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Florida student 911 call prevents another Virginia Tech in a gun free zone,Sarah Brady:We don't want to prosecute criminals,DiFi gun grab is DOA,NJ Attorney Evan Nappen and the strange story of the Moore Family, Colorado signs and Magpul packs, Author of Gun Guys;A Road trip Dan Baum joins me and we discuss his outstanding book.

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Seattle Times case study on gun lacking some key points, NY Guns and I discuss the correlation between the war on cigarettes and the war on guns,Cyprus government gives us a preview of things to come here,If global debt does collapse what will our government try to do here?,Schakowsky and her felon huusband,ACLU investigates Police militarization,Only an incipient terrorist denounces State Murder.

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Open up with Brad Niefeldt,Founder and Ceo of Civil Dispatch and new sponsor,Hey mainstream media:If you did your job all questions would be answered,Joined by Exec Dir Larry Pratt of GunOwners of America,And then we close with an update from NY Guns.

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El Paso County Colorado Sheriff Terry Maketa, No'slippery slope" toward forcible citizen disarmament?Think again,Gun cuntrol opresses the minority-as always,After Aurora: How Mayor Bloomberg planned to make the next massacre count,California grabs guns while at the same time telling Californians they are on their own in the next big quake.

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Obamas propaganda machine;Your Kids Aren't safe,Mayor Mike's Anti Gun Lobbyist Loves Shooting Ar 15s,NY Guns calls in to update us about on the ground with the NY Safe Act,I tried to interview Gabby Franco but mobile technology was not my friend,Chicago Trib;Paper trail=Gun Registration,LA Times thinks that gun owners are sociopaths,We tear down the supposition that gun owning households are diminishing.

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You know its bad when Investors Business Daily notices all the DHS aquisitions,DiFi;"Legal to hunt humans with a 30 rd magazine",VA tells New York to stuff the SAFE Act,Ok lets have a converstion about DHS,Gun Rights Examiner David Codrea and the open letter to Mark Kelly, Gun rights makes America exceptional,Republicans begin to cave on gun rights.

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Concealed permit holder saves police officer,The truth about weapons bans and background checks, Gun nuts vs Anti Gun Nuts,Maryland State Senator JB Jennings joins us to talk about the crazy law he is proposing to bring common sense back to the zero tolerance policy,Background checks do not make us safer,Mike Kelly;Gun guy and hypocrite,Gun control efforts are dying in congress,Rep Jan Schakowsky:Assault weapons ban is just the beginning.

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Letter to TTAG expressing the frustration at being singled out,Background check breakdown at both local and federal level,From the office of misinformation;Maybe gun control is just natural evolution?,More people trust Republicans than Obama on guns, Scoot Wilson From the Connecticut Civile Defense League and what the people of Connecticut are facing,Lets play quote DiFi"PTSD is new and all veterans have it and shouldn't be allowed to have guns"

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Anti Gunners wage war of annihilation on gun culture,Day of reckomning near for America,Civil rights advocates pose dilemma for prejudiced gun grabbers,From the office of misinformation"Americas gun culture needs to change", Bod Schultz and the lawsuit against the New York SAFE Act,A government to be feared.

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Why I like Race gun technology in my carry guns,Colorado bill is impossible to comply with and takes us back to era of Jim Crow with a large element of racial profiling,From the misinformation Dept Media Matters breathlessly tells us about Lou Dobbs amping up conspiracy theories,Robert Farago from the Truth about Guns and I discuss a couple of columns and announce the DGU Project,Why liberals should support armed self defense.

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