Lock N Load with Bill Frady podcast

Gun control is a racist mechanism.

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One long rant about the Brady Campaign and the lies, The UN, and what about Fast and Furious?

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Technical difficulties, Stood up again, and more of the accursed UN.

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Ask the Experts with Chris Clifton, Defensive Concepts NC, Hug a gun it go bang.

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Lucid Gear, History of the Gun Grabbers

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House Oversight Committee Member Rep Trey Gowdy on F&F, UN ATT and all the other funstuff the politicians play.

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Blogger and Busness Owner Rebecca Guns, and the pre 4th rant.

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Un Small Arms Treaty, Fast and Furious circa 1996

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Brady Campaign, Larry Pratt, Kenn Blanchard

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Gun Rights Examiner Blogger and Writer David Codrea

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More Fast And Furious, More Zombies, and the world according to Chicago

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Fast and Furious, Is the US being led down a Marxist Lane?, Defensive Concepts NC

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Gunowners of America Radio Episode 31

Mash up of 2nd Amendment topics, self defense stories, and rants against the gun grabbers.

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