confederate Monuments, Call violent leftist gangs what they are: The Blue Guard, MSM went all in on 'Russia!Russia!Russia!' hysteria and now want everyone to forget it, The disingenuous whimperings of Nicholas Kristof, California Could Start Jailing People Who Don’t Use Transgender Pronouns.

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Antifa is the new KKK, Violence on campus: What would Robert E. Lee do?, Dealing With Fear In A Self-Defense Situation, Does the Left Know Something's Coming Involving Guns?, Like it or not, hate is free speech, What's the Best Defense Against Bears: Firearms or Pepper Spray?

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LA Times: Restrict The Second Amendment At First Amendment Rallies, Academic Wants To Balance Budget On The Backs Of Gun Owners, Why Gun-Banners Continue To Spin Lies, The Left Arms Up: John Brown Clubs.

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Clemson Professor Claims All Republicans Are ‘Racist Scum’, Gun control laws have racist origins, 2A scholars say, Does Anybody Understand What These Never Trump Republicans Think They’re Achieving?, By Obsessing About Extremes, Media Loses Touch With America, Terror Trucks Again – This Time Spain Takes the Hit.

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Driver Sues Uber Over Its No-Gun Policy, YouTube Has Double Standard When It Comes To Guns, Charlottesville Mayor Demands Ability to Revoke the Second Amendment, Speaker Ryan Talks Gun Control Following Charlottesville Car Attack, Training For Close-Range Defense With Your Concealed Carry Gun.

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Dumber By The Minute: Reuters Calls ESPN's Robert Lee a Confederate 'Namesake', 'Doppelganger', Gun Ownership, Gun Violence Don't Go Hand in Hand, Statistics Show, Liberal vs. liberal: The death throes begin, So should all laws be optional?, A Warning to Trump and the Nation.

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Discussing the whole Charlottesville and the Collins bill in the House of Representatives with Roger Katz of Arbalest Quarrel.




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Discussing the whole Charlottesville and the Collins bill in the House of Representatives with Roger Katz of Arbalest Quarrel.





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The Screwing of America – They Are Not My Friends, It may get bad But we will win, Normal Americans Are Bored By The Fake Drama, Trump's Unintended Consequences: The Republican Party Reveals Itself.


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Discussing spree shooters and attacks with Chris Bird, Author of Surviving a Mass Killer Rampage.

For a personalized copy of this book call Chris Bird at;


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