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Pre Crime bills are gaining some traction,Open Carry Arlington wins one in the courts,Gun Control 2.0,Target and Jack in the Box sure are enjoying their perceived gun free zones,NJ Cop Killers wife wish he had killed some more cops,Nurse with a gun breaks up teen aged crime ring,Archie Andrews-Martyred for gun control,Target security officer fired for catching a shop lifter,From the Office of MisInformation:What the 2nd Amendment Intended,Hour long conversation with Larry Pratt-Executive Director of Gunowners of America.

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Spokane Police Chief is really worried about bad guys using airsoft guns,They say "Common Sense" but what are the really advocating,Petition to White House hopes to gut NFA,For What do you train?,Jesse Jackson blames Obama for Chicago violence,Do not be naive about Chris Christie,Bloomberg becoming the man people love to hate,Police fake 911 calls to gain entry,DHS invades small town.

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Because of technical difficulties I cannot post current content. So here are 3 recent interviews. Author Mike Detty about Operation Wide Receiver. Doug Giles and his new book Rise,Kill and Eat, and Dr Linda Lagemann and discuss SSRIs.

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The 4th of July in the gun free utopia,Keeping your guns out of the wrong hands,MDA quotes the wrong guy on Independence Day,Judge speculates on ATF jealousy and potential criminality in Dobyns case,Feminist writer hates armed men,Al Jazeera/America tells hunters not to fight for gun rights,St Louis Police Chief does not like the idea of unalienable gun rights,Americans distrust Gun Control Activists,Humans will not be the dominant species by 2045?,Liberals at war with reality,More guns in schools-Less death.

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Target clarifies the non ban policy,MSNBC gets a fine dose of shock treatment,Why are cops killing dogs?,John Lott weighs in on Everytown statements,Shooting with corrective lenses,Mexico starts arresting "vigilantes",Another antigunner wishes death upon a hunter,Is the gun violence epidemic meme an out and out fraud,The most coveted right,The Army wants a new handgun,I get busted over my bootleg ad,HHS seems a lot like North Korea, If we were the founders would we choose freedom or slavery?

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Hey lets talk about the "Brownshirts",No way to satisfy a gun grabber,MSNBC commentator sort of does not understand the whole liberty thing,Atlanta Mayor hardens city buildings now that law abiding citizens are carrying guns with state approval,Military dictatorships are never a good idea,How to carry when running,Christie in NJ goes the way of the national wind,2 different versions of the term Universal Background Check,Dick Metcalf-Unforgiven.

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Immigration criminal voted to ban guns in NY,Dear Governors,Barney Fife meets Delta Force,Obama is trying to kill us,Q&A with Texas/US Law Shield, 163 House Dems demand gun control,Thanks to the media Americans dying because of Obesity want more gun control,Mexican helicopter fires on our Border Patrol,House tries to stop the Fed SWAT teams,House also votes to deny funding of UN ATT,Mass LE takes a dangerous turn.

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Lady that called for us rowdy defiant gunowners to be mowed down by the Government now trying to walk that back,Former NYPD officer came to learn that people need guns to defend themselves,Obama says gun controllers need to get as motivated as the 2A advocates,Two different stories-Same theme:My little darling didn't need to die while he was committing that crime,Federal judge upholds Colorado gun law,Interesting story out of Connecticut,Update on the Willow MD, I am joined by Bob Harvey and we discuss many things including why carry a 1911.

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Hey MDA:There really is no such thing as a gun free zone,I'm confused by gun grabbers,3 things Teachers need if they encounter an active shooter,Gun control advocates engage in pre crime,The Willow MD and my left knee,From HuffPo another modest proposal,Downsizing Defense, What gun in what caliber?,Take the guns out of the debate, Hey lets mark gunowners! and my letter to Frank.

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Liberals ask at what point do we actually stand up to the gun nuts,The real problem is mental health not gun ownership,Google search diagnostics indicate that more people search for AR 15s than any category of Gun Control,Q&A with Texas Law Sheild as we discuss travel with guns,Part 2 of my series with Dr Linda Lagemann as we discuss SSRIs.

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