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Lot of things more likely to hurt you than a gun, NYGuns calls in again and lays it all out .

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When a supposed conservative calls for gun control is that conservative? Spartanburg County Sheriff Chuck Wright unscripted.

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Gunowners stop massacres, gun free zones slaughter the innocents. Rick Ector of Legally Armed in Detroit.

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More gungrabbers, a little of Eric Holders resume, Lets wake up and get set.

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Fast and Furious was a coordinated effort between the US and the Sinaloa Cartel, New segment Recap according to ar15news.com

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Gunowners of America Executive Director Larry Pratt and I chew the fat on current happenings, more of Mayor Mike, What to look for when you are choosing a rifle or handgun course.

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NYGuns calls in to warn about coming gun grabbing legislation in New York, Mark Walter syndicated host of the Armed American.

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More of those silly gungrabbers, Colorado and Wisconsin shooters have liberal heritage, ther is hope.

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Ther gun grabbers are idiots, and they do not get to disarm me. Better to be attacked with a claw hammer??? 

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Military Arms Channel's Tim Harmsen from Youtube, Grace McKee of packingpretty.com, Bloomberg sold 28000 pounds of empty brass

to Georgia Arms.

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