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San Benito California PD show off their new "toys"...sorta,With Obama gun control has always been on the radar, Rick Ector of L.A.I.D. comes back in to talk about Detroit, Robert Farago of The Truth About Guns.

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What the hell is going on in Detroit?, In Ohio, police are the only ones that should carry?, Ted Nugent comes in to talk about his new show, Gun Country on the Discovery Channel, Cody Wilson talks about  the Wiki Weapons Project, Mayor Mike has a lot of problems in  his kingdom.

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NYPD shoots another un armed non criminal to death,Micro stamping will threaten lcal economy, The ant gunners just dont understand...on purpose, Sheriff lies about shall issue policy, Cost and benefit of guns with the benefits.

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Ezine Articles joins Google in censorship, Illinois FOID frustration, Brady Campaign is big loser in Wednesday's debate, Steve Pineau of 21st Century Gunfighter joins me to discuss Battlecomp, Ben Grandblanc back from ar15news.com.

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Gun grabbers take artistic liscense with facts, Professor touts new advance in weaponry,Chuck Porter of Sheepdogs Inc, Gun rights are exclusive.

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Wiki Weapon update,Gun grabbers truth telling?, Larry Pratt Exec Director of GOA stops by, Robert Farago of TheTruthAbotGuns.com, this election according to Chuck Norris, why do the Brits want us dis-armed?

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Univision continues to do the job of the MSM,Lease company stops the Wiki Weapon Project...for now,Kerry Davis of Dark Angel Medical,SC City successfully defeats Indoor Range and bans them, Pay attention to the media and then ignore them.

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National Concealed Carry permit...what do you think?TSA misses a handgun..again,MSM is one of the biggest dangers to American way of life,

Univision is actually deconstructing Fast and Furious,the Governments war at home.

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State mandated defenselesness,Gun controllers are humiliated everyday,Communists are for gun control ala CSGV,Simply disregard the polls.

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Are we armed because we are free or are we free because we are armed?, Bo Stewart of American Milsim, Chris Clifton of defensive Concepts NC, Thailand...they already live in a world based upon the Brady Campaign.

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