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This one is primarily my call to arms in light of the Paris Attacks so I am not going to get wordy with the show notes here. Suffice to say, I am fed up with a lot of things that caused those attacks and the ones that I feel are coming here.

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The Worst FireArm Instructor in the World!,Everytown eggs Obama to target private gun sellers,Maryland loses the ballistic fingerprint program....finally,NRA secret "smart gun" tests,The emotional thrust of gun control,Sponsors;The Why is based on what they do,Confused liberals inadvertently blame fear for buying guns,Two deaths but one overall goal.

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Defense group recognizes the need to fight back in schools....sorta,Trafficking is and has always been a crime,Very confusing call comes in of course,Should professors carry?,Let's stop open carry because of one shooting?,Colleges in Texas lawyer up to fight campus carry,Will this ruin my CCW pistol?,6000 Federal inmates released into the US interior,How America failed to keep the Republic.

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Editorial describes US Govt nuking the US in the face of armed insurrection, Hey if you show a gun and a girl in a bikini its PORNOGRAPHY!!!,College Campus decides to unilaterally outlaw the 1st Amendment,Art Exhibit to battle the gun fetish?,The World According to Second Call Defense with Sean Maloney.

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Why is the FBI spending $80 million on a new 9mm?,Wisconsin Dems seek to ban nearly semi autos,A judge cuts a rapist free and then his next victim kills him,25 Obama Whoppers for the media to chew on,Debbie Doom orders Democrats to embrace gun control,Flying with guns,Background checks fail but involuntary commitments would help,Lets talk some more about that FBI new pistol thing,Quick CCW discussion,The Worst Week in Gun Control History.

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I am getting real tired of charlatans posing as "Veterans" advocates, Of course they want our guns,SCOTUS relists for the 3rd time,Kareem Abdul-Jabbar practices some deceptive writing and lying,Despite the fact that it is already done 110 Dems plead for the CDC to study "gun violence" yet again,Clinton sends out lies and stupidity disguised as a campaign letter,The new "Moms of Dead Criminals Lobby"!,Atlanta Police Chief refuses to obey the law,Newsom focuses on guns and nor water.

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The Clinton/Bloomberg PR versus their true intent, UC Merced incident was a high school grudge thing-Just below Jihad,21 year old mother wins home invasion gunfight while feeding her baby,Liberals are not loyal to anything,The Great Gun control Con,The Black Robed Monarchs vs the People,Gun free zone madness,Despite the waste of money Gabby Giffords calls Virginia a victory, We really need some progun Republicans.

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Before any "Commonsense" gun reform could be passed some would have to be proposed,What 2 Million will buy and what it cannot buy,UC-Merced stabber apparently wasn't concerned with breaking laws,DHS discovers tourniquets,Killary is going full tilt despite the signs from Virginia,All Hail the Great O'Malley,Straw purchaser skates dammit!,What political spending cannot do,Gun free zone hypocrisy.

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Bloomberg squanders 2.2 million dollars in Virginia, John Lott throat punches the NY Times, Breaking down the next mass murder/spree shooting,Brazil joins other nations in taking a look at allowing citizens to arm,Fighting the 'Nudge",2016 will be a anti gun vs pro gun referendum, The World According to Second Call Defense with Sean Maloney.

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Family of robber in Chiraq think he was shot too many times, Slap a muzzle on Bloomberg!,The quest for gun control is a perilous road to hoe,Yes they want to take your guns away,What do we face and what does it mean?,Could John McCain go to the big Nursing Home and shut up!, Wow-There is a media bias!, Concealed carry or open carry-Which do you prefer?

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