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Today I turned 57, so I tried to take some time off with my grandchildren. Talk to you tomorrow.

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Today I turned 57, so I tried to take some time off with my grandchildren. Talk to you tomorrow.

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Jerusalem's mayor has urged every Israeli citizen with a gun license to carry a weapon at all times following a rise in security tensions.,‘Dumbest Argument’ is that Gun Owners Get a Pass on Comparable Laws, Gun Control Logical Fallacy – Ignoring Lives Saved, Knowing their Attacker makes Armed Victim Defense Claims Simpler, Constitutional Law 101 for beginners

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One In Three Democrats Support Second Amendment Repeal, The Mass Shooting You’ll Never Hear About, Parkland Teacher Arrested For Leaving Loaded Firearm In Public, GOA Speaks Out Against ‘Red Flag Laws’, CA ‘Fact Check’ Bill Shows Guns aren’t Only Things ‘Progressives’ Want to Control.

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GOP Congressmen Target Citibank’s $700 Billion Contract Over ‘Anti-Second Amendment Policies’, California Democrat pushes new law to gut First Amendment, With Ryan leaving, Democrats have their own leadership battle to contend with, Saudis admit paying for jihad, Zeroing in on Facebook's Anti-Conservative Tilt.

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Joined again by Kit Cope of Spikes Tactical. Kit once again needs some Lock N Load therapy so he comes in to rant. I love a good rant.




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Judge rips 'gamesmanship' in delaying release of Las Vegas massacre public records, The real endgame at Facebook, Police Return Guns to Prohibited Person, then Call ATF to Re-Arrest Him, 82% Democrats Say Ban ALL Semi-Auto Firearms, 40% Want to Repeal 2A, Mueller, the FBI, and the DOJ's ruinous plan.

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Talk to Mueller? No, Trump Should Use His Bully Pulpit to Expose Mueller's Corruption, Disgrace: Vermont's A-Rated NRA Governor Caves To Gun Control Crowd, BUYING MEDIA FORGIVENESS: The Hypocrisy Of Limousine Liberals And Hollywood Celebs, How a 'Cashless' America Could Become 'Gunless'.

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Joined again by Lincoln Osiris of PipeHitters Union to discuss the topics of the day. Including the plight of our children in todays school environment and the Chris Kyle Commerative Rifle giveaway coming up in May, in conjunction with Spikes Tactical.




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Saying “Military Grade Firearms” is Code for I-am-a-Dumbass Gun Banner, “Enlightened” Despots Looking Out for My “Own Good”, 5 Critical Mistakes Made By Defensive Gun Owners, Armed 'Women for Trump' graduation pic generates hate, Mom Of Injured Parkland Survivor Says School Ignored Injured Son But Trump Reached Out.

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