Lock N Load with Bill Frady podcast

Mainstream Media ignores attempted ambush of NC LEO,Leftist attempts to besmirch the name of Chris Kyle and the Military Profession because American Sniper has debuted,For my New Years Resolution I am giving up all forced tolerance,Gun carrier errs on the side of humanity after "HandsUp" hood attempts to rob him with a lighter,The promise of peace in return for surrendering rights,Making a bad choice of "Victims" is ok with me,Rogue anti gun Republican headed for the cell block,From the Office of MisInformation:Guns are getting increasingly dangerous?,Keep your head up and eyes open when you carry.

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Are warning shots a good or bad idea?5 gun fighting myths and their debunking,Pistol punching when you are in close proximity,Don't invest your ego into your perfect carry gun,DC Corrections officers forced to sue the District for LEO Fed exemption,Some factions think MORE gun control would prevent executions of LE,Why not regulate guns like cars?,Liberal idiot believe Cops with guns and people with guns causes gun fights.

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Oakland School disowns the Sleeper 13 Productions anti gun PSA,Daily Mail repeats meme that Fast and Furious was a "Botched" gun sting,Unraveling the anti gun talking points,Australians look at the US versus the UK in light of recent Islamist attacks,Gun rights make the difference when security fails,The "UnArmed" versus deady force myth,Whats coming up for Lock N Load in 2015, School lockdown because of text message with picture of gun.



                                          Merry Christmas

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Time magazine makes the absolute wrong call in 2010,Pro Gun protections added to the House CR,Koch Brothers hobble the NRA,Murdered trucker is impetus for National Carry Permit for Truck Drivers,Anti Gun PSA is the most irresponsible piece of "production" I have ever seen.

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Cultural decay on display and the execution of 2 NYPD Police Officers,Moms Demand Attention want an entire city declared as a gun free zone,PBS uses deception to defend gun control movement,Washington State has no idea how to enforce I 594,An hour long conversation with National Examiner Political Buzz writer Jesse Broadt about the nefarious method of disarming American Veterans.

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US Appeals Court deems gun law Un Constitutional,Our new Surgeon General should try practicing medicine,The Youmaynot Philosophy,State Legislators form anti gun group but are terrified to identify themselves,Beretta takes a rehashed gun to the MHS competition,The Peshawar-Mumbai-Nairobi style attack is coming,People want to question teens use of guns in light of successful self defense incident,Some in Australia decry the Nation of Victims,Campus Carry should be allowed nationwide,Progressives cannot understand self reliance.

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PBS survey does not go the way intended,DARPA develops guided bullet,More Anti Gunner BS,From Ammoland.com-Top 5 handguards for your AR 15,Liberals will get us killed,Do Mass Shootings advance the gun control agenda?,Preemptive self defense,The history of public violence,Ignoring evil,A good question from a listener concerning stats.

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Registration always leads to confiscation,From an Australian:It would have been worse in America,A Republican was the deciding vote for Vivek Murthy,Obamas Amnesty is UnConstitutional,The True Nature of War,Zero tolerance claims another victim.

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The anti gunners say we are driven by fear, 10 habits for winning a gunfight,Sandy Hook families attempt to sue Bushmaster,Virginia Gov Carpetbagger throws some gun control wishes out there,We the "Gun Nuts' should be gearing up against the Police according to Salon.com,Sandy Hook is never going to fade for the AntiGunners,Disarming Veterans,Het a Cop only pistol whipped an attacker,Home Invasion Defense Plan,Top 5 Concealed Carry Purses, How to carry a full sized handgun concealed.

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Quick mention of Australian hostage crisis, Proving"Special Dangers" in the quest for a DC carry permit,They had arrest warrant for David Gregory but somebody squashed it,CNN needs to learn the difference between near and on the premises,Undercover Cop uses his weapon to not shoot and defuse,Police do not "Shoot to Kill",From Ricks Firearms Academy Rick Ector joins me and we discuss Black America using guns in self defense,Another journalist conflates bringing a gun for crime with carrying a gun for self defense,Shooting to live.

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