Lock N Load with Bill Frady podcast

Another citizen control myth dies,AR 15 or the "Weapon of War" used in self defense,Hillary and a history of gun hate part 1,Detonics and Combat Human Factors,ATF agent brandishes gun on highway in road rage incident,Anti gunners heart them some foreign gun control,Guam goes shall issue,2nd Amendment and bazookas,We will not comply,Operation Choke Point is worse than we thought,Cop that kills 93 year old woman is fired,NY Corrections Officer walks away from negligent discharge,When Governments fail.

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Hillary Clinton being Hillary, The Fundamentals of Gun fighting,WaPo reprints editorial from North Korea to talk about gun control in US,Carry method for working out?,If she had a "smart gun" she would not have been in the fight, Q&A with Texas/US Law Shield,The phone lines gush open.

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Police shooting frenzy raises concerns,Thanks to new law Colorado woman cannot get her gun back,NYT and twisted anti gun minds,The MDA non interview,Texas Mayor wants LEO gone after he kills 93 year old woman,UK journalists are snotty when it comes to American gun ownership,Who is afraid of a gun free zone?,WAPO thinks NJ should begin the "smart gun" regime,From Recoil Magazine I am joined by Editor In Chief Ian Harrison.

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22 States sign on against NY SAFE Act,Sure they say they don't want to ban guns but....,War against shooting ranges,The forward leaning pistol grip is the new shoulder thing that goes up,Sen. Kaine lies to America about UN ATT,2nd Amendment is very unique,Two shooters neither legal,Dear Everytown,Want end violence you have to seek out the cause,Smart guns.

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With Drake gone what's next?,NYPD repeatedly raids home looking for a dead man,The Fast & Furious Red Herring,Q&A with Texas Law Shield,CT man charged with 49 counts of failure to register hi cap magazines,NJ anti gun Dems say Drake case refusal is ruling vindicating"justifiable need",How is this for a lumped together spin,SWAT manufacturing the justification to kill?,People hate living in anti gun States, A weird endorsement.

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Liberal male professor calls for genocide of white males,arms sent all over most likely cached in Texas by CIA,Operation Choke Point,Hillary Clinton wants to rein in guns,Why everyone should be concerned about "smart guns","They didn't deserve to get killed",Police warning did not stop domestic attack,Q&A with Ira Goodstadt of Pistol Pay.

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Zimmerman Lawyer:I support the 2nd Amendment but....,Grassroots slows down the ATF roll on gun trusts,School shootins and the American problem of the heart,Busting the myth of the "only ones",Guns don't cause gang violence-Democrat policies do,Comparing guns to porn or its official name from the DOJ-Operation Choke Point,Smart gun would be retailers feel the pushback,Follow up out of NJ with the Gun For Hire Anthony Calandro.

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Gang culture responsible for 40% of the shootings in NYC,Mark Glaze steps down from MAIG,The Everytown blowback,Young people are on our side when it comes to guns,Guns as a health issue-again,The end game is to ban guns, Q&A with Texas Law Shield, Alan Gottleib is making a mistake,Why 2nd Amendment issues beat most other conservative pushes,Utah Rep wants to disarm regulatory agencies,Off duty and drunk an NYPD officer hits his target.

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Anti gun anti violence policy does not work,Daily Beast Writer attends gun convention and is scared out of his wits,A tale of two Governors,VPC and bogus numbers,70% of Chicago shootings occur within one small group,Would you defend an MDA member with a gun?,Brady campaign endorsed politician in trouble for child pornography,Update on Connecticut from Ed Peruta of Connecticut Carry.

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