Lock N Load with Bill Frady podcast

Statement from Ed Peruta regarding gun rights restoration in California,A good conversation with Michelle Byington and Edwin Walker from Texas/US Law Shield, Joined by Todd Feltman of Spring Guns and Ammo and we discuss the Lionheart Industries line of pistols,Sig Sauer suspends shipments to US over concerns about gun smuggling,Politicians really need to learn to trust an armed populace, The need for spatial awareness in time of attack should not be overlooked.

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Reality over here and the "activists" over there in Ferguson,US Border Patrol is disarming their agents!,Memorial turned into anti gun propaganda,Gun related homicide at a 5 year low,UN Arms Trade Treaty takes effect on Christmas Eve but what is the impact on the US?,Aquiring physical gold is made easy and you can go to locknloadgold.com to add to your stash.

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An Ode to a fallen warrior on Veterans Day,Five ways to get you killed as a Ferguson Protester,How would the Police respond to an Ebola epidemic?,Violent Crime is still falling,From G Code I talk with Robin Knapp about their new Scorpion line,The upcoming Lionheart Industries Black Friday sale,If they can't ban them they want to make you lock them up,Some Delawarian eggheads want you to carry guns with wifi??????????, Ferguson gun stores are making Bank in the pre riot days.

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As Obama continues to threaten the Constitution the press and the politicians continue to tip toe around him,Holder downplays his role in the criminal Fast and Furious family of gunrunning schemes by saying Congress is sucking up to the gun lobby,GOP rising slams the door on Federal gun control for the foreseeable future,Business thrives thanks to embracing gun owners,Tribute to gunowners that persevered in the face of an assault,Fergeson rioters send the "Rules of Engagement' to PD in preparation for the riots to come,Salon.com attacks the Military and LEO,Concentrate the Power,Gun rights are natural rights,Brady Bunch bemoans the Gallup poll indicting that more people WANT a gun.

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After wasting 50 million dollars Moms Demand claim victory and momentum,Chris Christie and his betrayal of NY gunowners,Why I carry,Radio host cancels instead of defying,Bloombergs losers by the numbers,The doctor -The AR and the airport, 2 more bills the Republicans should consider,I-594 myth and reality.

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From YouTube Sootch00 stops by the house and convinces me on the H&K VP9,Gun ownership in the US by the numbers,Fast and Furious and the future of Obama,GOP wins the Senate-Time to go on the offensive,Ban Cars!,Fast and Furious document dump reveals that the State Dept may have been involved,A right to rebellion?

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The Republicans win the Senate now for some realistic expectations and hopes,Custom gun versus stock,Taking stock to custom gradually,DOJ document dump on the eve of political armegeddon, Lively conversation with Edwin Walker and Michelle Byington of Texas/US Law Shield.

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Non Violence activists are so very violent,Apperently there is a price for Liberty in Washington State,Judge rules that Cops can break your fingers in the name of biometric entry,Nevada man goes on violent crime spree despite not being able to buy a gun,Repealing gun law gains support while support for gun control recedes,Swedish Police give up 55 zones to Muslim gangs,"Government of the peopl-By the people and for the People",Black American open carry protesters are marching and the media is ignoring them,Will someone ask the Pro 2A Moms Demand Action exactly which pro gun positions the believe in?,Anti gun cash fuels pro gun voters.

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From the DOJ we get Grenade Walker!,Guns are not a health care issue,When is the right time to fight the government?,Safety on the range when you shoot steel,We should not submit to the Medical Martial Law, Robert Patton from sheathunderwear.com comes on and answers the question no one knew to ask,Smith and Wesson finally gets it with the M&P.

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