Lock N Load with Bill Frady podcast

Ant Gunners upset over NC save the gun law,Anti Gunners all in for Colorado recall vote, No More Names MAIG bus tour turns pro gun,A New Yorkers view of gun control, Q&A with Rick Ector.

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Liberals wrestle with how to deal with brazen socipaths, Why an optic on your pistol?,Light triggers ARE good on a carry gun, From the Office of MisInformation:More academic nonsense based on lies,The brainwashing of America continues,ND's and the militarized police,Even if it's only rabbit season be on the lookout for bears.

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To be a true pacifist you have to be able to destroy your enemy,Anti Gun Colorado politician calls self defense absurd,Should you use your gun to stop a crime not being committed against you?,New shooters are young-Women-Urbanites,Obama's latest"rules" only effect the law abiding.

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