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AntiGunners are mobilizing, THe NRA Carry Guard Debacle, MS-13 doesn't fear Trump, rival gangs or the police - but they are terrified of La Sombra Negra, The dictatorial left: Conservatives must not speak, or even appear.

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New sponsor DTWS Arms makes their 1st appearance in the form of Adam Finley. Adam has been building AR15s for 8 years now, and the DTWS rifle is easily one of the nicest I have ever handled.


Call 864-505-3836 and ask about the 989An AR15/ Ruger 9mm pistol package for 989.99 out the door!

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Discussing the new immigration proposal fro the Trump Administration with Roger Katz and Stephen D'Andrilli from Arbalest Quarrel.



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How do you create distance in the initial assault in order to safely draw your weapon? Tonight we address this with Jeet Kune Do and Wing Chun Master Jason Korol.






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NRA Carry Guard throws NRA T&E and others under the bus, with Bob Boilard of Defensive Strategies LLC


If you share some of the same concerns, let the NRA know how you feel by writing to the Board of Directors at nrabod@nrahq.org and the CEO Wayne LaPierre at wlapierre@nrahq.org.

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Hysterical AT Writers Caused Charlie Gard to Suffer, Pelosi: Not important for Dems to win 2018 elections, The Military Coup Against Donald Trump of 2018, Part 2

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Discussing Gang Violence Is Apparently Worse Than Gang Violence, Americans are citizens, not subjects, The Military Coup Against Donald Trump of 2018, Part 1, Facts and Feelings in the Disarmament Debate, Fusion GPS - in bed with the mainstream media all along.

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Joined tonight by David Reece, CEO of AR500 Armor and we discuss the continuous evolution of this growing company.


Video  impression at;



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Changing Demographics Add Further Evidence of Greatest Threat to Gun Owner Rights, Canadian Man Fights Off Intruders with Their Gun, Is Now Charged with Attempted Murder, My Daughter Was Murdered in a Mass Shooting. Then I Was Ordered to Pay Her Killer’s Gun Dealer, U.S. helps Europeans buy illegal guns.

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Going After Felons: DOJ Heavily Prosecuting Violations of Federal Gun Laws, Trump Warns Criminal Aliens: We Will Find You, Arrest You, Deport You, Shock Poll Shows Kid Rock WIth A Huge Lead In The Michigan GOP Senate Primary, This Can Be America's Century.


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